Monday, December 10, 2007

Brian's wish list.

As Christmas is fast approaching I think of my wish list for the Holiday's this year.
I am one who is often content with what I have,I never ask or want to much at Christmas.There are few things I "NEED" yes some thing I would like to have but nothing that I can not live without.
This year however is different.My want list seems to be a little bigger this year.
Nothing major but a want list non the less.
Here they are in no particular order, actually they are all at the top of my list.
Some may some day happen others may never happen.
1. I would love nothing more then to be able to get together with all of you blogging buddies and meet face to face.I got to met Verna this past fall and it was great.I felt like I had know her for years and talking to her and her husband and daughter was great.I can never name names but there are a few that I have a picture in my mind and I feel like I can almost see us talking.Your friendships, comments,encouraging words and laughs we have shared over the past year has made such a dramatic difference in my life.Each and every one of you has touched my heart and my soul in ways you could never imagine.I feel I have grown not only spiritually but also mentally through all of our ups and downs this past year.I have found out there are others who share the same hurts I have.But I have had more fun getting to tease and pester some of you ladies.And getting it in return.
2. I would love nothing more to read your blog tomorrow and see you got the word to travel the next day to bring home the special child your hearts all are aching for.What better Christmas present could that be for all of you.
3.I would love to send any of you who needs more $$$$$ for you adoption at least one thousand dollars or more to help out.Of coures I need to use Chloe as a sample.Seeing how she brightens up a room with her almond eyes and warm smile,I just melt.I thank God for all of you who have opened not only your homes but your hearts to these children.When I hear of what could have been for these kids it makes me ill.
4.I would love for all who have lost loved ones this past year to be able to tell their loved one one more time what an impact they had made in your life.
5. I would love to see no more hurt and pain in family.Seeing how a child can hurt their parent or a spouse can hurt their mate or children.How I would love to take all the hurt away.
As I sat in church yesterday and we were singing wonderful Christmas songs tears just filled my eyes as I think of what a wonderful gift it would be if my dad stopped his drinking. I think of the pain my mom endures each day and I just ache for her.
I often wonder if God is listening to this prayer. I have been praying it so long I often think it is no use it will never happen.I wish I had the words to comfort my mom some days.I guess just being there and listening is all I can do,just like you are doing now for me.
This is my list and maybe just maybe next year at this time I can check all of them off my list.
Until then lets us keep our faith and know it is all in Gods time.As much as I hate to say it I know it is.
May you all be as richly blessed as I am.
Remember,God loves you and so do I.
Thanks for a great 2007. May 2008 bring us even closer together.


LINDA said...

Mr. Brian, you have such a great heart. All of your wishes are so altruistic. I share your wishes, being new to the blog and not being a prospective adoptive parent. I, too, cringe when I think of the horrors these precious children suffer and elate when I think of the wonderful forever families waiting here for them....

K1 said...

Brian, I share your prayers and wishes. I'm not waiting to adopt, but know the stress the first wait was for my sister's family, and now they waiting for their second.

I added your father to my Prayer Request list on my sidebar. I hope everyone that visits my blog takes just a few seconds each time to read the list and offer up prayers for the people listed. God DOES listen, and He DOES answer. It's just as you said, sometimes His timeing doesn't always mesh with ours.

Come on out to Seattle sometime and you can meet several of us at once. We'll have a Brianpalooza.

redmaryjanes said...

That is so beautiful Mr. Brian. I hope that you know how much you are cared for. You are a wonderful person and you have brought so many smiles to my face. I too would love to meet you. Your wish is so heartfelt. I will pray for your family.

Steffie B. said...

Love you too, you sexy beast! ;)

Steffie B. said...

Very sweet post BTW! ;)

crazylady said...

BACK off Steph, that number one was all me.

Mr. B, you rule in the shmaltz and heart. We are so glad you tolerate us nutbars. Sometimes it is the strangers (some more strange than others) that make the biggest impression on our daily lives.. Yes yes, I can see you scurrying home to read what the ladies have said to you each day, and likewise we scroll down to see your name beside our bed. I mean blog.
Keep praying for those who can't or won't. It's bound to do something.
BTW, I put something special down my stocking just for you :)
Merry Christ-m'-ass is getting bigger each day.