Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lucky me!!!!!!

I had a very lucky day this past weekend.I was able to have my picture taken not with one but two ,yes to wonderful blogging friends.
Every one's favorite Verna a.k.a.The Blogging Queen and my dear friend Becky along with their families got together on Sunday.
Verna and some of her family were passing through our town and decided to pay the Bilby clan a visit.I was asked to join them all for lunch on Sunday.It was amazing to me how easy it was to chat with Verna and her family.I felt like I've known them for years.She is as nice if not nicer in person then she is in blogging land.
I was so happy to finaly get to meet ONE of my blogging mates.I just wish I could email myself to all of your homes and talk with you in person some day.
Think of it you open an email and out pops Mr.Brian or Mr.Bruce depending on who you are.After we talk and you are sick of me bugging you you send me on to the next person,and so on and so on.Hmmmmmmm I wonder how long you gals would keep me around
(or maybe I should ask how long I would want to stay around you wild things)
So now you have a picture of Mr.Brian in non Dutch clothes.
I am thinking Verna has even a better one to post,it may cause some fights amongst all my friends.LOLOLOLOL
Hugs to all.
I will work on getting some of just me for all of you to get copies of and made into poster size.LOLOLOLOL NOT!!!!!!
Whoopee the weekend is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!


K1 said...

Hmmm, Mr. Brian(Bruce) popping out of an envelope. Anything like popping out of a cake?

The imagination can be an interesting place.

Lady L said...

Mr. Brian, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Verna and family too on Sunday while I was out walking with my walking friend. What a nice family! Now we can put a face to the name - that's always nice.

gwen oatsvall said...

you are correct .. verna and becky are two jewels .. you know we talked about at the china reunion how we should have invited you ... you know about 1/2 the group through blogging ... isnt' it amazing how this blogging as changed all of us ..

love the picture ...

Beckyb said...

Nope - it was all our pleasure to have you come along- and the SNICKERS salad was wonderful!!!! I am just waiting to see our "other" picture!!!

Janet said... that WOULD be interesting. SNICKERS salad? What on earth is that? Doesn't sound like there's lots of lettuce in there....

redmaryjanes said...

I LOVE Verna and Becky!! You're a lucky man to get to hang out with those two fine chicks!