Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've been taged

Holiday Hoopla,
List 12 things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.
1.I am a hurry up and buy it shopper.I set out do it get it done,none of this dragging it out for ever stuff here.(Guess it helps I have very few to buy for).

2.When I was younger 4th -7th grade or around there I would stay home from school before Christmas so I could peak at my gifts under the tree.I found out it takes the fun out of opening presents.

3.I have always found it much more fun to give then to receive.I just wish I had more money to help a needy family or surprise someone with a load of gifts.

4.My bedroom window faced the back yard and garage growing up.I can remember watching dad carry in the gifts from Santa after we went to bed.OK so maybe we were getting a little old for Santa but my parents still enjoyed it.

5.After listening to my dad tell us he was going to shoot Santa every year if he saw him.Soon after three kids went to bed dad would stand at the bottom of the stairs and do his Hoo Hoo Hoo followed quickly by aloud bang!Only to hear three kids yelling DAAAAAAAD!(Again maybe a sign we were to old for Santa to come).

6.Going to church on Christmas eve for the Sunday School Christmas Program and getting the bag of candy after the program.A bag with peanuts,an apple,chocolate stars, and some other candy.

7.Spending Christmas with my family and Grandparents.As a child it was torture having to eat a big meal and wait to open presents until everyone was done eating the dishes washed and put away.

8.Riding around town looking at decorations.But the biggest treat was the lighting of the lights on main street.It was always a big deal with a big count down before they were lit.

9.ON the same note of decorations, it was lighting ours at home every night.My sisters and I would take turns lighting them.A real big production,just flip a switch.However if say a pest of a little brother(hmm I wonder who that could have been) lit them and it was not his night to..... well they would be turned off by mom and re lit by the sister who was to light them that night.

10.As I posted before my Santa hat story and the demented lady at the nursing home.(scroll down if you do not know what i am referring to.)

11.All the goodies I get to eat.

12. I can not think of any more so I will just say Tough toenails I only had 11.

OK I now tag Steff,Kimberley,Becky and of course crazy lady.And any other poor person who wants to play along as well.


Steffie B. said...

I'm going to have to hunt you down............

cougchick said...

Glad your Dad didn't go to jail for shootin Santa.

K1 said...

I can hear it now, "Ho Ho BANG!"

nikki said...

The stories of your dad crack me up...what a character!

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

I used to peek at my presents, too.
It definitely took the surprise out of Christmas morning...but oh, the temptation of those gifts just sitting there! : )

Made in China said...

I just can't get over the shooting of Santa!!! Hoo Hoo Bang is going to stay with me all day - thanks!

crazylady said...

So yours is the PG version and mine will be the NC 17. That's why I adore you. For an old man, you're still pure, and innocent. Church, lights, family shootings... ahhh just warms the heart.

I just knew it. You were always a 'peeker' you voyeur you. Do not open my present until Christmas.... 2020.

Janet said...

I love that story about your Dad shooting Santa. Too funny!

crazylady said...

spammers suck...

I'll think of you xmas eve. Just like every other night *wink*

redmaryjanes said...

Ok, I'll try to get this tag done tomorrow. I have been so crazy with Christmas, but I'll do my best!