Monday, December 3, 2007

Calling all prayer worriers!

This may be one of the hardest most honest and most needed blog posting I have ever done.
I come to you asking for God to work a miracle,to touch a life and take away the attack of the devil who has been at work for years.
I think I have mentioned before that my dad has a serious drinking problem.It seems that it is only getting worse.He now drinking about 2 large (I think 1/2 or 1 gallon jugs of Jim Beam a week.)When he starts drinking in the late afternoon around 4:30ish he keeps drinking until he is stinking drunk.He tries to constantly pick fights with my mom,verbal never physical thank goodness.There have been times he has called me on the phone tells me or ask me something and a day or two later when I stop bye the house he goes through the same questions or telling me all over again.He has NO CLUE he had talked to me just a day or two ago. I am my mom's rock,her supporter the one she can talk to and share her hurts, frustrations and anger.She grew up in a home with a father who was a a drunk as well and now has been with one for years too.After 53 years of marriage and at 70 years old and with a very bad heart and other physical problems, leaving is no option!!!!Also her self esteem has been low all her life because of the verbal abuse.(Guess I know why mine is low too).It was always tip toe around home because you do not want to upset dad.Ohhh be quiet, dad has been drinking,lets not tell dad he will get mad.
I could go on and on of the hurtful things he has said not only to my mom but also to me over the years.They play in my mind like they were said just moments ago.Do I get pissed off,yes I do!!! Do I try to make light of it and laugh it off sure it seems to be easier then to think about it all the time.
Mom shared with me a incident that happened a week or two ago.
Mom was sleeping in the recliner because of shoulder pain she has been having.Dad had gone to bed about 45 minutes ago and was back down stairs with a flash light looking all around the house. Mom asked him what he was looking for and he replied my damn glasses, to which she responded, try looking on your head.Yes he was wearing them but was to drunk to know it.NO it is not dementia, it is plain %$# drunkenness.
I know we have a awesome God who can do great thing.He can move mountains,he can do anything.So I ask no I plead with you to please pray that God changes him and rids him of this evil drinking habit he has.
Please do not suggest an intervention I know it would NEVER WORK!!!!! But I honestly do think if many many many people pray that he stops it can happen.
My parents name are Jay and Gloria. And yes even though he has a drinking problem he is my dad and I do still love him I just do not love his problem.
Thanks to all in advance for your prayers kind words and encouragement.I know we can never have to many people praying for us so please join me in praying for this.
I hope that some day soon I can give one of the biggest PRAISE reports I have ever given.
I will shout it from the highest roof tops and give all the praise to our heavenly father.
Gods blessing to all of you.I feel some better after posting this knowing there are more people praying for this today, tomorrow and next week.


~Amy~ said...

I'll pray for your father. Thanks for being so open and honest...its hard, I have an uncle who is an alcoholic. Keep smiling...

K1 said...

Hugs and prayers coming your way.

I have a sister with personality disorder and/or mental health issues who, like your dad, refuses to admit that there is anything wrong with her. All the problems in her world are caused by other people, not her.

There has been a recent event that is going to force the rest of us to somehow get her help and, unfortunately, it's going to be ugly while it's getting worked out.

Will pray for your dad, and mom.

LaLa said...

Prayers sent sorry your mom and you have to deal with this.

Beckyb said...

Know that we are praying too - that is SO hard, especially when you are dealing with family. We will pray that God will heal.

Janet said...

I'm praying for you all, Mr. B. My father had the same problem and it eventually took his life. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I know how hard it is. If you need to talk, email me at:

Your friend,


nikki said...

The effects of verbal abuse are as painful (sometimes more) than physical abuse. I will be praying for you ALL in this situation.

Noemi said...

I will pray for you all. My Bio Dad has the same problem and I am his only daughter and it can be so fustrating when he calls me so drunk in the middle of the night. My mother left him when I was a baby and I thank the lord she found my step daddy. It can be so hard at times and trying at the same time. I pray for him on a daily basis and live in fear that one day I will receive a call that he is dead. I completly understand on loving a person so much and hating how he does not value his life. If you need to talk please email me we are in the same boat.


Steffie B. said...

You and your parents are in my prayers. So sorry you have had to deal with this all your life.

Sending hugs....

The Shocks said...

I will keep them in my prayers. I will also pray that God will show you how to minister to your father. I cannot imagine what it is like to have to deal with this.

redmaryjanes said...

I will pray for your father my dear friend. I am so sorry that you have had this burden throughout your life. Know that you are an amazing man and you have many friends who care for you.

~Amy~ said...

I'll head to the store tomorrow...I also have been using this new all organic med called Umcka...its suppost to shorten the duration and severity of the cold. I'm up for trying your stuff though! ;)

crazylady said...

don't know what to say.... so before I say something stupid, let me tell you, what cannot be avoided must be endured.
Thinking of you

Liz & Ava said...

I'll send some prayers up for both you and your parents.

LINDA said...

I'll be offering prayers for you. It is never hopeless. God can work his miracles at any time.....Hugs.

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I am praying that your father will see his need for God. Once he does that, he will see his need to quit drinking and you are right...God is awesome and can deliver your father.
I'll be praying for you and your mom as well.

Thank you for asking for prayer and giving me the blessing to be able to do it.