Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please say an extra prayer.

I am asking all of my dear praying blogger friends to please all say a prayer that this home sells very soon.This is the home of my parents.They are getting very discouraged because the home has not sold.Well it kinda has, an offer has been accepted however the couple needs to sell their home first and their home has been on the market since the end of January.Mom and dads home has been for sale for a year now.
They are moving next week into their new condo and could be even more excited if their present home sells.
I figure if enough prayer worriers are out there good things are bound to happen.I always think it is OK to be specific in our prayers so please pray a final sale happens this week.I know it would bring much peace to mom and dad.
I again thank you for the prayers in the past, he is still not drinking!!!!Praise God!!!!!
Thanks everyone,it is wonderful knowing I can ask friends to pray.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Let us not forget

Let's remember the real reason of the Holiday and not just think of it as a three day weekend.
I always think it is sad that we often forget the real reason of the holiday.Not the kick off to summer beginning,school being done,an extra day off work with pay.We need to remember those who fought for our freedom.Those who gave their life so we can be here now.
Take a moment this weekend and on Monday to remember those who lost their life for us.Say a prayer for our troops in Iraq, for their loved ones hear in the states.For those who fought and lost.The kids who have a mom or dad who will not return home.The son or daughter who you want to tell you love them,but will never see again.
God Bless our Troops!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dutchmen a.k.a. Mr.Brian

I did get someone to take a few pictures of me during the festival.It was a fun filled three days with wonderful weather and huge crowds.So huge that on Saturday the food stands were running out of food.I do not think that ever happened before.
I had a great time greeting our guests and being involved in many things.My feet and legs are still a little sore, but the fun makes it all worth it.
I may try to get some pictures of the tulips yet as they were great this year.
I had my fill of junk food.....funnel cakes,foot longs, brats,pig in the blankets,you name it I tried it.Despite a sun burnt face on Friday I survived just fine.
The pictures are of me before the parade.I push the flower cart selling tulips for a kiss.Hmmmmm sure is hard to get strangers to kiss me!!!!! Those darn fools guess it is their loss.LOLOL!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's here!!!!!!

It is here,Tulip Festival starts tomorrow.There is lots and lots of preperation yet to be done and I will be running most of the day.
I took this picture without permission from Miss Becky,to show you some of the beautiful Tulips around town ( and hot chicks with kids too!!!!)
The weather sound prety good so I am hopeing for large crowds.
I will post some pictures later on, do not expect to much the rest of the week.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last of Lost Josie Talks

I decided now that I have calmed down and am again breathing normal and my heart has stopped racing I can fill you in on the last of the Josie on the loose saga.

After work yesterday my neighbor and I decided to make some fliers to place around Alton where Josie was lost.I put them in several businesses and on stop signs where Josie was last seen.(I thought if Josie read it and forgot our home number it would help her to call).
I had come back home and was writing an updated blog about what I had done when my cell phone rang.I answered it and it was thew lady who had groomed Josie.She said .."Brian I have miss Josie here waiting for you to pick her up." I could not believe it.I honestly thought I would NEVER see her again.
When I went to get her she told me where she was found and who found her.Josie and I were together and went to the house right away.The family was all outside and I just asked to talk to my hero.The high school aged daughter was my hero.She explained to me she was with her nephew and was outside near the river and saw something.Upon further investigation they decided it was a dog and went to get her.
Thanks to the groomer spreading the word of Josie being lost the mom had heard from her other daughter who worked in the bank about the dog.They took Josie to the groomer who gave her a bath and called me.
We are all doing fine,however I can tell Josie is still a little traumatized from it all as she does not want to go outside now.
Again thanks for prayers and encouraging words.
I guess unless you have a pet you do not understand how upsetting a lost pet can be.
If anyone knows of a good pet therapist I think Josie may need a few months of therapy!!!!!LOLOL

Friday, May 9, 2008

Try to keep up hope.

I just went and picked her up!!!!!!She was found and doing good!!!!I am to excited to write
Thanks for the prayers!!!!!
I will post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prayer needed

Please pray for my sweet dog Josie.
I had taken her for a haircut today and her collar slipped off her head after the cut and she ran away.
Others and I spent 2 hours looking for her,saw her once and she ran.
Pray that she is found and returned to me. I will keep you updated.
She looked sooooo cute after her cut.She is my baby,my sweet little child.
I am almost physically ill now,just hope I can sleep.

As of 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning no news.I have calls out to the radio stations,police department as well as Sherifs department.
It is the not knowing that is upsetting.The knot in my stomach is getting bigger.
Please keep praying for my baby!!!! Thanks
Word is out to all I can think of.
In the mean time Charlie the old dog keeps walking around the house looking for her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Almost that time again

In just a little over a week I will be spending much of my time in this windmill information booth.During the three days of the festival I spend my mornings telling people where to go,where to find it,where to eat,where the restrooms are where the tulips are, you name it I will try to answer it.As long as it pertains to our Tulip Festival.One year I had a women ask what time the chicken races started. I assured her there were none here.She became upset arguing that they were indeed here.I politely assured her in all my years here there we NEVER any chicken races!!!
At about 1:00 p.m. I find my dancing partner and join the adult Dutch Dancers performing for our guest.And I do mean performing.In years past dancers have gone the wrong way,fallen,had skirts fall down and one year had my dance partner not grabbed on I would have shown a little more of me then I had wanted to,hence the wearing shorts under the costume.
After the dancing I go and carry Dutch flags through the parade followed by pushing the flower cart.
It is three fun filled busy days that I just love!!!!It is fun to greet visitors to our town and talk to them.It is fun to graze my way through all the food vendors and eat all kids of junk food.
Oh and on Saturday afternoon after the parade a friend and I get on the public address system and chit chat about the festival for 2 hours.By then there is not much to talk about but it is good comedy for the people walking the streets.
Who knows maybe I'll post some pictures.
For more information or to see more picture of the festival go to