Friday, December 14, 2007

My place

Thought you would all enjoy seeing my Christmas decorations.So hear is a picture of some one's place.I got it of the web search.Gotch ya!(No it is not my place).LOLOL however it does bring me to a fun story.
One of the first years I lived in my house I am in now I had lots of lights outside.Icicle lights,lights around the windows and door, on the bushes and on the railing. OK so maybe it was a little overkill but I liked it and did not think it was to bad.
However my good friend and neighbor who lived across the street from me loved to tease and play jokes.One evening as I was entertaining some people from church I got a phone call.When I answered the party on the phone said he was calling from Iowa power & electric company and I was being asked to shut off my lights because the electric meters in our town were having a hard time keeping up with the power.
About a week later he was coming into town with his wife and he called to see if there was a fire ( or as he said with his southern drawl Faar)because there seemed to be such a bright glow coming from our end of town.
Well as I shared this with other friends we decided to get him back and do it good.
One weekend they were out of town and I was house sitting and watching their two dogs.So when they were gone we decided their place needed to be decorated for the holidays as well.We gathered several strings of colored lights, an old ugly plastic nativity set, and some other old and not to pretty decorations.We just put them where ever.Strung one string of lights on a bush, put an other on the porch rail and took the nativity scene and just plopped it on a bush.Needless to say we made it look terrible.
We plugged it all in and proudly light them that weekend.They came home and did not see them so I said look out the front window.
I thought he was going to have a stroke right there on the spot.
He freaked and his wife ran for the camera laughing all the way.
The lights were quickly taken down and he never again teased me about lights.
I think back of that time and I still laugh at how much fun it was.
Better watch what you say about my decorations.HeeHee Hee!!!!!!
Merry Christmas.:).


nikki said...

Well, I guess if we were neighbors you would be sneaking into my yard with a giant blow-up Santa right about now!? hehe

Too funny!
Do you just LOVE the Griswolds in Christmas vacation?

Merry Christmas Mr Brian.

crazylady said...

I'm crushed. Your tender lips speak only of Steffie and not me. The Cougar told me so.
And I added you to my rolling papers.
Maybe walking papers are in order.

Off my 'few of my favorite things' list.

Must go sob into my pillow now.


you did get me .. thought it was your house and i was jealous ... if i had the energy i would have every ounce of my house and yard decorated for Christmas ... I love the holidays ...
thanks for all your sweet words on my blog ... i am definitely in a new season of life ...

cougchick said...

i totally thought that was your house. Glad you confessed.

I'm glad you're not my neighbor. I'd be afraid to wake up and see my yard....

Thanks for your kind comments.

Janet said...

That is HILARIOUS, Mr. B! Love it! I think I should live in YOUR neighbourhood!

redmaryjanes said...

That is a funny story. It's great to have friends like that!

Steffie B. said...

Check out Sen's ......I left a comment! Wink*

Steffie B. said... it was a threat.... ;) said...

what the heck? am I chopped liver?! do i get sloppy seconds? lol..... love you though big guy.

LaLa said...

Remind me NOT to let you house sit for me!!! That is a pretty funny story though...didn't weigh in earlier but I am a white light only girl. I admit that I do sometimes look at the others only b/c it brings back memories of childhood. Of course Annslee re-decorates our house now so who knows ?