Saturday, June 30, 2007

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers

As I think of all of your families getting together next week I am so excited for all of you.You think back to a little over two years ago as all these couples met for the first time.It was God who brought all of you together for one very special reason.Each and every one of you were opening your hearts and homes to a child who needed a loving home with parents who would care for them and shower them with more love then they could have ever imagined.You had searched your heats and had many long late night talks with your spouse about if this was truly Gods plan for your family.Some of you had children of your own and wondered if this was Gods will to add one more to the tribe.
Each of you has been touched in a way I will never understand.Each of you has been touched in a way the others will never understand.Each one of these children has grown differently.Some may be taller,weight more,talk more or maybe less.But one thing each of these children share is a bond their parents have.A very special bond that started in April of 2005.
I hope and pray that your time spent together will be filled with laughter.Laughter as you watch these little children brought back together again.Seeing how they get along,watching as they are together once again like they were 2 years ago in an orphanage waiting for someone to take them home and love them.
I am sure there may be tears shed to as you reflect on how scared you were with what was ahead for you not only in China but as you got home again.
My prayer is that as you are all together again you focus on the real reason you are celebrate how God has brought such joy into your life with these precious gifts from God.I hope there will be no comparing of look what my child does but instead give thanks that there was some women in China who made a decision to give a child a chance for a better life.
God bless each and every one of you.May you all have safe travel and post lots of pictures.Write lots of blogs and give all the praise to God for your time together.
True Mr.Brian not being there may take some of the fun away but if I showed up all you women would blow off your husband and kids to be around me... and I just do not think I could handle that many young ladies at one time.
God bless and be safe.

Stupid moment #2385945732

Mr.Brian was VERY mad at himself Friday morning.

I did my regular routine,shower,2 cups of coffee,get my lunch ready and leave for work a little after 3:30 a.m.My drive is not long at all compared to what I know many in the city drive and the traffic is not bumper to bumper.Anyway I arived at work on time to prepare for the days work,excited it was the weekend coming up.Nothing planned but it is a weekend.I parked my car and started walking to the building......Oh shucks (not my real words) i forgot my keys to get into the building.And I was going to be the only one there for at least an hour.So back in the car I got and started for home.I called the one of the gals I work with and asked her to come early because I was a fool and was headed back to my home.

True it is only about a 15 minute 12 mile drive,but when you HAVE to get things done to open for the patients it was not a good thing.

Mr.Brian may have speeded some??? ok lots ..but I was back in about 20 minutes and all was well.

I now have an extra set of keys I am keeping in my car.


Have a great weekend and be safe........

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Almost wet my pants

Picture it, a middle aged man comes home from work after a very long day.He lets his dogs outside to do their thing,he changes his clothes and heads to the computer to check his emails.Clicks on his emails and reads you have 6 new messages.I am thinking hmmmm wonder what is up with that,so I continue to check.I am reading all these so and so left a comment on Becky made me do it.I am thinking to my self what is up with this,I did not do a post on Becky made me do it,and I try thinking what in the world did Becky make me do?I know Becky and I go back and forth teasing a lot but what did she make me do.I open one of the comments and read "I love the new look".The light finally came on (OK a little slack here folks I've been up since 3 a.m.).
The Blog Fairy has granted me my wish.
Yes Seems the Blog Fairy with a little help from Becky gave me a beauty makeover.
You would have thought I had won a million dollars.I was jumping in my chair shouting,oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh look at that!I am very happy I had just paid a visit to the bathroom cuz I was so excited I almost wet my pants.I am serious I was so excited I wanted to call my parents to look at it.Duhhh ,Brian they do not own a computer or would have no idea if I talked about a blog.
So a VERY HUGE THANK YOU TO THE BLOG FAIRY!!!!!!!!!!You did a wonderful job and made me a very excited blogger today.You have a wonderful gift and do amazing work.Three cheers for the Blog Fairy.
Hip Hip Hooray,Hip Hip hooray,Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!
Now about this sister???????????LOLOLOLOL

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Becky Made Me Do It!!

Mr Brian,
In your search for a new look, your dear friend, Becky, agreed that this was a fun look for you to start with. Never fear, nothing in blogland is permanent (just ask Stef over at Never Too Many) and when you are tired of this one, another one may just appear. However, in order for me to develop a doggy header, I will need to see more pix of those pooches. So, start snapping that camera and post away.
Best wishes
~the blog fairy

Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer evenings

I love nothing more on a summer evening then to sit outside in a lawn chair under a tree and read a good book.
What better way to relax after a day of work.I get my chair in the shade (Cuz otherwise I start sweating like a horse,I used to say pig till I was told pigs do not swet.)and just read.
It can be fun watching the neighbor kids outside playing,seeing the walkers bike riders all the good summer night fun things.It is all fine and dandy until the mosquitoes or flies start bothering me.Then I get crabby and head inside.So far this year they have not been to bad.
The only thing that would make my summer nights more fun would be to cruise around in a convertable listening to oldies on the radio. With some cute little chick next to me. (Hey I can always dream.)I will be happy with the convertable.
I just had a great idea.How about you tell us about your favorite way to spend a summer evening.I tag you,and you and you too!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thought it was time for a change.Far from what I want to do but have no idea how to change it other then what they offer from this site.
Any words of wisdom would be nice. I would like something that shows my fondness of dogs.
Thanks for any help that can be offered.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This pretty much sums thing up.
Life has been treating me great lately.As one of the elderly ladies in the nursing home would always say to me.Knicks te kloggen that was Dutch for no complaints.My job continues to go very well and I am enjoying it more as I continue to understand and do more.I love having weekends off.
It has taught me one thing.......Trust in the Lord with all your heart.I had so many doubts about the job change.All the what ifs.But a louder voice continued to say to me this is my plan for you.When God opens doors we need to enter.We need to give it all to him and trust him fully.(not always an easy task).
As I think of my friends Joe and Becky I think of all the fears they must be facing too as Joe starts a new job in a few weeks. A job totally out of his comfort zone.
Let's all send good wishes and encouraging words to Joe. I know how much it meant to me and I am sure Joe would like to hear the well wishes too.
Say a prayer for them too as they may be going to have to adjust to some changes in the family schedule as well.
Good Luck Joe I know you will do well in what ever you set out to accomplish.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Always listen to mom.

Once again this past weekend I learned......Always listen to mom,no matter what your age.Or any women as far as that goes.
This past Saturday I spent the day at the lake and on a boat with some friends.Just lots of lounging around and laying on air mattresses in the lake.It was a small house boat so we were able to make our time there very relaxing.
After being in the sun for some time I thought HMMMMM maybe I should put on some sunscreen before I get to much sun.But being the smart typical macho man I decided I'll be ok and besides I need to get some sun.About one to two hours later I said to myself."Ya know Brian,it looks like you are getting a little red you better put some sunscreen on now."This time I did but it was to late.By the time I got home that night I was a fully ripened tomato.
As I layed in bed that night feeling the heat and the sting as any thing made contact with any thing else I hear a sweet voice saying..."Brian don't forget the sunscreen".
Yep even in your

40's I decided I should always listen to mom.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Do any of you have an answer??????

I've seemed to have lost my huge black book (unlike many who have a little one mine is big),so I am a little bored tonight.Friday evening and I am doing laundry how sad is that.If I find my black book I am sure I would be busy.N O T!!!!Yeah like my phone rings off the hook with women calling me.The only calls I get lately are from some stupid recorded message asking me to vote for some person I've never even heard of.Does any one else think it is starting WAY WAY to early??????
Maybe if women saw me in my spedo the phone would be ringing non stop....In my dreams!!!
Ok enough of the crazy talking.Now my serious question for all of you.
I've noticed like hundreds and hundreds of moths outside the last week or so.Way more then normal.Is there any old wise tale as to why this is?Any old farmers reason for it?I thought maybe it means a dry summer,wet summer.You know all those crazy Fasrmers Almanac type things. If any of you have an answer please let me know.
On Sunday I will post of my day on a house boat all day Saturday.Should be fun!!!!!
Yes I'll remember my sun screen>
Have a Super duper wonderful safe weekend.Be good and be safe,well at least be safe.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bragging rights

I wanted you all to see my latest picture of myself.
Sine I started my job at the Dialysis center I have lost weight and gotten into shape.I guess all the running around and lifting needles has paid off for me.I've never looked so H O T !!!!!LOLOLOLOL
OK once you return from the bathroom,after getting sick you may finish reading this.
So maybe that's not my body and NEVER will be.However I must brag and say I have lost 8 yes (E I G H T )pounds since the end of April.Finally! I have gotten so heavy and wide it is upsetting.I always pretend it is OK and make jokes about it.I know for my own good,blood pressure,heart and what ever else goes with being WAY over weight I need to keep loosing.Eight pounds may not be a lot but it has given me the incentive to loose more.I've cut back at all meals and am trying not to snoop between meals.
It does help now with all the fresh fruit to eat this time of year.Watermelon,strawberries cantaloupe and grapes.I've been eating fruit for my noon meal at work and only eating oatmeal for breakfast.
8 down about 50-60 to go to get to a healthy weight.I'll post pictures of me in a speedo when I get down to 170!!!!!Well then again maybe not cuz all you women would be making a trip to my town to see me in person.
Just wanted to have a fun post and make you all have a good laugh today.I had to post something to keep a certain someone happy.LOLOLOLOLOL!
I need to go and think about not eating now.
By the way I think I tagged a Steffie and have not seen her reply yet.
Oh just so ya all know that was not a picture of me.
Gasp ohhhh no I would have nevr guessed.
Happy blogging friends.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Part two.The needle is in.

Yes,I was scared sticking the poor elderly man with the needle for the first time.As I got it in he did make a face and said it hurt a little.
It was so much fun.Kinda gave me a little high for a few minutes.I felt like I truly mastered something.And only in my mind did his eyes roll back into his head and alarms go off.It was so mucheasier then I could have ever imagined.
Soon after I did poke him he did start coughing and sound like he was getting sick.I asked my trainer if it was because of me and I had traumatized him to much.She assured me it was just a thing he does on occasion and not to worry.
So folks nothing happened,he survived and all is well.
Again I must say thanks for all the encouraging words and support.It was a rough few weeks but now I think I will be a success and can enjoy my work more.

Friday, June 8, 2007

It's time to rest.

No this is not my dog,but I think the picture says it all.....I am ready to sleep in and get some rest.I love the 12 hour shifts but by the weekend the early mornings get to you.

I've been tagged by The Seventh Diamond so here it goes.
4 facts about me,
1.I have never lived in any other town.
2.I am the youngest of 3 children and the only boy.(yes I was spoiled by my big sisters.)
3.I HATED school.
4.I have never had a speeding ticket.(Hope i did not jinx myself now).

4 habits I have.
1 I talk to myself all the time.
2.I seldom sit at the dinning room table to eat,almost always in front of the TV.
3.I bite my nails.
4.I snack when I get up to go to the bathroom during the night.

4 things I discovered in the last 4 years.
1.Job changes can be a good thing.Steping out of your compfort zone is too.
2.Having friends praying for you is a GREAT thing.
3.Spending time with the elderly in the nursing home and helping them in their final days before they are called home can be very rewarding.Getting to talk to them about the wonderful place they are going makes it even better.
4.Becky B and I stink at playing card games.

4 things I want to try or do in the next 4 years.
1.lose weight to get so I feel good again.(exercise more.)
2.Become more faithful with my devotions.
3.Build a deck on the side of my house.
4.Be alive.

Now you know a little more about me.Hope non was to shocking.LOLOL!

I now tag And Chloe makes six,Beckering tribe,Sister 2 sister and Dumpling three.
Don't let me down young ladies,if I can do this so can you.(Key word was young)
Have a great weekend everyone and may God bless each and everyone of you is a very special way.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Big steps

Today was a huge turning point in my learning my job.I actualy got to stick needles into a patients arm today,as well as pull them out.
My mentor akatrainer said to me Monday before we went home that she decided it was time I stuck in needles.I almost wet my pants from fear.I said by myself ,will you be watching and telling me what to do? Duhhh!!!! She said no I think I will have you just do it by yourself.LOLOLOL Ok so I do ask stupid questions sometimes.I dremt about it all last night.I was doing something and had no idea what I was doing.Just one of tose crazy make no sence dreams.
Any way first thing this morning Abbey has me get things ready to STICK IT TO THEM!!!!!!With amazingly calm hands (a good thing when sticking in needle into his arms) I placed the first needle no problem> I felt so very proud.With sweat foarming on my brow and easing its way into my eyes I placed the second needle into his arm.Just as I was securing the needles into place it happened.His eyes started fluttering his blood preasure?????
Tune in later to find out the rest of the story.
No so fun now is it Steffie!!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Gets you thinking

As I sat in church this morning and we sang the wonderful old hymn"How Great Thou Art", it got my gears turning in the old brain.Now stop and think how great our God is.Think back to this past week how God has blessed you and your family.Now look back to think how blessed you've been since the first of the year.Come on you know there are many things to be thankful for.Have you been able to pay your bills? Do you have clothes on your back?Did you eat yesterday?Have you heard the laughter of children?
I have had a lot of talks with God these past weeks and he has been so ever faithful to me.And even when I am not always so faithful to him.There are times I do things and say things I know are not pleasing to him yet God is always at my side.How great is that? There are friends who would not be there the way God always is.
I've had some concerns about my mom's health and God has answered that and she seems to be feeling some what better this week.I am thankful for each day i still have my parents.I know with my mothers heart problems she could go very suddenly.But I also know like with others God will strengthens me.
I heard of a friend who will be starting a new job next month. What a praise that is.I had an other friend ask for prayers for a major decision he needs to make.
How Great Thou Art!!!! How Great Thou Art!!!!!
We may not always think he hears us but for some reason this week I think the light just shined a little brighter as to how my walk with the Lord needs to be a little closer and more faithful like he is to me.I am truly blessed and hope you are too.
Thanks be to God for he is good!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No much happening.

It is with deep regrets that I do not have anything exciting to blog about today.Now that i am not at the nursing home my life has become a little less thrilling.
I have had a good time checking out other blogs and there have been some very funny ones this week.Becky's phone chat with the kids was very cute.I am thinking her kids are growing up way to fast.For those of you who do not know the kids personaly,you are missing out!!!The boys are the most well behaved polite young men.I am sure Becky may not always agree but trust me they are.And of course Chloe steals everyone's heart.She knows just how to turn on the charm and get everyone's attetion.
I would dare bet she has her daddy wrapped tight around her fingure.
Then there is Steffie.What can I say folks,she never stops shocking me.She has a way of writting that makes you want to read on for hours on end.Her quick witt and straight forward humor get me laughing often.Her Sopia tryin to say"bridge"post was one of the best I've ever read.However I can not think of to many mommies who would actualy video tape their child saying a bad word.What a cool mom.Well I think my mom and dad would have too.I am seeing a new side to Steffie that I truely love..... N A U G H T Y !!!!!!Any naughty blogger will soon win me over.Becky gets that way too I just need to encourage her more.
I do not want any of you to think I am leaving you out.All your blogs are great in their own way.
Kris,you so often get me thinking and I end up getting the vapors (crying).You have such a passion for your work in the health field it amazes me.Seeing how you have a personal relationship with so many patients shows what a special person you are.You are so open about your broken heart, I just hope each day it heals a little more.
So everyone,keep those post updated you just never know when I may pop in to see what you are up to.
Oh I cannot forget Emmie.For such a young girl she is wise beyond her years.So kind and careing.She posts a smart card Sunday that gets you thinking. Often it was just what I needed to hear at that time.I am just waiting for a little of her mom to show up in her blogs.Unless she is sweet and inocent like her dad.LOLOLOL
Have a great weekend and week ahead.
And my thought for today is...
Man who fart in church sit in pew.