Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tid Bits

Just a few little things to post.

First I would like to ask for prayer for a man named Barry.His mother was a resident in the nursing home and passed away this week.Barry is an only child and has never been married nor does he have very much family. One aunt and a few cousins whom I do not think he is close to.Barry is a non believer who is desperately searching right now. The pastor from my church has become very close friends with him and has been meeting with him.His mothers death has been extremely hard on him.
Please pray that through all of this he would accept Christ into his life.Also be praying for Pastor Jeff as he witnesses to Barry.Be praying that Barry find peace knowing his mother who was a believer is now at peace in heaven.

Also be praying for my brother in law Tim.This past weekend he was helping his daughter and son in law move and he collapsed.As he was being taken by ambulance to the hospital his blood pressure went very very high.At the time they found nothing.He is scheduled for a stress test Friday the 29Th.Doctors are wondering if it may have been stress related and the body said enough is enough.He has been busy getting his mom moved out of her home and his dad is in a nursing home.Added to this his mom had a heart attack and had quadruple by pass surgery today.
Can you say STRESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Also say a prayer that my parents house sells soon.They will be moving to a condo in April and would be thrilled if the house sold.Would put their mind at ease.

Thanks for the prayers. I just cannot imagine not being able to ask for prayer and knowing God hears them.
The greatest gift of all!!!!
May you be as blessed as I am.
Oh have I mentioned how happy I am to be back at the nursing home????I am a changed person.I saw one of the patients from the Dialysis center today and they said I look much happier and content.And I am.
Just hope I get some good writing material this next week.Just not as many funny one as before.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yes I am Still alive.

Hello fellow bloggers.I did not know it has been so long since I last posted.I guess the main reason I've not blogged was there is not much to write about.
Just a few cute things this past week but nothing real funny.
Today one of the residents was opening a package she got from her daughter and looking at the card that came with it.
Now two things to consider are dementia and poor eye sight.This lady showed me the card that had a picture of two cocker spaniel puppies on it and said look at the picture of my granddaughter.I smiled and said why yes and she is cute!!!!!!
Did not have the heart to say it was some puppies.As She dug deeper into the box there was a real picture of a new great granddaughter.
Secondly one of the more mentally physcotic (SP)? residents who always is worried or upset about something was telling m she was sick today.I asked her what was wrong and she said she was peeing to much.I told her I would check things out. I looked in the throat, ears and pretended to check other things and told her she would be OK.I then told her she just needed to pray that she would be OK and I said a quick prayer with her.Thinking I had outwitted her I went on with my work.Later when they tried to get her up from her nap, she said she was still sick.Dang!!!! I thought I had done so good.
One of the not so fun parts of the job is keeping track of pooping Ummm excuse me
bowel movements. So at the end of the shift we ask the independent residents if they moved their bowels today.When I asked one lady she just said "well that is a hell of a question to ask, followed by a YES!!!"
How true could you imagine shopping at Wal-Mart and when you check out the clerk asks you if you moved your bowels today????
One thing about Sr. care or health care of any kind talking poop is like talking about the weather.Just no big deal.
So did you........ Oh never mind I am not working now!!!1
Happy weekend all.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Senior Moment

I knew it was bound to happen, I was just hopeing it would not be so soon.
What am I talking about you may ask, let me explain.
The other morning as I was getting ready to leave the house for work, I could not find my car keys.I always try to leave them in the same place just for this reason.I checked everywhere,bedroom,by the computer, pants I had worn the day before,I even ran out to the car to be sure I had ot left them there.No luck still no keys.
I knew I needed to get going to work and I was going to have to walk.No huge deal it is only about six blocks.That is the advantage to living in a small town.
I gathered up my stuff, candy for valentines day and such, and headed to work.As I started my work and was giving some baths to the residents and doing a few other things.I put my hand in my scub uniform shirt pocket to get something and guess what i found??? Come on guess!!!!!!Yes it was my car keys...I could have kicked myself.
I knew sooner or later it would happen I am convinced that working with the elderly you begin to think,or in this case not think like they do.
Chalk this one up to aging.Hey at least I found them!!!!!
Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just for you,and you,and you,and you oh and you too!

Let it not ever be said that I Catch of blog land, every womens dream man (insert rolling on the floor laughing),The fun, the loving, the charming and last humble Mr.Brian would forget his women on Valentines Day.
And since there is no possible way I would EVER be able to buy all of you your own dozen roses along with your box of chocolates and a big kiss from me, this is the only way I can get to al of you.
So shed no tears that Mr.Brian forgot you he did not. And if you are forgotten this valentines day just print this post and put it on the fridge.And for those of you with spouses, say see Someone remembered.
The best part!!!!!! These flowers will NEVER die and you will not gain weight from the candy.See I am always thinking of you.
If I do not stop at your blogs or do not ost for some time it is because my computer is very sick.I have been getting more pop ups then kisses from the old ladies in the home.
Hapy Valentines day to all my girls.Hugs from me to you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Correct me if I am WRONG!!!!!!!!

One of the reasons I started blogging was to meet new people and just have fun commenting on different blogs I read.I found it to be a great way to stay entertained and not be in front of the TV all night long.I have made many many new friends with blogging.I've cried for your hurts, cheered for your joys or laughed at your fun stories.The reason I blog is to sometimes share my hurts but hopefully make you smile and laugh.
It angers me that lately it has become a free for all back stabbing name calling cat fight among each other.What ever happened to freedom of speach?I thought one of the reasons we did this was to express our feeling.What a fool I was!It seems we are not allowed to express our feeling without others putting us down,leaving nasty comments or acting like we are back in Jr High.I was always taught to treat others the way you yourself want to be treated.(If you want to be put down, trampled and just mde to feel like crap well then I guess you may leave these comments.However if you are like me and prefer to be treated with respect then treat others that way.
I was also taught to keep quit if you cannot say anything nice.
So to you people who are leaving hurtfull comments on others blogs, go watch TV and stay away from the computers.You are not welcomed here.what pleasure do you get by being so nasty and hurtful?My guess would be that you are a very unhappy person who has had a tough life growing up and want others to be unhappy like you are.
Hey my life growing up was not the greatest but I've chosen to not let it make me unhappy now.
I choose to walk with my head held high, and make the best out of every day.I want to be a blessing to those I meet and leave an impression that will last a life time.
When I die I want people to say I'll miss that crazy darn fool, not thank God that jerk finaly dies.LOLOL!
So now that I am done being Mr.Crabby pants, have a good day.
And stay tuned for my Valentines day special for all my special ladies.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A real funny one

Grab some kleenex and get ready for a good laugh.
A very dear lady in the nursing home was moved to a differant room yesterday because she did not get along with her roommate.(It is sad that there are very few private rooms and many of these people have to share a room.I can not wait until the day a new home is built and most people can have a private room).
It is not hard to understand why this lady did not get along with her roommate.Her roommate is a very nasty crabby old lady who is mean to everyone.She tries all of the staffs patients almost daily as well.
This lady I am talking about would refer to her roommaate as a "BITCH", now hearing a 80 some year old call a 98 year old a bitch can by itself be funny.
It was sad today that this women was confussed and upset about her new room.I think she thought she as in a new place and her kids just kept moving her to a new nursing home.She was extreamly tearful this morning and would not leave her room.It took some of Mr.Brian's charm and sweet talking to get her out of bed,and even more to get her to get dressed. It is amazing the things I can think to say to get them to do things.I prefer to think of it as compromising instead of telling fibs.
Anyhoo,I tried several times to get her to go to the bathroom to go potty but she always refused.Now she is not allowed to walk by herself because of the risk of falling so she has an alarm on her chair.It beeps when she gets up.I heard it going off so I went to check on her.She was trying to go to the bathroom I walked her to the bathroom.As soon as she sat down she started to go potty. She was still tearful and she looked at me and said....I just have water coming out of both ends today.
Tryingnot to laugh I just finished helping her get back to her chair.After I got her setteled I just gave her a big hug and told her tomorrow would be a better day.
Yes I am home and where i belong.It is great being back where I am happy.
Hope you all have a great week.If I do not stop bye or post it is because I am ahving some computer problems.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Or can she?

I've finished my 4th day on the old job and what a week it was.Working short staffed, being trained by myself because there was no one to train me, to having extra help and things going smoothly.
For the most part it was a great week,except for one little errrr ummm wellllll OK except for one major problem.
On one of the days when I was to still have been trained I had to work on my own and give whirl pool baths.Not the hardest job,infact most of them were very easy ones to do except my last person.
She is a very large lady (about 250 lbs).With the help of some others I got her on the bath mat and gave her her bath.Just as I was finishing she told me she needed the pot.Since she has a catheder it could only mean one thing (oh I forgot to say she had had a siver bullet a.k.a. suppos earlier in the morning with results).Hey you want to hear nursing home stories you get all the details.Back on track now sorry.
I had gotten her back to her room and an other aid and I were trying to get her hooked up to a machine that helps lift her since she does not stand well anymore.As we were getting her hooked up she began to move the wrong direction on the bath mat.The gal helping me said she is falling. we tried to get her back on the mat but with her BM she had the mat was slippery. Suddenly kaboooom, she fell off the mat and onto the floor.I would guess about1 1 1/2 -2 feet to the floor.Not a good thing on your second day.The nurse and D.O.N. came and checked her out and the ambulance was called. She was taken to the hospital to be checked out. They kept her over night for observation but she was not injured, just a few bruises.(Thank you God)!
The next day when she returned we were getting her into her recliner she looked at a bruise on her hand, looked at me and said..... Look what you did!!!!She smiled and laughed.Yes she will be OK. MY nerves were shot for the day.But the nurse and D.O.N. both assured me not to worrie because it was an accident and was not my fault.
One of my coworkes has been having a grand old time teasing me about it since then.I am thinking she and I will get along just fine.She loves to joke around too.

Wishing you all a great weekend1 My first of working again.:(.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do you want to know?????

Being I've been tagged twice now I better play along.But only by my rules.
I will not do the who tagged me or tag anyone else.(Mostly because you've all been tagged already.

7 things you may not know about me.Or maybe you do.
Pleas note-------the information you are about to read is true the names have not been changed to protect the insane (me).
So take a seat,grap your favorite beverage,relax and get ready to be shocked and amazed as you learn more about you pal.Mr.Brian.Maybe you will better understand why I am nuts.LOLOLOL

1.I always HATED school.I would cry until I was sick before school through almost all of grade school.In kindergarden I had to be switched from the afternoon to morning class because all I did was cry until I threw up.I would not eat breakfast or dinner.

2.I almost died when I was an infant.I had phenmonia and was very very sick.

3.I was married for about 1 year back in 1991.Got married in September, was in the hospital for severe depression by November,left my wife and her kids in July,and was divorced by November.Not one of more prouder moments of my life.

4.My favorite meal is breakfast (if I can go out for it) Ham and cheese omlet hashbrowns and wheat toast with coffee.. Nothing better on aSaturday morning.

5.I sweat very easy, therfore I keep my house cool all the time.

6.I have not had more then 1 or 2 dates since I divorced.And I am OK with that.

7.I enjoy cooking but hate cleaning house.And I can leave the house without making the bed,after all it is just going to get unmade again anyway right???

Now as you recover from the shock of the things I posted leave you comments and try to still love me.Yeah like you gals could forget me!!!!!!NEVER I am your comic relief, you male schmoozer,.
I am thinking Steff has been tagged several times and not responded soooo Steff>>>>>hop to it girlfriend.
Hugs to all of you.
8. I am a poor speller and wish spell check would get fixed soon.If one of you could contact them P L EEEEEEE AAAAAA SSSS EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

My first good story.

Here it is my first what I think fun story.
I was walking one of the more pleasently confussed residents to breakfast today.As we were walking she said to me in a very serious voice."You know I decided I think I am the only normal one here, all the rest of them are crazy".She was also telling the other nurse aid (the one she thinks was a student of hers) that she like the new superintendent {me}.
Yes it is going to be fun being back.
On a sad but yet happy note, one of the ladies I always loved to get hugs from passed away early this morning.Bless her soul, she had been there for almost 15 years.She would always lay her head on my shoulder ,give me hugs or kisses and just joke with me.She could no longer speak,but yet you knew what she was saying.She was always so fun!!! She will be missed, but we rejoyce she is with her maker.
Golly I am gald to have writting material again.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I did it again.

here is one of my snowmen I had up for decorations.As you can see he has deflated and only a head appears.
All my decorations will be up for some time as the cords and extensions are burried under snow and ice.
But the good news is I thing i figured out how to do this.
Next trick ... downloading a video from my camera.... Guess I will be talking to Becky again.
Hmmm my spell check stopped working.Not a good thing for Mr.Brian.

It worked.

No idea how I got this to work but here is my first picture I downloaded. Now the question is..... will I remember what and how I did it???
This is my spunky little Josie.Full of it until she goes to Grandpa &Grandma, then she is a perfect little dog.
Look close on the back of the couch you will see Charlie,my old but sweet kid.He is about 13-14 years old.
I will try to get better pictures of both of them.
Beware once I figure it out I will be driving you people crazy with pictures.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thanks Becky

Hats off to Becky!!!! She just finished redesigning my new look.With some advice from a few other ladies she came up with this design.I think it's perfect for a man who will be working in the nursing home.
To view more of her work click on the image to the right of this post.(Lady in waiting blog designs).
Thanks Becky and helpers.

Found this on a site The Blog Fairy sent me.Found it to be rather funny,hope you do too.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Not always easy to do.

I have done a lot of reflecting this past week during my time off from work.
I have had time to cleanse myself and let the past get burried.
I look forward to a new begining at an old job.A chance to make a differance in a elderly persons life. I await the first time I again hold a dying persons hand and share with them what a wonderful place thay are goig to be going to.I look forward to sharing my faith with these people.
As I look back I do know God has given me a gift of mercy for the elderly.And I plan on using these gifts to glorify God to the best I can do.I know there will be trying days like with any job, but with God at my side I an do all things through God who strengthens me.
Have a wonderful Sunday and give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gifts he has given you.

Are you feeling this way?

From all the posts I've been reading I think we can all use a little cheering up.
Seems we are all getting tired of the VERY cold weather and snow.
I can take the snow but I do not like the below zero temps and the wind chills in the - 20s.

So to cheer us all up and make us laugh,I want you to leave your favorite joke to share with everyone.It may be funny,stupid or just plain well what ever.Only request is you keep it PG13.No need to offend anyone.

I'll start with one I learned when I was in school years and years ago.(yes they did have jokes back then).

What kind of nut would go to the moon?

An astronaut.Bwwwaaaaaa Hhaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Now it is your turn.