Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank my Lucky Stars

Having been given the schmoozer award I feel the need to continue with my reputation of being a schmoozer.(I must admit I feel I am very deserving of this award).I was soooo very very good at schmoozing the old ladies in the nursing home and continue doing this at the Dialysis Center.I've got one lady always saying we need to get married and/or she will come live with me and cook and clean.I have to remind her she is married.Plus I do not think I would ever become that destined for a housekeeper to have her move in.LOLOLOLOL
Any who.. back to my main topic.
I feel so honored to have been accepted into all of your lives with such open arms (or in this case blogs).
I feel so lucky to be able to comment on your blogs and also have all of you comment on mine as well.
It's just like having my own circle of girlfriends,but not having to spend any money on any of you.LOLOL
I know chances of any of us ever meeting face to face are very slim,(except for maybe Miss Steffie).However I feel like I know all of you personally already.Each and every one of you has touched my heart in a very special have encouraged me,lifted my spirits,made me laugh and just plain blessed my life.
You have been seeing mostly the real me. I try to treat others the way I want to be treated.If I cannot say anything nice I keep quiet.
My great enjoyment in life is to make others laugh and to enjoy life,like it is my last day on earth.I want to be remember as a fun loving crazy guy who enjoyed life.I want to be remembered as the guy who always made your day.(NO I am not about to kick the bucket or anything).as far as I know.
I just think of all you gals as some very special women who has allowed this disturbed,sometimes nuts, single man who enjoys meeting others to be apart of your life.
If I knew how to add music to my blog I would be playing either....:That's what friends are for", or "TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE."
And the best part of this blog I mean every word I said.I may have schmoozed but I am speaking from the heart.
Oh yeah, I am also very very tender hearted.And I am not gay!!!!!Sorry i just had to add that last part. Shame ,shame ,shame Mr.Brian.
Love ya all in a special way,Now put your arms around yourself and give yourself a BIG HUG from me!!!!


JulieM said...

I think I need to meet you sometime when I'm in your nook of the woods. My mom actually drives people from OC to your center a couple times a month.

Beckyb said...

You are making me chuckle over here!! You are a shmoozer~ but a nice one!!!

redmaryjanes said...

It is our privilege to know you. You are a very good man. If I knew anyone in your neck of the woods, you wouldn't be single anymore. said...

Oh, Mr. Brian. Throwing my arms around you and liking you. I hope you know we all adore you, AND know we never thought you were gay. It's nice having a big strapping male out here in "bloggieland". Warmest hugs...Rony

K1 said...

Happy Sunday morning, (well, I guess it's afternoon where you are,) Mr. Brian.

crazylady said...

There is a part of my bum you didn't quite reach while shmoozing.
Hey kid, you are brave to navigate waters chartered with sharks (women). Though we quite like our boy toy around.
Thank you for visiting me and for your funny comments. Don't gentlemen prefer blonds? I must duke it out with Steffie for your affection. I can see she has weaseled her way in but good!
Always happy to see your lucky charms, with stuffed toy inside.
(hand over mouth giggling)

Salome's Mom said...

What a sweetie! What's not to love? Thank you for allowing us into your life too.

cougchick said...

Thanks for being the only bit of testosterone in this bloggity estrogen filled land.