Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy labor day.

Just wwant to wish all my friends a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.
I've got no plans and we are open at the Dialysis Center on Monday so I plan on doing nothing this weekend.
Saw this picture and thought it should be some women cracking the whip in her husband.You gals all get your HONEY DEW lists ready for your men this weekend.
That drippy faucet,that one wall that needs to be touched up with paint.Oh and do not forget about the bushes that need trimming and the gutters should be cleaned too.Oh and the garage should be swept out..... yeah you know your lists never end and us poor fellers just work our fingures to the bone to keep you happy.Beacuse a happy wife is a good wife. Great wife and I am sure all of you are that. Great wifes.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Mr. Brian


K1 said...

Ummm, Brian, what about us that have a list but have no hubby?

Jolly, Attentive, kind, sweet, nice, tenderhearted, (but not gay) man that you are, are you going to volunteer to do all those things on our lists?

redmaryjanes said...

Have a great weekend Mr. Brian. You are the best!
Hmm..honeydoo husband's gonna love you for that suggestion~

K1 said...

No power tools needed. Painting, Yes. Yard york, YES. Vacuuming, yes. Dusting, YES.

So, what time should I expect you?

nikki said...

My Honey-do list got "misplaced" months ago...
Have a great weekend. We have no major plans here either...My hubby is working tonite, I work tomorrow nite, and we will hopefully get to spend some quality time together on Monday. said...

I'm working tomorrow and hubby is watching the girls all day. He may need my meds when it's all said and done. Not much gets done when were "herding" the monkeys!

Happy Labour Day to you too.

The Shocks said...

I agree they had too much time on their hands.

crazylady said...

Yes, but what will HE do? Those are my jobs.

Steffie B. said...

The saying around here is "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" lol