Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dedicate to Becky

With heat indexes in the upper 90' and predictions of temps in the upper 90's by the weekend and heat indexes higher I spend much time inside.So along with Miss Becky you will fund us near this.
Ohhh wait I better reword that.Becky will be at her place and me at mine.Do not to get any rummors going and make Steffie mad at me.
Sending cool thoughts your way.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breathing easier now.

Any one who has ever worked in health care will sympathize with this post.
The annual state nursing surveyors just left today after being here since Monday.They come once a year,(unless called for a complaint)and are normally here anywhere from 3-5 days.Usually it is 5 so we were lucky they left in 4 days,actually they left around noon today.
They come in unannounced,and put the fear of Barbra Walters in you.They are there to find errors in cares,charting,documentations you name it they look for it.Some times it can be as simple as touching a door and not washing your hands before you go on to the next resident.They will pay extra attention to several resident and want to see all the cares we do from bathing to putting them on the toilet,to the nurse passing their medication to making sure the food is at a specific temperature.
The first few years I was scared stiff when they came around, now I just chat with them, and find out about them and schmooze em as much as I can.
Lucky for us the three that came this time were all very nice and friendly,and not intimidating at all.
I chatted with one about her dogs and joking she started her job when she was 10 years old since she had been doing it for 12 plus years.(Hey I told you I was schmoozing them).
Over all we did a great job,they were impressed with the good friendly staff, and commented on how well the residents spoke of us.
Out boss left for vacation after they left with a huge smile on her face and a even bigger weight lifted of her shoulders.
So until around this time next year we can breath a little easier now.
One funny resident storey....
One lady who is often sleepy and does not talk much rang her call light the other day.When the aid went in to see what she wanted the resident told her she was going on a train ride.a little while later she rang again, this time I went into the room only to be told she was going in the buggy and would not be back until tomorrow,without missing a beat she looked at me and said..... SEE YA LATER!!!!
How many of you can say your jobs bring you so much enjoyment.

ON a sadder note one of the residents passed away Tuesday.Talking with the family and hearing their praises for what all the staff did for her made me so proud.Talking with her children and being at the visitation last night to pay my respects left me feeling so good.Knowing I made a persons finally days on this earth respectful and peaceful makes me so proud.I know God lead me back for a reason and I am so grateful.Having this ladies son hug me tightly and with tears in his eyes thank me and tell me if he were around when my parents died he would be there for me too gave me chills.For my goal in this job is to treat these residents the way I would want my parents treated if they were in a home.
May each of you find a blessing in your works at your job or at home.May you be as richly blessed as I have been.Wishing you joy and happiness and courage to face each challenge God places on your door step.
I think of all of you people waiting for the green light to advance in the adoption process,or those of you who have recently gotten a child and face the struggles that come with the adjusting time.
God will and has placed these children in homes where he knows how greatly they will be loved.May you feel his ever presence each and every day.
Sending my love,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The horse and the old man

What am I talking about you may ask? Allow me to tell you.
I was sitting eating my lunch today when our administrator was chatting with us.She was saying sure was funny what happened yesterday.Not knowing what she was talking about I asked her to explain.
Seems one of our elderly male residents was walking the halls and was letting the horse get some fresh air!!!Yep, a nurse was walking down the hall and met this man and thought she saw something hanging out,thinking she was seeing things she looked again.Sure enough after going to the bathroom he forgot to put the horse away and close the barn door.
Guess it was a good thing I missed it,I think I would gave been laughing to hard to help him get it put away.
Pretty sad when this is the best I can come up with to blog about.Sorry folks!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Six word memoir

K1 tagged me some time ago to do a six word memoir to tell about me.Not wanting to make a cop mad I decided to play along.(Better late then never)

So here it goes.
1.Always wanting to make others happy.
2.Love playing practical jokes on others.(fun not hurtful)
3.Waiting to have my weekend off.
4.Hoping K1 is happy I obliged.
5.Head hurting from thinking these up.

And there you have it!!!!
Hope you have a great day.
And remember always smile..... it makes people wonder wheat you are up to!!!!
(TRUST ME IT WORKS)!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back in time

I had said some time ago I was going to post about this and after reading an other blog I felt I needed to.

I want to tell you about a true friendship.But in order to do this I need to go back many years.So lets set our time capsule back to about 1989-1990.(Hey i said it was a long time ago).
I had some close friends Hobie&Kathy whom I had gotten to know very well.We shared many good times and bad.
I was finding myself to be very withdrawn and unhappy.I felt that life had no purpose and I had no reason to live.And if I were gone who would care!!!!I was to the point that I honestly wanted to kill myself.I felt such pain and figured no one would care any way.Was I ever wrong.
Out of total desperation I picked up the phone and called Hobie and said PLEASE PLEASE come right over I need to talk.He came right over and we began to talk.However being a typical male he was very uncomfortable talking about this and called his wife over right away.After several hours of talking I had sworn I would not harm myself and they were going to help me get some much needed help.The following day they had made arrangements with a Doctor friend of theirs to see me on a Saturday afternoon.They came to pick me up and take me to the doctor.Sat in the office with me for a short time to help go over some stuff and then stepped out.The Doc and I talked for some time and he got me started on some medication.With a sworn promise again that if I got to feeling to bad I would call,he allowed me to leave.(He wanted to have me admitted to a unit for help).That part comes later.
They took me back home checked in on me several times and I slowly was able to function and got some therapy and was doing OK.Fast forward 2 years.Again when I had a relapse my ex wife and the friends were there to help.(Actually the friends more then the ex)She was mad at me for this and wanted me to snap out of it!!!Hello if I could I would.
These friends have since moved away,but I know in my heart that God brought them just at the right time to help me.
I remember asking Hobie once why he kept sticking bye my side even when I could be so mean and hurtful to them.His reply,because I know there is a great guy who is inside there wanting to get out!!!!That is a true friend.
Are you that kind of a friend???If you were busy with your family and a friend called and said I need you right away what would you do???
I think God kept me on this earth to be an encourager to others who deal with this as well.To let them know there is hope,there is light at the end of that dark tunnel.
My hope is that you too can be that light,you can be that glimmer of hope if you are called upon to do so.
If any of you have ever helped a friend like mine helped me God bless you.You may have saved them from making some very bad choices.
The sad part is after they moved away we slowly lost touch,but I know I will always have a place in my heart for them.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

May the spiritual gifts God has given you be a blessing to others.
Do not be afraid to use them.
I see the work of his hands through so many of you.
May God bless you the way I have been blessed.
Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My laugh for the day

I had a great laugh at work today, thought I should share it. Please ladies (Steffie) do not get jealous!!!!!
I went into a room to answer a call light today.Upon entering the room I asked the female resident what do you need? She has been very confused and not making to much sense lately, so I had no idea what she would want.As soon as I asked her what she wanted she replied..... I want a kiss!!!!I said what???? She repeated I want a kiss.
So I decided I would go along with it, after all I often give them a hug or a peck on the cheek.So I started to lean over to give her a peck on the cheek.....but she went for my lips!!!!!I then said do you need anything else? She said NO!!!! so I left the room in stitches. One just never knows what will happen.
That is why I named my blog ..All in a Day's work!!!!
Did I ever mention how much I enjoy my job.How many of you can say you get paid to be kissed by someone???
Hope all of you have a safe and Happy 4Th.I'll be working but have the weekend off.