Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The check cleared.

Since the check cleared the bank today I can finaly pass along the schmoozer award to non other then our very favorite,one and only,great,stunning,charming,beautiful,youthful,funny,tell it like it is friend.
CRAZY LADY!!!!!!!!!
I know she will carry on with this award with her chest out and her head held high.
Congrats Crazy Lady and thanks for the money.
LOLOL You all know I am just kidding she deservers it and never had to pay me.


crazylady said...

Yeah, but you don't know I stole Steffi's bank info to write them. A little photoshop and scan, WOILA.
My new Prada's will take some getting used to though.
I've hired a jet to take us away... meet me behind the RO system.
I'll flush your tank. :)

redmaryjanes said...

Yeah, her chest is out alright! Love the crazylady. She's nice didn't ya know??? Truly, I adore her. Things would be so boring around here with out her.

K1 said...

(fingers in ears, eyes shut) la la la la la la la la. I don't hear/see a thing about Identity theft and bank account takeover. I don't, I don't, I don't.

Steffie B. said...

I'm rolling my eyes at crazylady....does she have no shame? I have told you all before that Mr. Brian is can use all your flattery.....but I am not the least bit worried!

LaLa said...

ha ha..this is the award she wanted... said...

Lol. I can see you are taking your "title" quite seriously. Who will you pass the torch to? Congrats.

I'm working on Monday. All day.