Monday, April 30, 2007


As I reflect over my first week of work I know the one and only reason it went well was because God was at my side.It was so very obvious to me as I worked he was beside me.I felt very calm, I felt a peace within me that I never thought could be there at the start of a new job.
It made me think of how empty the life's of those are who do not have our Heavenly Father walking with them.I often wish there were a way we could let them know what they are missing out on. (OK there is a way, however I am not one to comfortably share my walk in faith with non believers.
I am very luck to belong to a church that has very strong prayer worriers.I know and was also told by many of their prayers for me. What a wonderful feeling knowing that others are praying for me.
I have found through blogging as well that it is a wonderful chance to be asking for prayers as well.
Now lets think about this.Lets say I have a major prayer request I pass it along to my blogger pals. They in turn pass it along to there blogging pals and friends at church or where ever. And so it goes. Soon we could have hundreds if not thousands of prayers out there for us. What could be better then to know we have many many people praying for us throughout the world.
My challenge to all of you is to not be afraid and to use this network to ask for prayers for our self or family.
And remember there are never dumb or crazy prayer requests. In Gods eyes all our prayers are important.
I will start by asking for continued prayer for my new job. That I may catch on and remember all that is being thrown at me. Also that I may remain calm and not have a feeling of failure and not being able to learn it.
I hope this will work!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's almost Tulip Festival

Strange as it may seem May is my favorite month of the year.Lilac bushes are blooming,Mothers Day,Collage and High School graduations and Tulip Festival is celebrated in my town.
Yes every year the 3rd Weekend in May our town goes all out for a wonderful celebration of our Dutch Heritage.Now I myself am 100% Dutch and enjoy Tulip Festival to the fullest.Three days of welcoming people to out town and entertaining them from morning to night.
I've been Mr.Information Booth worker for many years now and never get tired of it.I start at about 7:00 a.m.all three days Thursday,Friday and Saturday by attending a meeting to discuss last minute changes and concerns.At 8:00 a.m. with my Dutch Costume on I head down town to go to my first place the Windmill Information Booth. There myself along with about 4 other volunteers (whom myself and one other lady called and got to work. We need about65 people to work a 2 hour shift during the festival.)We answer questions from what time does the parade start to how much does this or that cost to WHERE ARE THE RESTROOMS!!!!!!!!!!If I were paid a quarter each and every time I was asked that question those three days I would be a rich man.
About 12:30 I grab a quick bite to eat.The hard part is deciding what to eat.... a Brat, a foot long,pig in the blanket??? It is three days of spending money on junk food and getting as much of all that stuff as I can.
At 1:00 my Dutch dance partner and I meet and along with about 25-30 other couples perform 6 different dances for our guests.If i have not died from the dancing it is off to get ready for the parade. I get flag carriers as well. We carry 13 flags that represent the 12 provinces of the Netherlands along with their Dutch Flag.After that is done I and many others go through again on the Heritage walk.It is to show how the Dutch would daily sell their goods.You will see a people selling (pretend no real sales) things like flowers,produce wooden shoes,fish.... I could go on and on.
I go again through the evening parade this time only once and only Dutch Dance 1 night as well.
I do three days of this and could not be happier.
Working in the information booth has brought so many interesting questions.
One year a lady started arguing with me about the CHICKEN FIGHTS!!! She wanted to know what time they started.I kindly told her that she must have us confused with some other town she visited,because we never had Chicken Fights at Tulip Festival.She kept insisting I was wrong and she was right.Finally I just said, I guess I just forgot about them, but they decided not to have them this year.Rule 3 39456, never argue with out guest.
My most favorite question is from people calling 3-4 hours away and asking what the weather will do.All I can offer is what the forecast predicts.I always forget my crystal ball at home.
If any of you who read this are within a 3,4or 5 hour drive or if you want to have an extended weekend I encourage you to make the drive to Orange City. check out our web page at WWW/
After the festival I am sure I will have more good stories to share.
Not only would it be fun for the entire family,but you would get to see me Dutch Dance.LOLOLOL
By the way the shoes shown at the top are wooden shoes and I am expected to dance in them.That is when I get crabby because they hurt my feet like crazy.
I would compare it to you ladies wearing a brass braa 3 sizes to small. (Not that I have ever worn a brass bra or any bra as far as that goes.

My brain is on overload!!

Day two was much more interesting then day one was.I actually did some things other then walk around and look cute.(I always look cute).
I filled some syringes with medication and learned how to get the air bubbles out.
I set up a machine.Tomorrow I will be doing that on a spare machine for the practice.I also learned how to tear down (take all the tubing off the machine) and such.
I felt real good about how things have gone so far.The patients are also very encouraging as well. They all say to me there is a lot to learn, but you will catch on.
Yes God has truly been at work in my life this week.And again thanks to all of you for your kind words and prayers it has been obvious to me there are many people praying for me. Your words of encouragement have helped more then you could ever imagine.
When it comes time for me to be sticking the patients with needles I will need lots and lots and lots of prayers, but that will be a little while yet.
Have a great day everyone one and lets keep the blog lines going encourage each other .
My next blog I promise to again go back to humor and make us all laugh.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord, I finished my first day and I think I will go back again.
It was very overwhelming all the things that go along with dialysis.It is alot more then smiling nice and sitting them in a chair.The 12 hour shift went fairly fast and I was able to walk out so I was not to tired I guess.There is so much to learn and they were great about saying I know I know you are overwhelmed it will get better.Everyone there was wonderful,friendly and would talk to me made me feel very very welcomed.I guess with only 4 women I should be able to get along good with them.
It was so obvious that God was with me all day and had answered many prayers because I waw actually calm all day.
Thanks to everyone for the prayers and words of encouragement. They have helped so much. Please keep them flowing for a few more weeks. Pray that I may comprehend what I am being taught and that I continue to feel a peace about the job.
Thanks again!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Memories from the nursing home.

One of the worst or scarie things that happend to me during my time at the nursing home happened about 1 year ago.
I was in a residents room one morning getting a resident dressed for the day. Shannon my coworker was also in the room getting the other resident dressed for the day.Now this resident was in very poor health and was on Hospic care.She had a stroke in the past was unable to talk well,swallow food or do much of anything for herself.In fact when she came to us in the nursing home they were suprised she had lived as long as she had following her stroke.
Shannon had asked me to help her with this resident in sitting her up so we could get her into a harness that we used for transfering her(she was unable to bare any weight at all).As we were struggeling to get her sitting up I said to Shannon, "i just wish the good Lord would take her home".I made sure that the resident did not hear me make this comment as that would not be very profesional on my part.(come to think of it saying that was not one of the smarter things I ever did).
Anyway no sooner were the words out of my mouth then this lady turned a horrible ashen grey color and was not breathing. YES she had just died in my arms. I looked at Shannon and said,"Shannon she just died, she is not breathing".Shannon told me to stop that and hold her up better because she was having trouble getting her hooked into the harness.Again I told Shannon she is dead. After looking at her Shannon agreed there was a proble and we called for the nurse.Yes it had happened she was gone.
A most errie feeling came over me then thinking that someone had actualy diesd in my arms and right after I had said the Lord needed to take them home.
I never again said those words like that again. I chose my words carefully and thankfully I never had that happen again. After that I would just say alittle prayer that God will call them home soon.
After seeing so many people struggle in their final days,weeks and months I decided that death was a wonderful thing. I would sometimes talk to the residents about what a wonderful place they were going to go to. How thay would see loved ones again and no longer have pain or suffering.
Yes God did have me at the nursing home for a reason and I know I have grown in many ways from working there.I have learned to be a strenght for family and an ear to listen a shoulder to lean on or just an encourager. Yes God tought me and used me and I will be a better person because of my time there.
Thanks be to God!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An end of an other chapter

I had to choose this as a picture because many times it was looney tunes at work.
Today was my last day at the nursing home.I never would have thought walking out would have given me such a sickening feeling as it did. I actually had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as my shift ended. As I swiped the time clock for the last time I was feeling the vapors as my eyes were fighting back some tears.Tears of am I doing the right thing,is this truly what God has planned for me?Maybe it is all wrong maybe i am making a mistake.
Yes this has been playing over and over in my mind. The dreaded what ifs!!!! It amazes me how we can let the negative thoughts eat away at us fill our minds with thoughts of doubt, failure,or just ear of the uncertainty.I know the devil is having a wonderful time with me these past few days and maybe will continue to for a few weeks.There is nothing more he would love then to see me turn and walk away from God's plan for me.
Deep down I know I will do well. As anytime we have a change we are afraid.I know God has opened a wonderful door for me and I must trust in him fully. He is in control and he will be with me through all this. He will be standing at my side watching me and holding me calming me.
I must do as I read on a wise young women's blog...... Yell, O U T !!!! to these negative thoughts. Thanks Emmie that could not have come at a better time.
In 2-3 months I will be writing about my new great job I love but for now I am scared, have doubts and fears.
God will take care of me I know. But a few extra prayers would be nice too.
Thanks for all the support and kind remarks from my days at Sr. Care. The residents there will always be a special part of my life as well.It was an interesting 4 1/2 years.I made many friends. I saw people ready to go home to the lord. I prayed that he would take some home. I even had one lady die in my arms.(that could be a interesting post too).I've cried with families, I laughed with them.God truly did me a favor by letting me care for the elderly. Now he has opened an other door and I must enter.
Good bye my dear residents and thanks for the memories.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


We had a light dusting of snow yesterday and I was anxious to see how Josie would respond to it.Oh how I would loved to have had a video camera at the time.She went outside and just was not sure what to think.She stood there and after a few seconds she started eating the snow and just tearing around like a wild child on a sugar high from grandma's house.She ran and ran in circles fora few minutes then decided she was cold and wanted to come into the house.
She has been great to take to the nursing home because she is so calm and just will lay on the residents laps at all times.Josie continues to try to play with my other dog Charlie only to be growled and snapped at. Charlie then will go and find a safe place to lay where Josie can not get at him.Hmmmmm wait a minute,lets think this over.Josie chases Charlie around pestering him and will not leave him alone even when it is obvious he wants to be left alone.... Yes!!!!! I guess she is a female!!!!
LOLOLOLOLOL Sorry i just had to say that to see if I could get a response. I know non of you reading this are not that way to your male companions.
Well I need to go get ready I have my orientation this morning for my new job. Sit and listen to all their policy's and so on.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not much happening

Sorry to report that not much has been happening at work.
Sunday was my last weekend to work and also was my last time of working at the one nursing home.I am off work all this week as I am helping my parents declutter and get rid of things in preparing to move sometime this year.
I work next Monday and Tuesday and that will be it for me at the nursing home.I start my new job on Monday the 23rd.
I have a feeling there will not be as many fun stories to tell from there but maybe there will be a few.
Hope all of you are having a GREAT WEEK!!!!Thanks for all the words of encouragement these past weeks it has helped calm my nerves so much.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Counting down

Well folks I guess there is no turning back now. I've given my notice at the nursing home and acceted the job at the dialysis center.I have so many mixed feelings about this.I feel God has opened a door of great opertunity for me to a wish I have had for a long time.A good paying job good benefits and no weekends.I had been getting the usual burn out from the nursing home.Something that I've been told is very comon.
As is normal I wonder if I am truely doing the right thing.As a friend said to me, Brian this job came to you you did not go looking for it.Very true!!! I need to trust that God opened this door for me and I walked in.He would not lead me in the wrong direction.He is just testing my faith and I need to trust him as I tell others they need to trust in him.Hmmmm I hate it when I have to practice what i preach.
Just please pray that God gives me a calmness and helps me to catch on quickly.Also pray that the 12 hour shifts go smoothly as well.
Above is a picture of the kind of machine I will be running.There are lots of bells and whistles on it but like anything after a while it will be easy to operate.
Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers.I know that Satin is just playing with me filling me with doubt. But I will not let him win.
With any luck I will have some good stories to tell of myself and running the machines.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I got the job!!!!
I start April 23>>>>Whoopa!!!!No more weekends or major holidays!!!! I am happy!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Please say a prayer or two or three.

As I had said on my last post there is a chance for a job change for me.
I had an interview today at the Dialysis Center in Hospers, a town about 15 minutes away.The interview went VERY VERY well. The gal who interviewed me was the same one who hired me for the job I have now and had called me to tell me to apply for this one.I would be a Dialysis Tech.I would work 3 12 hour shifts a week. Monday Wednesday and Friday.No weekends no major holidays.( that is the best part!!!!!)
I know it would be a lot to learn and changes are always scary.However the not lifting and dealing with demented people would be nice.But the what would I blog about.
It is not yet a done thing as she has one more interview to do.I was told I should hear this week.
Please pray thay God paints a clear picture for what i am to do. i feel he has opened this door out of the clear blue and I should follow.However there is always that question of what if???I will let you know when I know an answer.
Thanks for the prayers!!!!! Brian