Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New toy

Whooo Hoooo Mr.Brian finaly did it, he bought a digital camera.
I've been wanting one for some time and decided to take the plunge.Nothing fancy,just a Kodak EasyShare C613.
I've yet to read the book or beging to figure out how to do things with it.I may need to pay a visit to one of my tech friends to figure it all out.I know once I get the hang of it I will have lots of fun.You may soon get tired of all my picture taking I will do.
So I hope by the end of the week I've got it figured out.
Until then enjoy the no pictures.
Hmmm I can take some of the kids,furry ones that is. And then there is and oh yeah... OH I can hardly wait.
See Ya!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday everyone,(unless you caught this on Tuesday evening).
Just thought it would be good to have a mid-week wisdom post.
Do not think I need to say more.
Hope the remainder of your week is great.

Monday, January 28, 2008

First day back

I just finished my first day back at the nursing home.I worked today for insurance reasons but plan on taking the rest of the week off.
It was just like riding bike, it all came back to me.
Other then there being many new residents and staff there it was like I never left.I was surprised how many of the residents remembered me.Not sure if they were good or bad memories but they did remember me.It was good to see them again and talk to them.
I have decided there are going to be many many good stories again.I found at least two who I know will keep me busy..:)!!
One lady insists she taught one of the staff in school.She says what a good student she was.Only thing is she NEVER had her for a student.If she would say she had me I dare bet the report would not be to good.I was not a perfect little student. I hated school and I did not apply myself.Unlike now I am sweet and innocent,not to mention humble too. Oh how I wish i could change that now.
Hope you have a great week. My plans are to hang out,clean,rest and relax and enjoy life.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

I've always love how Kimberley does these thoughts on Sunday.Thought I would do the same today.Seems there is so much I could choose from.I have felt gods arms around me and touching my heart.Praise him.
May you have a blessed Sunday.Give thanks for the Lord is good.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Many Thanks

No this is not Josie but does look like her.
I am feeling like a new person again. I am back to my chipper self. When I say I am great I mean it now.No more Dutch fronts as i call it.My first official day of not working at my OLD job.
I just want to again say thanks for letting me whine,complain and vent the last few weeks. And all that whine (wine) without any cheese and crackers for you. Sorry!!!!
All of your kind and encouraging words have meant so much to me.
I know through all of this I will become a better person.
I am off till Monday, work Monday then am taking the week off.Time for just me and the furry four legged kids.
Wishing you all a special weekend.You deserve it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mr.Brian is doing the happy dance.

Ok so maybe it's not me, but you get the point. It is over and done with. All went well. I can now focus on better days ahead.
That is my plan and I am sticking to it.
Thanks for letting me vent these past few weeks. I have buried it and do not plan on bringing it up again.
Love you all.
Now stay tuned for a funnier blog coming soon!

Monday, January 21, 2008

That is why I am returning.

When you are done reading this post I want you to go to the and watch the you tube video.It will touch your heart,I know it did mine.
As I listened to the man talk at the start of it it got me thinking.
He talks about a spouse who takes care of a loved one because of their wedding vows in sickness and in health.
As I heard those words it made me think of the dedication I saw when I worked in the nursing home and may well see again. I am talking about that husband or wife who faithfully comes everyday to be with their spouse.I think of one man who would come every day to see his wife.He would come mid afternoon and push her to the front lobby where they would just sit.He would then feed her supper (or dinner depending on where you live) here in Little old Iowa I call it supper.After that they would again go to the Freon lobby and watch wheel of Fortune. After that was over he would push her back to her room where he would read the bible and pray with her.She was unable to talk to him the last few years but he still talked to her like nothing was wrong. The love that shone was amazing.She was finally called home a few weeks ago. I am sure he is happy that she is at home with her maker but still misses her.And I forgot to mention this was both of their second marriages.
I also think of a wife who would cry as she talked to us seeing he husband the way he was. I would always reassure her I knew he would NEVER EVER do or say the things he was saying.So often when these people are called home I say a prayer of thanksgiving that they are now whole and fresh again.
Think about it the next time your husband (or wife) upsets you. When they say some hurt full things.If they leave a pair of socks on the floor or forget to throw the towel in the hamper.Think about how little that is compared to what these people went through.Think of how they would have loved to be picking up that pair of socks.
It is so sad when you think of the years of hard work before you retire. You retire and plan to travel, visit the kids, go see that friend from years ago. But then it happens.. he starts to repeat himself. Forgets where the car keys are, goes to town and can not find the car.Or forgets why he went to town and returns home. It can happen fast.
Look around and think of all the dedicated spouses out there.
I am not wanting a big thanks your great. But when you see a care giver, take time to tell them thanks. It means a lot. And if you have a parent or grandparent in a home, look at the dedicated spouse feeding their loved one.Give them a friendly smile and say God bless you for your unconditional love. in a silent prayer.
After all lets hope not but that could be us some day.
I plan on treating these people with love and respect the way I would want my parent to be cared for.
Blessing to you all.
May you be as blessed as I have been.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I better drink some

Mr.Brian better go to Wal-Mart buy about ten jugs of fabric softener and drink it so soften him up some.
The longer I think of all the crud going on with work.(lies, phony compassion/comments) I get upset with myself because I get angry. The past few weeks I have heard more fibs then I care to count.The sad thing is there are people out there who I am afraid fall for them.I am so full of anger and frustrations lately and I hate it.I see the hurt that has been done to one of my co-workers because of all of this.She has been lead to think she has the problem and is hard to get along with.It is not that way and I keep telling her this.She has become withdrawn and very quiet.I feel her self esteem has been shot down.This of the gal who always encouraged me and lifted me up when I was having a bad day. I keep telling her she is not the problem. I tell her she has nothing to worry about. I only wished she believed me. I tell her soon things will be better, and I know they will.
I get so angry because I know I am not acting in a Godly way.I know I am not pleasing God with my thoughts and my wagging tongue.I want so bad to just say oh well that's the way it is, but I can not do it.I am angry, and yes I guess you would say pissed off too.I try talking about it and I get all chocked up and have to change the subject.Except with a few close family and friends I try to put on my happy face but deep down I have such harsh feelings over all of this.
And to think what got this all going??????? Because Tami and I stayed and did our jobs on New Years Eve.
I only have two days left and they will not end soon enough.The sleepless nights have returned,the sick feeling before I go to work and the headaches and blood pressure are there too.
So I am off to drink some fabric softener in hopes of softening my heart and soul.
I know in a few weeks or month i will look back and see this all as a learning experience(or so I hope).
So please pray not only for me but my dear friend Tami as she has many hurts to be healed as well.
Thanks so much for all of your love and encouraging words, it means more to me then you will EVER EVER KNOW!!!!!!!!!
May you be as blessed as I have been knowing you.
Waiting for brighter days...
Hugs to all of you,
P.S. Seems any blog I read tonight got me crying so If I left some stupid comment I appolagize!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A dark and stormy night

They were together,just the two of them in the house.It was cold,dark and stormy,the storm had come quickly.Each time the thunder boomed he would watch her jump.She sat across the room and admired his strong appearance and wished he would come over,take her into his arms and comfort her.

Suddenly, with a loud POP, the power went out........ she screamed and he raced across the room to comfort her.He didn't hesitate to take her into his arms to comfort her.

Knowing it was a forbidden union between the two he waited for her to pull back.She never did.He knew their families would never understand or approve of this relationship.Heartbroken they sat there.Suddenly they heard a door open.Thinking the worse they waited,suddenly there was a flash..... Here is the picture that was taken

Sorry the picture is not clearer.

And No i did not come up with this on my own.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Amazing!!!Amazing is all I can say for all the kind words and encouragment I have gotten.
Things are still a little stressful but knowing the end is near makes it much better.
All of your kind words and prayers have sure been a great help to me. Just knowing better days are ahead makes it much better.
Again thanks!!!!
And now for the roles for my show.
It only makes sense to give the part of Andy to K 1 since she is in the police field already.
Opie is going to be played by Sue,Sue enjoys the outdoors like Opie did.
RedMaryJanes AKA Kimberley will be playing Floyd the barber.Floyd was always looking out for everyone else just like she does.
No question I will be Barney.Why you ask??? Because it is my show and I do not have to tell you why!!!!!
Aunt Bea goes to Janet, Janet seems to be the type who is always doing things for the family.
Thema Lou>>>> that was tough but since Amy asked she gets it.After all Thema Lou was a pretty lady just like Amy is.
I am thinking the role of Gober/Gomer goes to Steffie, only because they were screw balls and I think it fits Steffie just fine.After all I could see Gomer getting stuck in a slide at MC Donald's too.
Last the role of Clara the crabby and always persnickety friend of Aunt Bea without a doubt goes to Crazy Chick (sen).Because she said she wants the part of the crabby person.
I was amazed at how many have never seen the show.Do you folks live in the ice ages where there is no TV Land on your TVs????
Guess next time I better do a show that everyone knows.No there will be no next time.
Have a great weekend all, and again thanks for all the encouraging words.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The News

I would post some fancy picture along with this but I have been having problems getting it to open for me.
But I will not drag out the news any longer.
My blog posts are about to get funny again.I have decided to leave the Dialysis job and return to the nursing home.
I have never been real happy there and kept trying to convince myself it would get better.After 9 months it was only getting worse.The gal who was a crab kept being a crab,some days hardly grunting out anything to me at all.Some days she would talk but very little or it would be such a mumbles garble I had no idea what was said.
The stress and job responsibilities was very high.You can easy make life threatening mistakes.
I was getting to the point I was not sleeping well at nights.I would wake up 1-2 hours before I had to get up and just start fretting over things.The past several weeks I was starting to feel physically sick to my stomach.My blood pressure has been higher and I can feel my heart racing.(And no it is not from thinking of you gals that made it race).
This past week there was more added stress and poor communication that caused even more stress and sleeplessness.
Sunday morning I was almost throwing up thinking of having to go to work Monday morning.Best way to describe me was a emotional wreck.
That was when I knew I HAD to do something about it.I knew I had to look for a different job.
I had talked to several friends over the weekend and all said the same thing.You need to quit.
I started praying and asked others to be praying as well.Well God sure did open doors. I applied on line for a job back at the nursing home.When I got home from work on Monday there was a message waiting for me that they wanted to set up an interview.I called first thing on Tuesday morning and was getting interviewed by 11:00 a.m. that same day.Within 30 minutes I was walking out and had been offered the job.
I give all the praise and glory to God for I know he was the one who opened the door.Because on Monday morning a second person had given their notice so there were 2 full time openings on days.
I gave my notice this morning and am still a wreck waiting it out for two more weeks.
Have I learned from this??? YES!!!
As I described it t in my interview, you just picked up the last piece of apple pie from a dessert bar and take it. A little further down the line you see a brownie with hot fudge sauce and a huge pile of whipping cream on top.So you pick that up and put down the pie.You start to eat the fudge brownie only to realize the pie you had in your had was much better but you passed it up.
I was that pie, I missed what I was doing and was happy doing it.
I thought not working every other weekend was the best thing.I now know every other weekend of work is better then stress and unhappiness.
I am lucky to have good blogging friends but also wonderful christian friends who stood by me and prayed for me, and called to see how things had gone.I have not felt so loved and thought of as I was these past few days.I feel I need to share this with my church family as well letting them know how God worked in my life thanks to the prayers of our Life Groups at church.
So it is 2 more weeks of stress then a week of me time and then back to the nursing home.
The bad news is you gals will again be fighting for my affection as I will again have them old gals fighting over me.The good news lots of fun stories again.
things will be better soon,I just need to keep sane for 2 more weeks.
As I sit back and reflect on these past weeks I know it is friends not only who I meet face to face but also who I blog with that have given me my strength and laughs.
There are time I just want to run away,be left alone,cry till the tears no longer will come.Then I go to my computer read some blogs or comments and I feel refreshed.
I read of the long wait to love that child you long to hold.I read of the love for that child you have with you who brings you great joy. And I read of how your kids make you want to crawl in a hole and die because they have embarrassed you totally in public, or you them.I read of a parent getting stuck in a slide at McDonalds..Actually my personal favorite.
Some of you have touched me in ways I have never been touched before,(no not that way Crazy Chick),touched my heart.You have given me a peace you will never know.Advice just a feeling of being cared for.
So to each and every one of you I send my warmest thanks for giving me hope of better and happier days ahead.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tune in

Hey friends,
Please check back tomorrow evening for some news.
Not trying to tease you hear just have some loose ends i need to take care of first.
Until then have a good night.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Andy Griffith Show Staring?????

I figure if Crazy Lady is able to produce her own show I should be able to as well.

I have always been a fan of the old shows on TV Land. Leave it to Beaver,I Love Lucy,Munsters,The Beverly Hillbillies and who can forget Andy Griffith.

Now I've decided to do a 2008 version of the show.

It is no longer takes place in Mayberry but in Blogsvillerry.

Auditions will be taking place the throughout next week.You may post your request for your part for the rolls to be listed below.All decisions will be final and a secret judge and myself will decide on the chosen rolls.

Any bickering ,whining or complaining by said actors/actresses may be reason for termination from the blogger actors guild.





Aunt Bea:

Thema Lou:

Helen Crump:

Gomer/Gober: (to be played by same person).

Ernest T Bass:

I am open to any suggestions for other parts of characters I failed to mention.

Good luck to everyone.

One last thing due to the low budgets of this show pay may be very minimal.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Pictures


Mr Brian and Gavin celebrate Christmas


Mr Brian's Parents and Gavin.

Still kicking and breathing.

Hello to all my fans and thanks for all the kind words (except for those of you who used threats).I will say the idea of being spanked does make me smile.And any time Crazy Lady threatens you you do take note.
I am trying very hard to be up beat and happy however there is some major crud going on at work that has added EXTRA STRESS this week.
Let me just say I am keeping my eyes open.
I have tried and tried to open my pictures so I could post pictures of my great nephew who I must say is as cute if not even more cute them me.Gasp ohhh like that is possible.
I got to meet him for the first time at Christmas and he is 22lbs of sweet happy boy.Again like his great uncle.(well the sweet part not 22 lbs.)
Notice the new look????? Thanks Verna!!!!
OK now as I am writing I am perking up.Seems Crazy Lady has decided to give me the title as Woody from Cheers.Good news is Steffie is my girlfriend.I do not remember him ever having one but hey who am I to complain.And I was matched with my (FIRST) true blog girlfriend. I think maybe Simba a.k.a. Steffie finally got across to Crazy Lady.Oh the stress of having so many ladies want you!!!!
I will keep trying to get pictures of my great nephew posted, I may try asking a special lady to see if she can do it for me.
Again,thanks for all the support and kind and encouraging words (and threats).
I may need to see if I can come up with my own TV show like that crazy chick lady.