Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little kids and old people

I will be the first to admit I am over weight,no arguing that.I have seen pictures of me and it is sad.
The other day at work I was giving showers to residents at work.Now when I am at work I am almost always HOT, and I don't me as in sexy I mean temperature.This day was no exception.Figure 5-6 showers in a small room, in just maybe 3 hours time.Hot water and steam= sweating for Mr.Brian.
As I was giving one man his shower I commented on how warm I was as I wiped sweat from my head and neck.He looked at me and said,well maybe if you weren't so fat you wouldn't be so hot.I looked at him and said, that was not a very nice thing to say.He gave me a look like who cares and said....... well if you don't like hearing that you better lose some weight.
His funeral is Tuesday,died from drowning in the shower.KIDDDDDINGGGGG.I just smiled,shock my head,mumbled under my breath and got him dressed.
Imagine the fun we can have when we get old,say what ever you want to.It should be fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mr. Brian is FAMOUS!!!

Ok, so it's not a TV Channel, but it is his blog so he's famous!!!! Woo-hoo, Mr. Brian!! Go HERE to see him - but watch fast - he's a quick mover!!!

The fun begins

Today,Thursday May 14 Begin 3 day of fun, food and lots of visitors.
Our 69th annual Tulip Festival begins. I love,love, love the Tulip Festival.
I work every morning in the information booth,from there I go dutch dance,to carry flags and go through the parade aging pushing the flower cart.(as seen in picture).I think that is my favorite part,after all I scope the crowd for elderly women and offer them a tulip.There is just one catch,they must give me a kiss on the cheek to get it.No kiss,no tulip.
The food, the people did I mention the food. It just does not get any better then this.
For those of you who know Becky, stop by her blog or email her and ask what she does for the festival!!! I hear she hides in her home.
Gotta go, somewhere a person has a question for me.
For more great pictures go to

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God opened a door.

Last night as I was visiting dad in the hospital and we were talking he said how he felt he was given a second chance at life.He had been told by his doctor that he could have died from as sick as he was.I feel this was a real awakening for him.
When dad opened the door with his comment I jumped at the chance to talk to him.I flat out told him yes you were given a second chance and you need to change.The drinking needs to stop.He did agree with me.I told him how mom had shared that right now he was the man she married years ago.The fun loving happy man.
That was all I said. I was not going to preach,nag or be bossy.(I had done that once getting him to the hospital.)I planted the seed,now I will let him decide.
I hope and pray that maybe by the grace of god this will be the time he decided to change.
For everything there is a reason, and I hope and pray that some good will come from this.
Thanks be to God.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thoughts for you

As I think of Mothers Day this year I think it means much more to me.I wonder every year if this will be the last year I have my mom with me.In the back of my mind I always say this may be our last one together.I know with my moms bad heart she will not live to be an old lady.And now I also think of how maybe my dad could be the first to go.I tell myself I will be strong and be strong for my parent who is left alone.
But mostly at mothers day I think of the many many children and adults who are going through their first mothers day without mom.No being able to say one more time how you love them.Knowing that mothers day will never be the same.I think every day should be a day we tell others how much we love them.Be it the second Sunday of May or the third Friday of September,we need to be sure to always tell people we love them.
So to all you moms I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day. To you who are having your first Mothers day without your loved ones I offer this prayer for you.

Heavenly Father I ask that you be with those who are feeling an emptiness this year as they are missing mom or grandma.I pray that today they reflect on the wonderful memories they shared in past years and that those memories bring a smile to their face and a joy in their hearts.Let these memories fill their hearts with joy and put a song in their heart.
May you find great joy in your hearts today and always.

Please continue to lift my parent in prayer as dads heart is still doing funny things and his pneumonia improves.Also for my mom as this is wearing her out as well.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fred Nightengale update

This has been what I've been looking at and listening to today.Dad had a second spell with his heart during the night and now he is on a heart monitor.Well is/was if all goes well he maybe can come off it late tonight.That is if his rate stays below 100.
He saw the cardiologist today and the first reports have brought some concerns to us.After talking with dad the doctor thinks there is some blockage,however at this time because of his pneumonia he is unable to do any testing.The doctor said his lungs would not take it.So once he is feeling better they can check that out.
He is still extremely weak and having a tough time breathing.His O2 stats stay at around 88-90%, where 100% would be good.And this is with oxygen.His spirits are good and some count that is supposed to be 1 is now in the 20's it was 43 when he was admitted.My neighbor doctor said most times when someone comes in it is high teens low 20's, so we do have a way to go there.
We ask for continued prayers for him and my mom as well.
Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Playing Florence Nighengale errr Fred Nightengale

I stopped bye my parents house today after work to say hi and borrow something from dad.I was greeted by a very sick man.Dad was coughing and coughing and sounded like a very sick man.I asked right away what was wrong and he said Ohh I've got this cough.I asked if he had been to the doctor and I knew what the answer would be but asked anyway.I was right a very firm NO was his response.Mom chimed in and said I told him he needed to go but he won't listen.After some more severe coughing that was sounding more like a seal or a dog barking I said, I am calling the clinic and picked up the phone.It was already 4:00 p.m and of course there were no openings , so I was told I could call back in the morning or take him to ER.I hung up and said I am taking you to ER.No argument he went to the bathroom and walked to the car.
When we got there he was saying in a dad voice I am fine and calling me a bossy son for taking him. Long story short, he had a temp of 102 degrees and has pneumonia.
Mom has a Dr.Apt out of town and does not like to drive in the city so I am taking her.Thank goodness for great coworkers who will help out so I can help my parents.
I think I have just had a small dose of what to look forward to as they get older.
I thank my experience working in the nursing home to know when to be a bossy child.

************ An update for Wendsday afternoon,he is now having some serious heart problems and will be seeing a heart specialist on Thursday.I would appreciate prayers please.Also for my mom as her health problems are always a concernas well.*****************