Monday, July 30, 2007

God's Grac at work.

After fretting all weekend about my huge error at work on Friday.I was continually asking God to fill me with peace and calm me.As I got up this morning I wanted to just stay in bed afraid of going to work.As I drove to work I asked God to PLEASE change my heart and give me a peace and a desire to go to work.I suddenly felt like a weight was lifted from me and things would be OK.I was working hard and was doing my checks as I always do.I was checking on the man I had messed up with.I said "Hi
M...,how was your weekend,how are you feeling today and so on?"He said "I felt I lost part of a day Friday,what happened ?" "
.Did I get something I was not supposed to?"I explained what I had done. He looked at me and said.... It's OK Brian, did you learn from it.Then it is all OK.
That my friends is what you call a GRACIOUS MAN!!!!!
And I give God all the praise and Glory for it was him who had M... forgive me.
And as everyone else said..... It's OK Brian we all make mistakes.
Thanks to all for all the kind words.

It Monday

It's Monday,need I say more.
Hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

From my 82 year old aunt.

I had a couple emails from my aunt,thought I would share some humor for married couples.See if any apply to you married folks.
A husband reads an article to his wife about how the average women uses 30,000 words a day to a mans 15,000.The wife replied,"The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men." The husbands turns to her and says..."WHAT"?. Is this true in your home?

Who does what....
A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee in the morning.The wife argues,you're always up first it only make sense for you to make the coffee, that way you can have some sooner.The husband argues, "you are the one to do all the cooking it only seems right you should make the coffee".After going back and forth for some time the wife says you should because it says so in the Bible.The husband says "I do not believe that show me where it says that."
Are you ready for this... it is a good one.The wife opens to the New Testament and point to the top of several pages.She says see it says HEBREWS.LOLOLOLOLOL
Have a great remainder of a weekend and give thanks for the many blessing given to us.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Yep I was a sucker

Thanks to Steffie and her heart warming post about her good deed she did for a person,I had to share this.
First before I do I must say a few other things.Steffie, after a totally rotten day at work you brought tears to my eyes with you kind deed.To think you took the time to give a person who may have been down on his luck, maybe ready to give up all hope, some cash warms my heart and makes me all teary eyed even as I write this.You will never know what it may have meant to him. I remember when I was laid off from my job I had done for almost 20 years.I had no idea what I was gong to do how I would pay all the bills and make a house payment.So many uncertain things lay ahead and I knew God would take care of me but also was fearful of the unknown.
I came home from work on my last day and opened up my mail only to find a card with a gift certificate to the grocery store. Just an unsigned note saying I know you can use this, To this day I have no idea who it was for sure,(thoughts but not positive).How great it made me feel to know someone else cared enough.So Steffie God bless you for making some persons day extra special.He may have been able to feed his family(or buy beer)LOLOLOL.Kidding it truly touched me.
Secondly please say I prayer that I may get a little more self confidence at work. Had a very very bad day at work and things could have turned out worse then they did.Pray that I feel Gods hands working through mine and I may feel his presence.I've been very hard on myself for my booboo today.I actually thought about giving my notice on the spot.However because of a wonderful boss things did improve as the day went on.She and an other coworker were very supportave
Enough of this serious stuff now for the good laugh of the month.
The year 1976. A group of high school students from a small mid western town who were as trusting and clueless as can be.Now place these students in Washington D.C. touring all the sites.As these kids are walking down the street they come across a man selling pens.Attached to these pens is a note.I am a deaf mute.This is my means of income to support myself.Now what kind of good Midwestern boy from a small town would not give maybe 50 cents $1.00 for a needy person. None that I know of, so into my pockets I reach for some money to help this man out.Not only me but others as well.
Later on we see others from our school who were also kind hearted and helped the needy,after all that is what we learned in church and school,help others.
All was well until some of the students saw these deaf men standing around a corner talking to each other and laughing.And when I say talking I mean like you and I would talk to each other.Yep we had been had by some scam.We all had a good laugh and enjoyed telling family about it when we got home too.The worst thing of it all............the pen NEVER WORKED!!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The olden days.

I've been thinking back to days of when I was a young child.Yes I know it has been a very very long time ago. And as you read this post you may realize just how long ago it truely was.
See how many you can remember for yourself (if any). After all I am 47 years old.

1.I remember getting our first colar TV.
2. I remember getting a window air conditioner and later central air.
3. I remember gas being maybe around 35 cents a gallon.( filling up a gas can for the lawn mower was cheap back then).
4. Paying $3.00 to go to a movie.
5. Charmin toilet tisue being on sale for 89 cents for a four roll pack.
6. Candy bars were a quarter.
7. A gallon of milk was $1.29.
8. TV shows were funny and not all the sex talk going on.
9. TV dinners were in metal trays and only coked in the oven.(No microwave back
then either.
10.You had no cares or worries because you were a child.Life was great and you did not have to pay bills or worry about $$$$$$$$$$.
OHHHHHHHHH the good old days. But in all honesty I would not change a thing about it. Guess I am older then dirt as I reads this.
What is the biggest change you remember from your growing up years?????
I just filled my car with gas $2.99.9 a gallon,but I guess it beats walking 15 miles one way to work.
Hope all feel a little older after reading this post I know I do.
Happy day to you all.

Monday, July 23, 2007

See if it works

It is unbearably hot and humid for me again today.With temps in the 90's and very high humidity it is just yukky out there.Heat index around 100-105ish.It is also bone dry in our area too.Lawns are very brown unless you are one of those who water like my neighbor.I would water too but I let it go to long and now my yard is very very brown.
I am trying a little something to see if it cols me off any.I am wearing a Christmas shirt in July.Yep crazy as it seams I figure maybe it will help me feel cooler.LOLOLOL Anything to make people laugh.
If this does not work I may have to play Christmas music too and put out Christmas decorations.
Hope all of you have a wonderful week.May you be richly blessed in all you do this week.And take a moment to give thanks for all the blessing we have. I know I am one who tends to slack off when things are going well for me.Shame shame on Mr. Brian,I've been working on that one.
Pray for rain in our area as the crops are starting to suffer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Before I tell you one of my embarrassing moments with my dad I must tell you what I witnessed tonight.
There is a family that lives across the street and around the corner from me with I swear 10 kids in that house.I think there are two families living in the house and maybe a boyfriend there too.Anyway tonight like many nights the three youngest kids maybe like 3 or 4 - about 6 years were running up and down the street (yes street not sidewalks,two one bikes one of foot) they ended up at least 3 blocks from my place and an extra 1/2 block to there house from mine.No one watching them again.Tonight I had had enough. I called the police reported it to them and let them take care of it.The police did go directly over there. I hope there is some DHS worker who gets a call to.These kids need supervision!!!!!!OK so enough of my rough grouchy side. Now a funny story from my younger years.
Picture it a teenager maybe 20ish going to the mall with your parents.No problem I enjoyed my parents and they were not old fuddy dud dies.I still enjoy them too.
Anyway I needed to go to Target and look for some cheap work shirts or jeans.Mom went off on her own and dad and I go to Target.Fine a little time with dad always a good thing too. After I found what i was looking for I started cutting through the store to head for the check out and pay for my items.As I was cutting I was cutting through the women's underwear and bra area.Not thinking anything of it until.....I hear in a very loud voice behind me.OH Brian I can't look I am soooo embarrassed.Why are you taking me through here,Oh please don't look Oh I am embarrassed.On and on he went.If ever I wanted to crawl in a hole it was then.Yes dad loved and still loves to tease and embarrass his family.
I almost started running to the checkout saying... dad shut up!! Stop it!!! Dad please!!!!
It has been many many years ago but we still laugh and he still asks me if I want to go shopping with him.And I still answer NO!!!!!!
My mom has learned to just walk away and let him get in trouble all alone.
So parents it is your duty to embarrass your kids as often as you can.
So tell us what have you done to embarrass your kids???
Steffie I bet you have some good ones to tell!!!
Happy weekend all.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I had to attend a mandatory adult abuse class today.It is one of those things we have to do for any health care provider.
It almost made me physical ill watching some of the videos they showed.Seeing not only elderly people but children as well,who were physically abused.They say a lot of the time it is carried down from generation to generation.
Having worked in the nursing home I had it several times when I just had to walk away from the situation.I remember one lady especially.She could make the holiest person swear I am sure.Myself and many others had to walk away countless times.How one person could have so much nasty inside her I will never know.I would sometimes almost wait for her head to spin around and green slime to come from her mouth.(maybe I am making it a little worse then it is.) but she could get to me and I think she enjoyed it.
I've never understood how anyone could abuse a young innocent child.Makes me ill.
We were told about how important it is to report anything we see.You could be getting groceries and see a child getting stuck by a parent.
Several months ago my friends and I were out for a walk.( Yes I do have friends and I do walk).
we saw some mom pull her young son from the back of a pickup .She was screaming at him and pulled him by the wrists over the side of the pickup and let him fall to the ground.Both my neighbor and I said to her you better watch it we saw that.
Later that night as I was sitting outside the local police drove by and I flagged him down and told him.He assured me DHS is well aware of the problems and is working with the parents.He went on to say I do not know what it will take before the children get removed from the home.It makes me ill to think of those poor kids in that home.What kind of a life are they in for? Will they be that way to their kids some day?Will justice ever be served and the kids placed in a loving home?
Do me a favor,PLEASE!!!!! After reading this go to each of your kids give them a kiss and tell them you love them.So what if they are sleeping do it anyway..Well post a comment first then go do it.

Half way there

Hang in there everyone Friday will soon be here.
I am off to work for an other day.It's about 3:15 a.m..
Ready for my coffeee and to head out the door.Hope all of you have a GREAT DAY!!!!
I know I am going to.
Blessings to all.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Horrible day.

OK folks if this is the worst day I ever have at work that is just fine with me.We had 2 of our full time employees on vacation today so it was a casual nurse who has been there about 1 month longer then I have (me it has been just shy of 3 months)myself and the boss.Normaly working with 3 has been ok in the past however sine it was two green horns and the boss it was not fun.
Plus some person (not to point fingures at the boss) decided to have some of the people come in early today as well.
Let me tell you by the end of my 13 1/2 hour day I was ready to go home.
Good thing I had been praying for god to be with us today or the day would have realy been a bummer.
We were about 45 minutes behind getting people hooked up for the second shift.Only because any thing that could have gone wrong early on did today.
Oh well all's well that ends well.I am able to blog about it so I guess I did survive.
After maybe a 15-20 minute break all day I am tired and have a sore back but that may also be because I am older then almost all of you who are reading this.
Better days ahed.If nothing else I learned stress management.Smile and stay happy and the parients stay happy too.Almost all of them were very understanding and encouraging.
Hope all of you have a great week. i know I will as it can only get better.LOLOLOL

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Have at it friends.

Ask Mr. Brian .No I am not saying I am a bird brain either.

I've been reading several blogs about people saying ask me any thing.So here is your chance I will answer almost any question asked.All you need to do is keep it P.G..
I will start out with some info about me.
I am the youngest of three children.I have two older sisters,one in Iowa near me and the other out on the west coast.
I've lived in the same town all my life.I've had 4 different jobs in my life.
I was married for a very short time in the early 90's to a women who had been married before and had two teenage children, a boy and a girl.The boy was a hand full and always in trouble with the law.Stole a car,fights,theft,lots and lots of sexual activity before he was even 16.Mom thought if we closed our eyes all would be well. N O T !!!!
Several months after marriage I was in the hospital for severe depression and in denial about why (the marriage).Thought it would be OK.Less then a year later I moved out and filed for divorce.Next it was dealing with the guilt of a failed marriage.
I am now a happy single man living in my own home (along with the bank loan) and my two dogs.
Yes it does get lonely some days.Yes I think of growing old alone. I also think I am meant to be alone as I often wonder what love truly is.Maybe some day all you happy married people can tell me.
I have many great friends who are near and dear to my heart and I know if I ever needed them they would be there for me.
Any questions have at it !!!!I will respond on this post. as soon as I can think up a good answer.
Hope this lets you all know just a little more about me.

Friday, July 6, 2007

I normally try not to complain about the weather to much,(well maybe I do more then I think),but in case you ever wondered I DO NOT DO HOT WEATHER.Granted, it is not like it is in Vegas or Death Valley Cal. but I think lower 90's is to hot.Tomorrow (Saturday)they are predicting upper 90's.

Here in the mid west we also have to deal with humidity as well.People will often say it's not the heat it's the humidity.Wrong!!!!!!If it were 25 degrees and humid I would not complain.Well OK maybe I would about something then too.

So folks it's hot and it's going to stay that way for a while yet.Sounds like everyone is dealing with the heat.I just better be thankful for the a/c.

I just feel sorry for those who work construction or other jobs that has them in the heat all day.I better be happy I work in an air conditioned place.Or maybe the patients should be thankful.Cuz a hot Mr.Brian is a cranky Mr.Brian.Seems I have a blogging buddy that hates heat almost more then I do????

Whom could that be folks.Cast your votes now.Only one vote per person.

Some restrictions may apply.See your local blog queen for details.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Just want to take a moment and wish all my blogging friends a safe and happy 4th of July.
What ever your plans are, be safe and enjoy the day.
But mostly let us remember those who are serving to give us our freedom.
To those driving for the BIG reunion...Obey the speed limits.
And good luck on the drive with little kids!(So glad it's not me).LOLOLOL!