Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All is well.

I do not have anything to blog about this week other then to say life is good.
My job is going fairly well. It is my favorite time of year weather wise.Mild days with temps in the 70's and cool nights.However this weekend they say there is a chance for frost,that may be a little to cool.
My health is good I can go to work,I have a home,plenty of food.Friends who care about me.
Yes Life is good.
Let us just please remember Becky and her family @Chloe makes six.There son Caleb is having a spot from his arm removed on Thursday and it does have them concerned.Please keep them in your prayers.
Have a great remainder of the week.


Beckyb said...

Thank you Mr. Brian - how thoughtful. And yes, in spite of it all - All IS well!!!

K1 said...

I'll add Caleb to my sidebar Prayer Request list.

K1 said...

Brian, Thanks for the kind words. I agree with your estimation that we'd probably be friends if we lived closer. Lots in common, it seems.

Too bad you've an aversion to travel. You could come on out to Katiepalooza. :-)

Let us know how Caleb fares. And, how is your friend, Teresa?

crazylady said...

I can pee on your sunshine if need be?
Life is going too well over here me thinks. I may need to crash the party. That's what heffers do afterall.
Sleep awake my friend.

nikki said...

You know, I'm feeling the same way right now about life...I also am loving the cooler weather, but NO FROST HERE thank you very much!

Glad you are feeling thankful for all the goodness in your life.

The Bilbys are certainly in my prayers -- love them sooo much!

Janet said...

Glad all is well with you, Mr. Brian.

redmaryjanes said...

Life is good. Becky's boys have been on my mind, I will keep them in my prayers.
I'm glad that all is well for you. You are a very special man.

Salome's Mom said...

You are such a thoughtful man Mr.Brian. You have a great weekend too.