Sunday, December 30, 2007

Feeling Blah

Must be the lack of sunshine,after holiday hum drums or just plain worn out.
All I want to do is bury my head under the sheets and sleep.I want to be alone,not talk to anyone,not go to work and sure do not want to put on a fake happy face and pretend I am chipper.
I hope I get on top of things in a few days.Until then I am going to take a few days off,no comments,no posts just take a break.I hope I will have an attitude adjustment and be feeling happy again in a few days.
Until then,Happy New Year and God Bless.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New year's Resolutions

Each year I and I am sure you all make New Year's Resolutions.Loose weight,exercise more,be nicer to others,what ever.
I decided several years ago to STOP with the resolutions.Seems I never stuck to them anyway.I also felt that it should not be because of the first of the year I should do this.If it is a bad habit I need to stop it NOW!!!! it could be July 17 September 26 or January 1.
So the year I stopped making resolutions was the one and only year I was successful at sticking to it all year.
So I am curious, what if any resolutions do you have?
Happy New Year to you!!!!!
BTW I will have to break it off with the alter girl not boy,
After all my heart belongs to ?????????????????????

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just a little of this and that.

Would you still be kissing this face?I was checking out the kisses a little bit ago and was surprised to see they had messages with them too.I did not know that before.That made it all the more fun.Should I say who the winner for the most kisses was????? Nope I would never kiss and tell!!
Secondly, again thanks to all who sent me cards I loved it and it did brighten a rather dreaded time of year for me.
Last night our Life Group from church got together to go out to eat. Had a great time and got to ride in a mama mobile like Steffie has.Just not as new.I named it the Hope mobile for our church New Hope.
Have any of you ever had it when your boss puts you down in front of all your co-workers.I do not think she did it to be mean or even realized how it sounded,but I was crushed.Maybe any other time of year it would not have been so bad,but I was so hurt and upset.Then later she said you are doing a great job but we need to be honest.There is a small part of me that thinks I need to look else where and an other part of me says grow up and suck it up.With that and the pregnant grumpy gal.(It does not seem to be working any more with the kill her with kindness).
I would love to ask her who pissed in her Post Toasties!!!!!!
I will be going with my parent to my sisters house on Christmas eve.will be fun seeing my great nephew for the firts time.He is about 8 months old and weighs around 25 lbs.Hmm maybe he takes after me rolly pollie.LOLLOLOL
Wishing all of you a blessed and safe Christmas.
You are all so special and I enjoyed getting to know you this past year.
Hugs and more hugs,

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've been taged

Holiday Hoopla,
List 12 things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.
1.I am a hurry up and buy it shopper.I set out do it get it done,none of this dragging it out for ever stuff here.(Guess it helps I have very few to buy for).

2.When I was younger 4th -7th grade or around there I would stay home from school before Christmas so I could peak at my gifts under the tree.I found out it takes the fun out of opening presents.

3.I have always found it much more fun to give then to receive.I just wish I had more money to help a needy family or surprise someone with a load of gifts.

4.My bedroom window faced the back yard and garage growing up.I can remember watching dad carry in the gifts from Santa after we went to bed.OK so maybe we were getting a little old for Santa but my parents still enjoyed it.

5.After listening to my dad tell us he was going to shoot Santa every year if he saw him.Soon after three kids went to bed dad would stand at the bottom of the stairs and do his Hoo Hoo Hoo followed quickly by aloud bang!Only to hear three kids yelling DAAAAAAAD!(Again maybe a sign we were to old for Santa to come).

6.Going to church on Christmas eve for the Sunday School Christmas Program and getting the bag of candy after the program.A bag with peanuts,an apple,chocolate stars, and some other candy.

7.Spending Christmas with my family and Grandparents.As a child it was torture having to eat a big meal and wait to open presents until everyone was done eating the dishes washed and put away.

8.Riding around town looking at decorations.But the biggest treat was the lighting of the lights on main street.It was always a big deal with a big count down before they were lit.

9.ON the same note of decorations, it was lighting ours at home every night.My sisters and I would take turns lighting them.A real big production,just flip a switch.However if say a pest of a little brother(hmm I wonder who that could have been) lit them and it was not his night to..... well they would be turned off by mom and re lit by the sister who was to light them that night.

10.As I posted before my Santa hat story and the demented lady at the nursing home.(scroll down if you do not know what i am referring to.)

11.All the goodies I get to eat.

12. I can not think of any more so I will just say Tough toenails I only had 11.

OK I now tag Steff,Kimberley,Becky and of course crazy lady.And any other poor person who wants to play along as well.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Frosty is in trouble

A little holiday humor.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Better days ahead.

As I think of the many who have a hard time with the holidays (myself included).Remember you are not alone.Let us remember each other and know our Heavenly Father is watching over us.
As everyone gets busy in the next weeks let us not forget the greatest gift of all.
His son!
Blessings this holiday season.
Your cards and kind words have brightened my holiday thank you so very much.
I am humbled by all of your thought fullness.
May you be richly blessed this holiday season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Blog Fairy.

Looks like the blog fairy struck again! I think I am going to like this one.Have at it girls.LOLOLOLOl
No fighting now, there is plenty of me to go around.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Becky!!!!

Please join me in wishing a very special friend a Happy 29th????, Birthday!
My good friend Becky is celebrating her birthday on December 16th.
I have gotten to know Becky and her husband Joe and their kids through church.What wonderful friends they have become.You may thank Becky for getting me to become a blogger.Not sure if you want to thank her or yell at her for that one.
Please leave a comment hear or go to her blog and wish her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Becky.Did you enjoy being sung to at the library today???

Friday, December 14, 2007

My place

Thought you would all enjoy seeing my Christmas decorations.So hear is a picture of some one's place.I got it of the web search.Gotch ya!(No it is not my place).LOLOL however it does bring me to a fun story.
One of the first years I lived in my house I am in now I had lots of lights outside.Icicle lights,lights around the windows and door, on the bushes and on the railing. OK so maybe it was a little overkill but I liked it and did not think it was to bad.
However my good friend and neighbor who lived across the street from me loved to tease and play jokes.One evening as I was entertaining some people from church I got a phone call.When I answered the party on the phone said he was calling from Iowa power & electric company and I was being asked to shut off my lights because the electric meters in our town were having a hard time keeping up with the power.
About a week later he was coming into town with his wife and he called to see if there was a fire ( or as he said with his southern drawl Faar)because there seemed to be such a bright glow coming from our end of town.
Well as I shared this with other friends we decided to get him back and do it good.
One weekend they were out of town and I was house sitting and watching their two dogs.So when they were gone we decided their place needed to be decorated for the holidays as well.We gathered several strings of colored lights, an old ugly plastic nativity set, and some other old and not to pretty decorations.We just put them where ever.Strung one string of lights on a bush, put an other on the porch rail and took the nativity scene and just plopped it on a bush.Needless to say we made it look terrible.
We plugged it all in and proudly light them that weekend.They came home and did not see them so I said look out the front window.
I thought he was going to have a stroke right there on the spot.
He freaked and his wife ran for the camera laughing all the way.
The lights were quickly taken down and he never again teased me about lights.
I think back of that time and I still laugh at how much fun it was.
Better watch what you say about my decorations.HeeHee Hee!!!!!!
Merry Christmas.:).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am crushed

I have been crushed by some comment on other blogs.People have been doing some comments on Christmas MeMe. They talk about real or artifical trees, clear or colored lights.Wrapped or bags.and on and on.Then the ugliest decoration question comes up and I hear people say those big blow up snowman outside.
OUCH!!!! It is like a knife has been stuck into my chest and twisted.
I am one of thise odd ducks who has the inflatable snowmen in my front yard.Actualy I have several and one that pops out of a gift box too.
Now how about those lighted reindeer? What is you feeling on them.Not thatI have any>>>>
And your thought on blinking lights????
I dislike blinking lights.But i dislike it more when I see colored and clear lights together outside. A real fashion no no.
I am kidding I just laugh about the snowman comments. If someone like me did not buy them the stores would never get rid of them.
I will try to do all fun Christmas posts until Christmas
Ohhh how about the plastic nativity scenes????
Have a great week and just be glad you do not live near me or you may end up with a decorated front yard.
Look for the next Christmas story comming to a computer near you.

Monday, December 10, 2007

2nd post of the day.

I have been having a dog gone good time this past week.
Seems a blogging friend has asked that you send me Christmas card. And the response has been overwhelming.
I could not understand why I kept getting cards from these people I did not know.(Many of you just signed your name and not your blogger name) I do not know all of you by name.I am sorry!
Between a fancy Christmas blog and all the cards I am sure to have a memorable Christmas.
If you did send a card and only signed you name I would love to know who you are. If you want to leave a comment with either your last name or maybe the first few letters it would be nice.
Also many did not put a return address on the envelope making it hard for me to respond.
I got one from signed from the tribe, it took me at least 30 minutes to figure out it was my honey Steffie. Silly me I should have known.
Anyway I just wanted to say thanks so much I have enjoyed it more then you will ever know.
As of today I have gotten 8 cards from my blogging buddies.

Brian's wish list.

As Christmas is fast approaching I think of my wish list for the Holiday's this year.
I am one who is often content with what I have,I never ask or want to much at Christmas.There are few things I "NEED" yes some thing I would like to have but nothing that I can not live without.
This year however is different.My want list seems to be a little bigger this year.
Nothing major but a want list non the less.
Here they are in no particular order, actually they are all at the top of my list.
Some may some day happen others may never happen.
1. I would love nothing more then to be able to get together with all of you blogging buddies and meet face to face.I got to met Verna this past fall and it was great.I felt like I had know her for years and talking to her and her husband and daughter was great.I can never name names but there are a few that I have a picture in my mind and I feel like I can almost see us talking.Your friendships, comments,encouraging words and laughs we have shared over the past year has made such a dramatic difference in my life.Each and every one of you has touched my heart and my soul in ways you could never imagine.I feel I have grown not only spiritually but also mentally through all of our ups and downs this past year.I have found out there are others who share the same hurts I have.But I have had more fun getting to tease and pester some of you ladies.And getting it in return.
2. I would love nothing more to read your blog tomorrow and see you got the word to travel the next day to bring home the special child your hearts all are aching for.What better Christmas present could that be for all of you.
3.I would love to send any of you who needs more $$$$$ for you adoption at least one thousand dollars or more to help out.Of coures I need to use Chloe as a sample.Seeing how she brightens up a room with her almond eyes and warm smile,I just melt.I thank God for all of you who have opened not only your homes but your hearts to these children.When I hear of what could have been for these kids it makes me ill.
4.I would love for all who have lost loved ones this past year to be able to tell their loved one one more time what an impact they had made in your life.
5. I would love to see no more hurt and pain in family.Seeing how a child can hurt their parent or a spouse can hurt their mate or children.How I would love to take all the hurt away.
As I sat in church yesterday and we were singing wonderful Christmas songs tears just filled my eyes as I think of what a wonderful gift it would be if my dad stopped his drinking. I think of the pain my mom endures each day and I just ache for her.
I often wonder if God is listening to this prayer. I have been praying it so long I often think it is no use it will never happen.I wish I had the words to comfort my mom some days.I guess just being there and listening is all I can do,just like you are doing now for me.
This is my list and maybe just maybe next year at this time I can check all of them off my list.
Until then lets us keep our faith and know it is all in Gods time.As much as I hate to say it I know it is.
May you all be as richly blessed as I am.
Remember,God loves you and so do I.
Thanks for a great 2007. May 2008 bring us even closer together.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A repeat of a good story.

I know what you are about to read some of you may have read before but it is one of my all time favorite nursing home stories of when I worked there.It seems I always has some fun and entertaining thing to report when I worked at the nursing home.Unlike the the dialysis center where most of them have elevators that go to the 21st floor.
Picture it a retired pastors wife.One whom has served the churches, been a Sunday school teacher for years.She may have sang in the church choir,lead a bible study some women's small group.You get it the normal pastor wife thing most pastors wives are expected to do.
This women whom had been sadly hit with dementia now was able to say what she had wanted to say to people all these years.She could still sing hymns, recite scripture, tell you what churches she and her husband had served.And swear!!!! Yes she could let the words fly quite often.
This brings me to my story.It was shortly before Christmas and I was at work in the Christmas spirit.I had on my blinking bow tie, and my Santa hat.As residents were returning to their rooms after their noon meal,( dinner for us in Dutch land lunch for you big city folks) I was walking along side of her and just casually asked her if she wanted to wear my Santa hat. She responded very loud and firm.NO you damn fool Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!!!!!
The nurse working along with myself almost fell over laughing from her response. I had never heard it quite like that before.Needless to say I was left speechless.
I think to this day that is one of my favorite nursing home stories. So the next time you see someone in a Santa hat just smile and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Hope this brings a smile to your faces.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Calling all prayer worriers!

This may be one of the hardest most honest and most needed blog posting I have ever done.
I come to you asking for God to work a miracle,to touch a life and take away the attack of the devil who has been at work for years.
I think I have mentioned before that my dad has a serious drinking problem.It seems that it is only getting worse.He now drinking about 2 large (I think 1/2 or 1 gallon jugs of Jim Beam a week.)When he starts drinking in the late afternoon around 4:30ish he keeps drinking until he is stinking drunk.He tries to constantly pick fights with my mom,verbal never physical thank goodness.There have been times he has called me on the phone tells me or ask me something and a day or two later when I stop bye the house he goes through the same questions or telling me all over again.He has NO CLUE he had talked to me just a day or two ago. I am my mom's rock,her supporter the one she can talk to and share her hurts, frustrations and anger.She grew up in a home with a father who was a a drunk as well and now has been with one for years too.After 53 years of marriage and at 70 years old and with a very bad heart and other physical problems, leaving is no option!!!!Also her self esteem has been low all her life because of the verbal abuse.(Guess I know why mine is low too).It was always tip toe around home because you do not want to upset dad.Ohhh be quiet, dad has been drinking,lets not tell dad he will get mad.
I could go on and on of the hurtful things he has said not only to my mom but also to me over the years.They play in my mind like they were said just moments ago.Do I get pissed off,yes I do!!! Do I try to make light of it and laugh it off sure it seems to be easier then to think about it all the time.
Mom shared with me a incident that happened a week or two ago.
Mom was sleeping in the recliner because of shoulder pain she has been having.Dad had gone to bed about 45 minutes ago and was back down stairs with a flash light looking all around the house. Mom asked him what he was looking for and he replied my damn glasses, to which she responded, try looking on your head.Yes he was wearing them but was to drunk to know it.NO it is not dementia, it is plain %$# drunkenness.
I know we have a awesome God who can do great thing.He can move mountains,he can do anything.So I ask no I plead with you to please pray that God changes him and rids him of this evil drinking habit he has.
Please do not suggest an intervention I know it would NEVER WORK!!!!! But I honestly do think if many many many people pray that he stops it can happen.
My parents name are Jay and Gloria. And yes even though he has a drinking problem he is my dad and I do still love him I just do not love his problem.
Thanks to all in advance for your prayers kind words and encouragement.I know we can never have to many people praying for us so please join me in praying for this.
I hope that some day soon I can give one of the biggest PRAISE reports I have ever given.
I will shout it from the highest roof tops and give all the praise to our heavenly father.
Gods blessing to all of you.I feel some better after posting this knowing there are more people praying for this today, tomorrow and next week.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bring it on!!

It is begining to look a lite like Christmas around here.
The decorations are up trees are decorated and it is snowing!!!!
Yes we are getting our first snow storm of the season today.Snow,sleet,freezing rain.You name it we are getting it.We are under a winter storm warning until late tonight.They say we could get up to 6 inches of snow along with more freezing rain.
I got my groceries early today and now plan on curling up with my word search puzzle books, my book to read and maybe some hot chocolate.I have no plans for leaving the house the rest of the day,just vegetate and enjoy the storm
I encourage you to stop bye and congratulate Becky,her snow dance seems to have worked.
Have a great weekend everyone.I plan on it.
Hugs to all,you are all very special to me.I thank you for your encouraging words throughout the year.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Having a good laugh

Below you will see the two suspected guilty parties.

I have had a lot of good laughs this week as The Blog Fairy and I suspect a little elf named Becky have been busy getting my blog in the Christmas spirit.Imagine my surprise when I first saw the Christmas header soon to be followed by many entertaining side bar pictures and comments.I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.What clever gals they are.I was going to ask The Blog Fairy to add Christmas music to it and when I came home from work it was added.Guess she read my mind.
It has brought me "GREAT ENTERTAINMENT" this week as I check to see what has been added.
Trust me when I say it is all their work because I have no idea how to do any of it.So my hats off to Verna and any other elves that may be a part of this, you have made me happier then you could ever imagine.
Thanks for making me a happy blogger.
And just so you all know,they are predicting a snow storm this weekend for our area.I think Becky is putting on her tap shoes and doing a snow dance as you read this.
Hugs to all,have a great Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do you like the Tunes????

Thanks to some tech savvy elves, Mr Brian now has music. Enjoy.

Keep coming back to see what other fun these mischievous elves can have with this normally very subdued blog.

Oh, the fun has only begun!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A little Dutch

Please excuse me as I am having a little fun at Redmaryjanes (Kimberley's) expense.
I would like to welcome her into the world of Duchess,soccer mom.She is the (PROUD?) new owner of a mini van.After being stranded in Des Moines Ia for several days with car problems they had to trade vehicles.Not a good thing when you are returning from vacation.
Being the great person she is she kept a great attitude throughout the entire time.So Kimberley welcome to the world of a small Dutchmen.
For those of you who do not understand my humor many Dutch last names begin with a Van or Vander.Hence Kimberley is now a small van.
Sorry Kimberley I just had to do this post.
You know it is all in fun.
Hugs to you all!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


How's that for an evil laugh folks??? Guard your passwords!!!! tee hee ~blog fairy

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting ready

The turkey is gone, the stuffing eaten, pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes long forgotten about.
It always amazes me how the day after Thanksgiving we switch into high gear and are ready for Christmas.I admit this year I jumped the gun and had my tree up before Thanksgiving,not decorated but up.I took advantage of the nice weather a few weeks ago and got my outside decorations put up as well.Nothing worse then putting them up in freezing cold mid west temperatures.
As amazing as it is I am excited about the holidays this year. Other years I just want to bury myself under the covers and ignore all of it.
I have been singing Christmas song to myself play my Cd's and just getting in the holiday spirit. Now I need to start thinking about shopping...UGGHHHH that is the worst part. I do have some ideas so that does help.I always get my nieces an ornament with the year on it.I have my nieces husband ( I am thinking candy) and their young son who will be about 8 months old then.
Mom and dad are always tough but I know what I would like to get them see if I can find what I want.
As for all of you you are going to have to settle for my very best wishes.I would send you all a box of candy,or fine jewelry but I do not have any of your mailing addresses. Darn it any way!!!!!
Hope you all have a great week ahead.Try not to get to stressed over the holidays.Remember what it is truly all about!
However if you want I will send you my mailing address so you can send MEEEEEE presents.:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Over worked

My dear friend Becky asked if I would help her at church this past Sunday to help serve snacks and drinks.
The children were packing up gifts to send to Hatti.It was great to see all the kids and adults packing gifts to be sent off to others who have very little.We are lucky to have close ties with missionaries who are there.
Becky and I were overwhelmed with work as you can see Lucky we could take a moment to pose I mean have our picture taken.If Becky EVER asks you to help her in the kitchen please say no.She is so fast and well organized in there and just runs circles around everyone.I do not know how she does it.
Oops I just bent the truth a little, say yes we had a great time and kept the good snacks in the kitchen for us to taste test.
Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week.We do have so many things to give thanks for.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The wonder drug

Gotta love it!
I have been back on anti depressants pills now for a month and I could not be feeling better.That and my blood pressure and cholesterol pills. Sounds like Mr.Brian is getting old
I had my cholesterol checked this week and it is doing very well.Guess it goes to show medication does work.
Other then that nothing much going on this week.I am ready for the weekend,but have no BIG plans.
My family is getting together for Thanksgiving this Sunday.Sunday evening I get to help dear Becky at church.
Wishing all of you a safe and fun filled weekend.
All for now,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Give thanks with a joyful heart

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching what better time to share with others what we are thankful for.As others have already done I too want to add my thoughts and thanks.
Please note these are in no particular order.

I am thankful for a God who loves me no matter what I do.He loves me when I fail him,he loves me when I may fail to say a prayer of thanks for a blessing.He is ALWAYS at my side.I am also thankful knowing if I am called home tomorrow I will be with my heavenly father in heaven.

I am thankful for the gift of laughter.What better thing is there then to be able to laugh.I am known to be one to tease and love to have fun.I am thankful that I can enjoy life to the fullest.

I am thankful for the friendship I have formed because I have become a blogger.Thanks to Becky I am addicted to it.But I have made an amazing group of friends because of it.

I am thankful for family and friends who love me and pray for me and to be able to do the same for them.It is great to be able to ask a friend to pray for you.Or to be able to offer prayer for others.

I am thankful for my home, food and finances to pay for all of it.

Now the one I plan on sharing at Church tonight,(or may have shared depending on when you read this).
It is amazing how God works.I was at a job I was happy with,(other then working every other weekend).I enjoyed the work in the nursing home and enjoyed the interesting times it brought into my life.Not a day went by that there was some form of entertainment at work.
One day I got a phone call about a job at the Dialysis Center and was told to apply for it.Now mind you I was not looking for a change.Soon I was offered the job and was again entering a new chapter in my life.To say I was scared was an understatement.What if I did not like it,what if I could not do it. I had so many what ifs. The friend who told me about the job also said to me,
how clear can it be,the boss is the one who wanted you to apply.
I started the job with a very open mind,but also knowing if it did not work out I could always return to the nursing home.I was soon enjoying my 3 day a week no weekend job.But I was still just doing some minor things on my own but was feeling good about it.Before I knew it I was placing needles in the arms on my own and getting patients on and off machines by myself.I was doing so well until one day my entire world crashed in front of me.I made a huge mistake with a patient and he had major effects from it.His blood pressure dropped and he became unresponsive and had to be given oxygen.I was devastated and was extremely close to walking out on the spot and never returning.
I went into the break room and broke down.Tears filled my eyes as I thought I may have nearly killed this man.MY boss Nikki came into the break room and talked to me.As kind and considerate as a person could be she calmly sat and talked to me about what happened and how we can keep it from happening again.Never once did she raise her voice or get upset with me.When I told her I felt it would be best if I quit the job right now she said NO, I will not allow it.Take your time get yourself pulled together and we will talk about this more later.What an amazing women, she was so professional I was in shock.
The following week the man whom I made the mistake with asked me what had happened Friday stating he did not remember much of that day.I sat and told him what I had done and how sorry i was.He looked at me in the most kind and compassionate way and asked,did you learn from this mistake?I answered yes I did and I feel terrible.He said as long as you learned from it it is OK I forgive you.Even as I write this I still tear up, what an amazing man.He showed such love and kindness I will never forget.To this day I have such respect for this fine example of a christian man.
I only hope if I ever have something happen to me I can be as forgiving as he was.
So there you have it what I am thankful for and how God has worked in my life.

Update.....I did it without breaking down and only getting a little chocked up.PTL.It was a great night filled with reports of how God has touched many lifes throughout the year.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Time change.

Am I the only one who does not like the time change? It gets dark so early.Soon I will be going to work and returning home in the dark.This will be a new thing for me.I can take the going to work in the dark,but getting home and it is dark......NO THANKS!!!!!Oh well guess I will just have to deal with it, as I see no solution to it.If that is my only problem I should be pretty happy.
This next Sunday our church will be having their annual Harvest Supper.It is always a great event. A great meal followed by some singing and praise and testimony time.I have already agreed to share a praise.So there will be no changing my mind,as I told my good friend and elder Rich I would speak.
Please say a pray that God will be with me as I speak and that I do not make a complete fool of myself.I have been known to do that in the past.
God has done some great things in my life this year and I have been so blessed I feel the need to share.I will share more next week, as some of my fan club also attends my church and I do not want to spill the beans to soon.(Sorry gals I want to keep you on pins and needles waiting.)LOLOLOL
The highlight of the evening (besides the great food) is at the end everyone stands in a circle joining hands and sing Bind us together.What a wonderful ending to a sometimes very emotional evening.
Hope all of you have a great week.And remember God loves you and so do I.
You are all a great group of friends who have touched me in a very special way.I feel blessed to be apart of each of your lives.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A blog Shower.

My dear friend Red Mary Jane (Kimberley),over at seventh diamond asked if I would post this for her.She seems to think I have a big fan club that follows my blogs.She said she knows I am a man and such but wanted me to post this.
Verna is our Blog Fairy,she has designed many many blogs for people including myself.She and her husband Keith will be traveling soon to pick up their son.
Please visit for all the details.
Be sure to bring your own bar of soap,shampoo and a towel and join in the fun.
(I've never understood why people want to get together and shower????LOLOL

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween fun

Thanks to my great neighbor Sue (and Buster), I have pictures to post of my Halloween fun.Sue was nice enough to come over and take a few pictures of Josie and me in our Halloween costumes.
As I mentioned before Josie was N O T happy about her costume.However she was willing to pose for some pictures.Guess she did not have much of a choice did she?
I had taken her to my parents house on Monday so they could see her and did she make the most out of it.She had at least a full hour of lovin from grandpa.Mom and dad kept telling her they were going to burn that costume for her.My guess is through all the therapy she will now need,the $5.00 costume will end up costing me $500.00.
Kidding of course insurance should cover most of it.LOLOLOL
Any way hope you all had a fun Halloween like I did.Lets see some pictures of your little spooks and princesses.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Have a dog gone good Halloween

No this is not my dog.Yes I did buy a costume for Josie.A pumpkin head,and she HATES it.The first time I put it on her she some how managed to get it off her head.The second time she just looked at me like she was saying,"if you love me you will get this off me NOW!!!!If I had a digital camera I would take a picture of her in it.
I am anxious for the trick or treats.I always love to great the kids and hand out candy.If you're in the neighborhood stop bye with your kids.Or just stop by.I'll give you a candy bar.I got Snickers, and Milky Way.If you are extra good and do a trick I will give you two.
Hope you all have a GREAT WEEK. I plan on it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ten reasons to smile.

I borrowed this idea from an other blogger and loved the idea.
reasons to smile every day.So often we get caught up in our busy schedules and do not take time to enjoy life and reasons to smile, I am going to share some of my reasons to smile each day.
1. Seeing the beautiful fall colors on the trees.Some of the trees in my neighborhood are and amazingly bright golden yellow.
2.Being able to go to work and have a job.Working with pople on Dialysis and some who are very "young" makes me happy to be able to work as these people can not work.
3. Along with that good health.Can you walk,talk,talk,hear?If you said yes it is a reason to smile.
4.Friendships, I have got some wonderful friends who I love dearly.
5. Do you have a home? are you warm? I can say yes.My sister in California came very close to loosing her home to the fires,They were within a few miles of her home.She had her car packed and ready to leave at a moments notice.She thinks she is out of danger now and all is OK for her.
6.I have a great and mighty God who watches over me each and every day.
7. Watching my dogs play or just snuggle with me.
8.Children playing peek-a-boo in church.
9.I am a helper in Sunday School this year and we are practicing songs for the Christmas program.Watching some of these kids sing their hearts out,they are so into it and loving it.You gotta love it.
10.Reading some of your blog posts.When I read about some of the things kids say and so I just laugh.As Art Linklatter once said"Kids do say the darnedest things.
I hope I made you smile on one or two of these too.Remember to always take a moment to smile.It makes people wonder what you are up to.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Women do know!!

It is time for all you wonderful dear women to pat yourself on the back.
You do know what you are talking about.
If you think back to some time ago when I mentioned about a co-worker who was expecting and also hard to get along with.She was often moody and just grumpy.Many of you suggested that I turn on the charm,be sweet,offer to lift things for her and all that fun stuff.
I must say I did N O T want to do this and give into her negative attitude at all.I thought just ignoring it would help more.But I decided to take a word of advice from someone who knows best....... a women.
You were right.I schmooze her with asking her how she feels all the time.May I get that for you,can I do that for you OH let me get that,you should not lift that.
It has worked wonders.She accepts the offer of help and is willing to let me help her.
Guess it just goes to show.........WOMEN DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!
Did I just say that?????
OK go ahead and let me have it now gals,I can take it.
See reason #23,945 why Brian is such a cool guy,he admits women know what they are talking about.
Hope you all have a great weekend.Be sure to tell your men you know the answers.LOLOLOLOL
Hugs to all.

Yes Finaly

Need I say more.
After a not so good week I am glad it is Friday.
I was sick Monday and Tuesday,Wednesday woas a horrible day at work.Weather has been rainy all week.
Yes It can only get better.
Hope you all have a great weekend I know I plan on it.
I am feeling better and my new meds seem to be doing some good. I will post more when I have more time.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

24 x's 2

Yes that is right Mr.Brian is 48 today.October 12 is not only Columbus Day but also my birthday.
No great plans that I know of.Work, and so far just a nice quiet evening at home.That is good with me.I've never been one to go out for my birthday.My parents took me out to eat Thursday evening and that is about all the excitment I can muster.
After all I am 48 years old.
I am starting to realize that 50 is not so old.I remember when I was a child and teenager I thought a person in their late 40's was "OLD".Not to mention in their 50's.
I have since changed my mind on that thought.
As long as I can have regular poop's,not take my teeth out at night,know who I am when I look in the mirror, I think I am doing all right.
I have so much to be thankful for,parents who love and encourage me.Sisters who say I am their favorite brother,(only brother but still their favorite).Great friends not only that I see regularly but also those that I've meet through blogging land.
Thanks for the great friendships.You are all very special women and I enjoy our friendships.Hugs to all of you.May you know I pray for your family,your kids and also the children you are still waiting to take home.Hugs to all!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I need to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your kind and encouraging words.I still need to call my Doctor (and will be doing it),but I am a little better this week.I still am tired all the time and wanting to sleep,but not so grumpy.
I know once I get the medication and get it into my system I will be feeling more like myself again.
It is amazing how a pill can help with your mood and depression but it does.Thank goodness for happy pills.
It meant a lot to me to read all the nice comments.It is great to know so many do care.Each and everyone of you has touched me in a special way that you may not know.
Some even got a kiss in.(Becky and Verna).LOLOLOL!
Again thanks for being such encourager's and thoughtful women.You all all great.
Next post from me will be a cheerful one I promise.
Blessing to all of you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Even though I love the weather this time of year, I hate what it does to me.
Starting about this time of year my seasonal depression starts kicking in.I start to get extra tired,wanting to sleep more.I want to just ignore the world. I feel like I have a clock ticking inside of me ready to go off.I start to feel very irritable and crabby.I feel like I've got a short fuse that I try to keep under control.(Good idea considering I am placing needles in arms when at work.)
I hate myself for the way I act and feel.I know I am crabby,I know I am short and I hate it.
I also know I need to start on my antidepressants now too,before I get into too deep a funk where it takes me time to get on top of things again.
And as the holidays get closer it gets worse.I go through the motions of it all.On tne outside I am Mr.Jolly while in the inside I am miserable.After all what is there to be merry about?I always feel we have lost the true meaning of Christmas.We all stress over what to buy for mom and dad,the kids, or who ever.Many of us are strapped money wise but we still go and buy.Put it on a charge card,then come February the bills come only to cause more stress.Grrrrrrrrr that is why I spend very little and expect very little in return.
So yes Mr.Brian has done his venting,let you all see his UGLY side and now you know. I am not always prince charming.
I will get on some meds so these angry frustrating feelings go away and I will try to be more cheerful on my next post.
Thanks for letting me vent.And do not worry I will be OK I've been here before and I will rise above it once again.
Just say a little prayer that I cheer up soon.
Love ya all,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Mixed Blessings

This may be one of those posts that my words just run all mixed together and make little sense.I hope that you will all be able to understand that I am speaking from my heart to all of you.
As I go and read the blogs lately I just get all mixed feelings.On one hand I share the joy and excitement as I read of a family that has been matched with a child.I read of the joy they are feeling.Bursting at the seems waiting for that call that tells them the date they get to hold this child they have been waiting for. I read the comments from others as they also share the joy.
Then I read a blog of the aches in a heart that a family is feeling as they learn that they were not matched again. I do not understand all of this L.I.D. business or the lists and how this all works.But I do understand the frustrations and hurt and maybe at times anger as to why it is taking so long. My thought is if this is your second time you have already been approved once just hurry up and get you matched.Simple, from start to finish 1 year max.
Can only imagine the feeling that go through your minds as well.
Can any of you explain to me why it is such a long wait?Are there so many waiting for kids that they have more parents then children to adopt?I just always thought that there are 100's if not thousands of children waiting for a loving home.Are there other options?Russia,Hatti,surely there are many many other countries that have children needing homes.I in no way mean to say that China is the wrong way to go, but what about other countries????
I am hoping that I get some interesting answers to this.
My main reason when i started this post tonight was to just send out hugs to all and let you know Mr. Brian does care and wants you I am praying for all of you and wishing many happy thoughts going your way.
Hope I did not offend any of you as that was not my intentions. Like I said just lots of wondering why?????

Friday, September 28, 2007

Look at the happy Dutchmen.

What man would not be smiling from ear to ear when he has not one but two beautiful women planting a kiss on him.When Verna and her family were in town I wanted a picture of the three of us.Just as we were getting ready to have the picture taken they pretended to plant a kiss on me.I saw them whispering before the picture was taken but I would have never guessed two such highly respected women would do this to such a sweet innocent man.We all shared a good laugh.I think you can see I was actualy turning red, seldom do I get embarrased that easy.
It was a great time and I was happy to meet them.
Steffie keeps saying she is going to be my Dutch Dance partner next year,hmmmm wonder what she would have up her sleeve.After all she is a sweet little Dutch girl too.
Hope you all have a great weekend.Kick back relax and have lots of F U N !!!!!
Hugs to all,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lucky me!!!!!!

I had a very lucky day this past weekend.I was able to have my picture taken not with one but two ,yes to wonderful blogging friends.
Every one's favorite Verna a.k.a.The Blogging Queen and my dear friend Becky along with their families got together on Sunday.
Verna and some of her family were passing through our town and decided to pay the Bilby clan a visit.I was asked to join them all for lunch on Sunday.It was amazing to me how easy it was to chat with Verna and her family.I felt like I've known them for years.She is as nice if not nicer in person then she is in blogging land.
I was so happy to finaly get to meet ONE of my blogging mates.I just wish I could email myself to all of your homes and talk with you in person some day.
Think of it you open an email and out pops Mr.Brian or Mr.Bruce depending on who you are.After we talk and you are sick of me bugging you you send me on to the next person,and so on and so on.Hmmmmmmm I wonder how long you gals would keep me around
(or maybe I should ask how long I would want to stay around you wild things)
So now you have a picture of Mr.Brian in non Dutch clothes.
I am thinking Verna has even a better one to post,it may cause some fights amongst all my friends.LOLOLOLOL
Hugs to all.
I will work on getting some of just me for all of you to get copies of and made into poster size.LOLOLOLOL NOT!!!!!!
Whoopee the weekend is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A good laugh (Now).

Get comfortable as I take you back to the mid 70's about 1975ish.
Picture it, a young high school Freshman sitting in a beauty shop getting his hair permed.It is a beautiful spring afternoon shortly after school has let out.A rather shy,quiet young lad goes to the beauty shop to get his hair permed.(He had this done in the past by his sister who had owned this shop in the past).wanting to be a nice guy he wanted to support this gal as she was starting off her business venture.
As he is getting his perm all is going very well, hairdresser and young man are enjoying friendly chit chat as he gets his hair in perm rods.No big deal this has been done before. Soon the perm rods are in and the first solution is put in this fine young mans hair.Very soon after this solution is in the beauty operator coments that she was not feeling well and had felt fait all day.Now beigng the wonderful kind man that he was (and still is), he became concerned and suggested maybe some fresh air would do her some good.So outside they go (remember his hair is in perm rods).As they are standing outside on small town (at that time maybe 4,000-4,500 people) main street,she faints.Yep kerplunk,down out like a light.Down on the ground.So being a typical man it was told to me that this man did what any normal male would do......he panicked.Yep running around going up to people walking past asking for help telling them my beautician just fainted help me,please help.With little luck it was said he went into the bakery a few doors down seeking help.TO his luck there were about 3-4 upper classmates (female) in there.They came to my I mean his rescue.They asked how long the solution was in and helped rinse it out as the operator came around.After thing settled down the high school gals went on there way and left the operator and this some what frightened young man to finish the perm.As the second solution was added again the gal said I think I am going to faint again.Thinking quickly I I mean he had her sit in a chair where she again went out cold.Being a little more calm this time the young man called on an other hair operator to come in and help.After getting things all washed and taken care of the other ladies and I put this beauty operator in the car and took her to the hospital.

The next day I I mean this young man stopped at the shop to check on the gal and to see if he owed for the perm.The gal was OK and had the nerve to charge full price for the perm.And I had I mean he had to go to an other shop to get it cut.
Needless to say that was the last perm for this young man.

Yes it is a true story a true story that happened to me many years ago.
Anytime I smell a perm I go into a cold sweat!!!!LOLOLOL
Hope you enjoyed one of my many embarrassing moments
By request ,I'see if I can get a picture of me with permred hair???No Promises.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time of reflection.

As I am sitting home on a Saturday night enjoying a quiet night I was thinking about friendships.
What is a good friend to you? How would you describe a good friend? Do good friends ever drift away?Let me share my feelings on this.
In school I was often rather a loner.I was not Mr.popular with all the best of friends.Yes I did have some people I hung out with and did things with.As I reflect on it now it was not the right choice of friends to be with.I did some things I am not to proud of and would love to undo but know I can not.I am just thankful that God has forgiven me for the stupid things I did.(No! No stealing or any major crimes,just some lies and pranks and to much drinking and driving).
To me a good friend is a person who will love you unconditionally.Who no matter what mess up you make they will stand beside you.No matter what problems you are going through they are there for you.As I get older I realize how a friend is someone who can encourage you,tell you you're being a jerk or a fool and still be your friend.A friend is someone who lifts you up when you are down.Who prays for you,who laughs and cries with you.Who shares their hurts with you and you with them.
I am so very blessed to have a great group of different friends.I've got the friends who I can have a good laugh with and friends who keep my Christian values in place.
I've been so richly blessed to get to know Becky and Joe @And Chloe makes six.Becky and I share a common bond with temperatures.We dislike hot and love cool temps and a good snowstorm.Joe tries to keep us in line when we get together but I think often just gives up and lets us have our fun.Unless of course you're playing cards, then look out Joe is Mr.Serious,very competitive,where Becky and I just laugh at ourselves.I have been so blessed to have them a part of my life.I love their four well mannered well behaved kids too.So thankful to know I can turn to them for help any time I need to.
Then there is an other great couple Rich and Becky.(yes one more Becky).What can one say about them.They are two of the most down to earth Christian friends one could ever meet.Rich has a way about him that just makes me laugh.He is a stinker from the get go.Ask anyone who plays cards with him.he CHEATS and then puts on the "what did I do act".now do not get me wrong his cheating is all in fun but we know we need to watch him when we play cards.Rich is the most tender hearted friend you could meet,next to (Joe and me).When he speaks from the heart it brings tears to my eyes.Such a Godly man and great friend.His wife Becky and I share a common bond of working in the medical field so we often have things to talk about.She is the level headed one always planning a get together and thinking of ways to help others.
Yes friends do lose touch with each other too.I had wonderful friends who moved away about 6-7 years ago and we never talk any more.Where one door closes an other one opens.
I am truly blessed with great friends.And I didn't start in on the friendships I have made with blogging.
I will not mention any one name in fear of hurting feelings but all of you have touched my heart in one way or an other.I feel so lucky to be allowed into your little world of adoption mom's and your blogs.I've share laughter and tears as I've read your posts. I feel like I am a part of your life and I have a picture in my mind of what it would be like to meet each and every one of you.Some times I may not leave a comment because I honestly just cannot relate to your wait or problem,but that sure does not mean I do not care.
With all this heavy posts including mine tonight,I hope we can all think of a fun uplifting post to share in the future.Put on our thinking caps and lets have some fun.
Blessing to each of your.
Your male blogger buddy,
Thanks to the Bilby's for the (new for me) used monitor I can now see what all of you look like on your blog pictures.Before it was all just a big dark picture.
Thanks Becky and Joe!!!!!

Please Explain

I am hoping all you dear ladies out there can help me.I have a question I have no answer for.I assume you young,bright,smart gals will have the answer for me.
How can it be the middle of September already??????????
I am just amazed at how fast time has been going this year.It seems like I just put away my Christmas tree (No I did not keep it up till May), and here it is fall and the middle of September.
I've been at the new job now for 5 months.Seems less then that.I thought the kids just got out of school for summer vacation and they are already back in class.I guess the older (I) get the faster time goes.
So I ask you my dear lady friends,does time go as fast for you as well????Does it seem to you we just start a month and we are flipping the calender to a new month????
I am hoping you can explain it to me...
Awaiting you wise advice!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All is well.

I do not have anything to blog about this week other then to say life is good.
My job is going fairly well. It is my favorite time of year weather wise.Mild days with temps in the 70's and cool nights.However this weekend they say there is a chance for frost,that may be a little to cool.
My health is good I can go to work,I have a home,plenty of food.Friends who care about me.
Yes Life is good.
Let us just please remember Becky and her family @Chloe makes six.There son Caleb is having a spot from his arm removed on Thursday and it does have them concerned.Please keep them in your prayers.
Have a great remainder of the week.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

An award to each and every mom out there.Thanks for all you do as a mom. I know my mom has and still does so much for me. I feel so blessed to have her as my mom.
I cherish each and every day God still alows me to have her. I know there is a pretty good chance she will not be with me in 5-10 more years.She has a VERY bad heart and I can see her health failing slowly.She pretends she is doing good but I can see right through that.
As I read all of your blogs I just smile and laugh at all you have experianced and are yet to experiance with you kids.I laugh at the stories of the naughty or funny things they have done.And I hurt for those of you awaiting the arrival of your children.
I am sure there is no greater reward then being a parent.(MOST DAYS)!
Keep up the good work with the little ankel biters and keep the humor.And most of all remember to take pictures, blackmailing them when they become teenagers is always a good idea.
Happy parenting.
And to my non parent readers,lets just keep spioling our pets.
Have a blessed Sunday.
Mr. Brian

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Got me thinking

I was talking to a good friend tonight about this and that.After some time they opened up about some family problems they are having. They went on to say the hurt they have felt because of all of this.It got me to thinking.......
We go day to day with our happy faces on and pretending all is OK.Someone asks how are you we answer, doing fine,OK, no complaints.......
I just ached for this friend and how they were hurting.They are the one who is always there and encouraging others.Being upbeat and happy.
I was happy to be able to listen and try to encourage them in their time of need.
But most of all I am happy to know I can lift up them in prayer as well.I know not everyone who reads this blog has a close walk with God and has a daily prayer time either. I am not one to preach or tell others what to do and I by no means am a perfect or near perfect christian.I struggle all the time too.But what great compfort it is to know that I can give all my troubles to the lord.He will always be there for me.
It has been a great compfort to me to also know when I asked for prayers from my blogging buddies I got it.
I know we all have struggles from time to time.We just need to be there for each other and lift each other up in prayers when needed. Be not afraid to ask,not details are needed just an I need prayers is all.
I know I will be praying for my friend who I talked to and some of my blogging friends who need encouraging words too.
Blessing to all.
I hope I did not step on any toes with this post. I just want peace on earth and everyone to be happy and enjoy life.( Do I sound like a beauty queen contestant)?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Amazing math.

Here is a math trick so amazing it will stump you.I think someone had way to much time on their hands.
You will want to grab a calculator for this one.

Take the first three numbers of your phone number (not area code).Now multiply this by 80.
Add 1.
Multiply by 250..
Add the last 4 digits of your phone number.
Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
Now subtract 250.
Divide this by 2.
Do you recognizre the number?????
Pretty amazing I think.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy labor day.

Just wwant to wish all my friends a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.
I've got no plans and we are open at the Dialysis Center on Monday so I plan on doing nothing this weekend.
Saw this picture and thought it should be some women cracking the whip in her husband.You gals all get your HONEY DEW lists ready for your men this weekend.
That drippy faucet,that one wall that needs to be touched up with paint.Oh and do not forget about the bushes that need trimming and the gutters should be cleaned too.Oh and the garage should be swept out..... yeah you know your lists never end and us poor fellers just work our fingures to the bone to keep you happy.Beacuse a happy wife is a good wife. Great wife and I am sure all of you are that. Great wifes.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Mr. Brian

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The check cleared.

Since the check cleared the bank today I can finaly pass along the schmoozer award to non other then our very favorite,one and only,great,stunning,charming,beautiful,youthful,funny,tell it like it is friend.
CRAZY LADY!!!!!!!!!
I know she will carry on with this award with her chest out and her head held high.
Congrats Crazy Lady and thanks for the money.
LOLOL You all know I am just kidding she deservers it and never had to pay me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Middle Name MeMe

I was tagged by birthday girl K1, so I will play along.

1.Post these rules before you give the facts.
2.Players,you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your lifefor each letter of your middle name.If you do not have a middle name use the middle name you would like to have had.
3.When you are tagged you will need to write your own blog post containing your middle name game facts.
4.At the end of your blog-post you need to choose one person for each letter of your name.Be sure to let them know thay have been tagged.
Here it goes.....
J. Jolly, I try to almost always be jolly and upbeat.I enjoy laughing and love nothing better then a good harmless joke.I love to make people laugh and try to always have a smile on my face.After all who wants to see a scowled faced person put needled in their arm.

A.Attentive.I am very attentive to others,I have a very soft heart and if you hurt i hurt right along with you.I would try to help you in almost any way I can.I will be there to help when needed.

Y.Yes man.I would much tather say yes to you then to say no and fear you may be upset with me. I am a big people pleaser. I guess insecurity has made me like this. I have a great fear of rejection if I am not willing to help you when you ask for help.
I am not going to tag anyone,mostly because I cannot think of any names to go with my letters.But also you may not like me if I do.....Yep that is how I often think.
So if you want to play along go for it,if not I guess that is ok too.
hope you have learned just a little more about me now.
Have a great reaminder of the week.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A prayer is needed.

Please take a few moments to pray for a lady I know.Her name is Teresa
On Friday evening she tried ending her life.She is now in a coma at an Omaha hospital.
She is a women in her mid 40's with a husband and 2 children.Her kids are about a 1st grader and a sixth grader.
She has had a very long history of depression and has struggled for a long time.She recently learned her husband was having an affair.( I was told he had ended it and they were trying to salvage their marriage.)
Please pray for Gods healing hands upon her and that there may be no damage to her body.
Also pray for these two small children as they have to deal with yet another bad deal dealt to them.It seems so unfair that the children are often the ones who have to suffer the most when we as adults mess up.
As hard as it is for me to do I also feel I need to pray for the husband as I am sure he is dealing with much guilt and just rotten feelings right now.The nasty side of me wants to say look what you've done now.Was it all worth it? However the kind christian side of me says, how you must be hurting and placing blame on yourself,what a burden you must be walking with.I like my kinder christian side better.
Let's pray for Gods hands to not only touch this women but also this family and this marriage.
Thank You.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank my Lucky Stars

Having been given the schmoozer award I feel the need to continue with my reputation of being a schmoozer.(I must admit I feel I am very deserving of this award).I was soooo very very good at schmoozing the old ladies in the nursing home and continue doing this at the Dialysis Center.I've got one lady always saying we need to get married and/or she will come live with me and cook and clean.I have to remind her she is married.Plus I do not think I would ever become that destined for a housekeeper to have her move in.LOLOLOLOL
Any who.. back to my main topic.
I feel so honored to have been accepted into all of your lives with such open arms (or in this case blogs).
I feel so lucky to be able to comment on your blogs and also have all of you comment on mine as well.
It's just like having my own circle of girlfriends,but not having to spend any money on any of you.LOLOL
I know chances of any of us ever meeting face to face are very slim,(except for maybe Miss Steffie).However I feel like I know all of you personally already.Each and every one of you has touched my heart in a very special have encouraged me,lifted my spirits,made me laugh and just plain blessed my life.
You have been seeing mostly the real me. I try to treat others the way I want to be treated.If I cannot say anything nice I keep quiet.
My great enjoyment in life is to make others laugh and to enjoy life,like it is my last day on earth.I want to be remember as a fun loving crazy guy who enjoyed life.I want to be remembered as the guy who always made your day.(NO I am not about to kick the bucket or anything).as far as I know.
I just think of all you gals as some very special women who has allowed this disturbed,sometimes nuts, single man who enjoys meeting others to be apart of your life.
If I knew how to add music to my blog I would be playing either....:That's what friends are for", or "TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE."
And the best part of this blog I mean every word I said.I may have schmoozed but I am speaking from the heart.
Oh yeah, I am also very very tender hearted.And I am not gay!!!!!Sorry i just had to add that last part. Shame ,shame ,shame Mr.Brian.
Love ya all in a special way,Now put your arms around yourself and give yourself a BIG HUG from me!!!!