Monday, May 28, 2007


Yippie, yahoo, horray and all that good stuff!Today was a major turning point at work. I actualy was doing things on my own and not making machine alarms go off non stop.After last week I was feeling pretty stupid and being way to hard on myself.
I did some extra duties as well. I can not thank everyone enough for all the encouraging words and kind remarks. It has been a big help to me to hear those words.
Things went sooooo wellll today I was even able to get one of my co-workers flustered and left her speechless.Can you imagine a WOMEN SPEECHLESS??????LOLOLOLOLOL Now I am asking for it.
Anyway it is her birthday on Wednesday and we were talking about it in front of one of the patients. The patient asked what we were talking about and I said .."It's Tammi's birthday Wednesday she will be 50!!!!"Tammi turned beet red got all flustered and said I will not be that old. She almost forgot what she was doing.
I keep telling these gals that they better get used to my jokes.Cuz I love to tease.
I welcome any ideas for harmless practical jokes to play on people....
Have a great week and keep the comments flowing. It has been great getting to know a little about you folks as I read your blogs. Nice to know there are more crazy folks out there just like me.
I forgot to mention Tammy will only be 44.

Friday, May 25, 2007

My little Josie (the dog)

If nothing else I made Bob Barker happy today. I did as he tells everyone every day at the end of The Price is Right had my pet spayed or nutered in this case it was spayed.
Yes my little Josie is no longer a little girl she is now a little it.LOLOLOLOL When I was younger I always thought if a dog was fixed they became an it.I guess sine men and women do not become it's when they are fixed dogs should not either.
Since I had to be at work today and could not pick Josie up I had asked my dad to do it for me.He was to keep her at their house until I got off work.BIG mistake!Grandpa and grandma spoiled her rotten when she was at their house.I called dad and asked how Josie was doing during my lunch break and was told she is doing fine. I am feeding her one kibble at a time as we speak.I asked what did you say? Yes dad was hand feeding the little princess as we spoke.Come to find out later mom and dad thought that it was to hard for Josie to get down to drink so he held the water dish next to the pillow on the couch so she would drink.They go on to say they think I should have some soft pillow for her to lay on at home to because they think her incision hurts when she lays on the carpet.LOLOLOLOLOLOL I think grandpa and grandma we a little over protective of their little princess as they call her.
I got home let my other dog Charlie out and Charlie and Josie ran and chased each other around like they always do.Josie has been jumping on the couch to lay by me so I say she is doing fine. If grandpa and grandma ask I will just say.... she was more relaxed at your house. Maybe she better come back for a visit, and be hand feed something good to eat.
MOM even went as far as to put a note on the door (I hope to only humor me)Quiet please post surgical dog resting.I think if anyone had stopped at their house they would have called for the men it the white jackets.
Note how I do not leave you hanging mid story like some people do!!! Steffie????
Have a great weekend everyone. And let's remember the real reason of this weekend, to honor those who so proudly served for our country.God Bless!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just for Fun

I thought it would be fun to share some stuff about me.Nothing to exciting just some fun things.
Favorite meal. It has to be roast beef with mashed potatoes gravey and creamed corn.

Favorite movie ever seen.Rat Race,I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks.As I was walking out people even commented on how I enjoyed the movie.

Most admired person. My mom,she has some major health problems but seldom complains about them.She has always been there for me and puts me before herself at all times.She always encourages me in what ever I do.

Biggest fear.I think it would be failing at my job,I enjoy it so much and yet at times I think I will never get it all.

Biggest regret in life.I could list many here.Not doing better in school,not learning to read music.Getting married when my gut told me not to only to be divorced a year later.I need to let that one go as it's been many years ago.

Best advice ever given to me. It had to be when I was struggeling with deppression and a friend never gave up on me. He said I know there is a good person inside trying to get out.

One thing you would change about yourself.My weight!!!!! I need to get in better shape and drop about 60 lbs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just doing as the others are doing

Since I've become so famous thanks to Becky's lovely photo's of me? Not sure they were so lovely, the camera does not lie, it is diet time.Thank you Becky and Joe for the photo shoot.It was a lot of fun and I think I am finaly feeling rested up again.However having to be at work at 4:00 a.m. (Yes Becky, that is right 4:00 a.m.) I am thinking I may be ready for bed early tonight.
After seeing on Steffie and Becky's blogs about all the blog surfers out there I also want to say .......please leave a comment.I would love to hear from you and stop by your blog as well and leave a comment or two.It is always fun reading some of the comments and later checking out your blog as well.The funnier the better. I always like a good laugh and am always laughing at myself as well.So get those fingures limbured up and start typing and leave a comment, and I will do the same.
I do not have as many fun post any more now that I am no longer working in the nursing home.However I stick my foot in my mouth almost daily and do some crazy thing at least once a week.And when I am not doing that I can always be teaching children bad things in church. Just ask Becky!!!!!!!!!Hmmmmmm what can I say to the boys this week, or maybe Chloe needs to sit next to me!!!!!! Becky???????

Saturday, May 19, 2007

mixed feelings

Our Tulip Festival ended this evening after three days.I always have a little bit of a let down feeling but also breath a huge sigh of happiness when it is over.
I LOVE the Tulip Festival and keep very very busy. From sun up to sun down I am doing some special thing and I am happy.It may be working thre information booth or Dutch Dancing or being in the parade I am there.
God truely blessed us this year with wonderful weather and no major accidents or problems.Three days of temps in the upper 70's to mid 80's.There are many sun burnt faces around town this weekend.
But the best part of the festival has to be all the great junk food to eat, and some of the good Dutch treats as well.
So yes I am alive and back to reading and posting comments. I've missed you.
I only wish I had a video of the parade it would amaze all of you how a town of 5,ooo people can put on a great parade.And play host to so many people. The crouds were truely amazing today.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Auction thief

This past Saturday there was an auction in town. My dad had a table of some of his old metal and wooden toys he placed on this auction to sell. ( I kept telling the auctioneer it was my inheritance so get a lot for it).One particular old metal manure spreader sold for $265.00. Amazing for an old toy.
Before the auction started the man conducting the auction told us to keep an eye on the stuff because people will steal.(Gasp!!!!! Not in good Orange city,he had to be mistaken).
No he was not. There was one particular man who kept returning to our table and looking at a tin of marbles.Each time he came by he would pour a bunch into his hand look and put them back and walk away.I think this went on 5 or 6 times. I figured he must be a marble expert and was wanting to make sure they were good and old.After all what else would he be doing.After the last time he came there an other man came up to my dad and me and said you better watch him he just took a marble.Come to find out each time he would stick one or two marbles in his palm between a figure and walk away and pocket it.I wanted to go confront him but my dad seemed to not be as upset as I was. I passed the warning on to an other man who was one of the main sellers at the auction and witnessed the marble man doing his thing as we spoke.After that each time he would walk near our tables we would stand right there and watch him.I am pretty sure he knew he was being watched. And when he went to the other table he was told no more touching just look.
First of all I would never be smart enough to figure out how to do that. Secondly,for a stinking marble he must have been hard up.Thirdly, I would not care to look in a mirror at myself after doing that.
So if you've lost your marbles they may well be in the palm of the man with the gold t-shirt and black cap.
See Becky I am not so bad after all.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

As I think about this weekend I can be most grateful because I am lucky and still have a mom.I can not imagine what life would be with out my mom.Granted, I am the baby and the only boy so YES I AM SPOILED!!!!!!!I love my mom so much. She has always been there for me with a hug and an encouraging word.It amazes me the love a parent has for their children.The kids can be the biggest idiot or make some stupid choices and yet mom and dad are always there and love them.I honestly think God did some extra fine tuning on women to be mom's.I am 47(yes I am getting old) and I know my mom still worries about her little baby.She herself will laugh about how she may because she is a mom.I have made some bad choices as a child but also as an adult and my parents have always been there to support me and encourage me.When I decided to get married to a women 8 years older then me and with two kids mom and dad kept quiet. (That was the one time they should have tied me in a chair and slapped me silly till I saw the light).But when the marriage ended they were there for me to support and lift me up.
Do you mom's get a certificate that says you may worry after we are born?

I also think of the many many people who hurt during mother's day because of broken relationships with their mom or their mom is no longer living.The pain these people must feel will never be known to others.As we talk about seeing our mom's and forget about those who no longer have their mom has to be hard.I think of my neighbor who lost their daughter at the age of 30. She left behind a husband and two young boys. To think how these boys will never be able to hug mom and say i love you. The one was young enough that he may not even remember his mom.
Yes Mother's Day brings a mixed blessing to everyone.For those of us who have a mom remember to say "I LOVE YOU MOM".And for the unfortunate one who's mom's have gone to their heavenly home, try to hold onto the special memories you shared.No one can ever ever take away those memories.
May God give all you who lost your mom's a special peace Sunday. God Bless.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busting with knowledge

Just an update on the job. This week has been fairly good. Monday the gal who was training me went home sick so that left us short handed there.I was almost in tears at one point because I was so overwhelmed and unsure of myself.There was a time during the day i could have walked out and not looked back. When I get that discouraged I say a quick prayer for strength and remind myself it will get better.I also say to myself,"self, do you want to go back to cleaning up poop,being slapped,pinched and sworn at?" Then I say again to myself,"Self NO YOU DO NOT.You also love those weekends off!!!!"
I've got the stringing up the machine and tearing down figured out.I can figure out what to do with some alarms and doing some testing things.
I do enjoy the work and I know once I catch on and am trained it will be very enjoyable.As I have said before, the gals I work with are great!!!!!Very encouraging and patient.
The 3 days a week are nice to, except so far I am not getting enough done on my days off.I think my body is still adjusting to the 12 hour shifts.
Thanks to all who have been praying for me.I know it has helped me more then you would ever imagine.I just need to stop being so hard on myself and realize that it will take time to learn it all.After all Rome was not built in a day nor wewre the dialysis machines.
Next week is Tulip Festival in our town.Busy,busy,busy!I only work on Monday. I asked when I was hired if I could have that time off because of my involvement in so many things. I guess had she said no I would have had to use my charm I used on the old ladies at the home.
I will work on some good stories to share. Maybe I can think of some good ones about me when I was just a young lad.(If I can remember that far back).

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I have been waiting for a few days now for my maid to show up and clean my house. Each day as I leave for work I keep my fingures crossed that this is the day she shows up. As of this morning still no luck.
I often wish I were Uncle Arthur from Bewitched and i could just twitch my nose and have my house all clean.
It used to be I did not mind cleaning my house or appartment now I just dread it.Maybe because my old house and appartments were much smaller and could be cleaned in less then 1-1-1/2 hours.
One would say and think living alone it should not get to bad and it does not until you say I'll clean next week and then next week.
I guess I need to go check the front door maybe she is there now, if not I will have to clean it myself.Unlewss I have and willing cleaners out there?????
I did'nt think so.
Have a great weekend everyone. It's going to be a dark rainy weekend here so waht better thing to do then clean. NAP??????

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lilac Bush

The first and second week of May almost always bring a great smell to my back yard.You walk into the yard and just breath in the wonderful smell.A smell I just happen to love to smell.I have two lilac bushes in my back yard that produce many many lilacs. I love nothing more then to pick a bunch and put them in my house for a wonderful smell. I will always take a large handful over to my mom as well. My neighbor and I will get out a ladder to reach those on the top of the bush.I think she loves them as much if not more then I do.
This year it is not looking to promising for them. Our cold freeze in mid April seems to have damaged the buds.Most of the buds look brown and dead.There are a few starting to bloom at the very top of the bush however I do not think I will have as many as most years.
You never know... maybe I will look out there in a few days and see a bush in full bloom. I can only hope!!!
As I look around town things are slowly blooming. Tulips look like they may bloom, trees are filling in. It's great to hear the birds singing as I walk out he door at 5:00a.m. to go to work.(It may not be so great in the winter though).
What a wonderful time of the year.Seeing everything come to life.
It's also fun to see what people did during the winter. As women shed their winter coats you see a little more of them then you did in the fall, and do not need to ask what they've been up to.LOLOLOLOL Nine months later we know.I am waiting for the baby boom in December of this year after our big March snow storm.
Sorry that is some of my mom and my warped humor showing there.