Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out of the mouth of seniors

I will never get tired of what the pleasently confussed come up with.
Recently as we were eating lunch,one of the funniest things was again said by one of the residents.
She looked at one of our staff members who has gray hair and said...
You need to color your hair.
It just makes me laugh how they say what is on their mind.
Little kids and old people.
I look forward to the day I can say what i honestly think.
Look out!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Almost over the hill.

Tomorrow the 12Th makes yet another candle in the cake for Mr.Brian.It will be the last year in the 40's.Yep I turn the big 49.Oh how time flies,seems like just yesterday I hit the big 40.
Age has never bothered me yet.I figure it beats the alternative.As long as I have my health,can go to work and have at least most of my mind (I struggle some days) I am good.
No big plans,since I do not do well after 9 pm anyway.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Update on sister.....
She is home.Dr's still have not ruled out a slight stroke,but all is well.Again thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.It warmed my heart.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Many thanks.

I can not say enough thanks for all the kind words and prayers offered for my sister and our family.
I talked to my mom after work today and the news is very good.
The Dr.s have not ruled out a stroke but also say it could have been caused by a migraine.They stated there is no permanent damage and she may be released by Thursday.They have several more test scheduled and if all is good she may go home.
It was a big scare for all of us and we are so grateful that all should be good.
Thanks so much for the prayers and kind words,it meant so much to me.
This has motivated me to get serious about a weight loss and getting my own health and weight under control.Motivate???? just so I do it too!!!
Have a great day!!!! And again thanks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hard to understand.

I think by now all of you know I work in a nursing home.It is a job I enjoy and feel I have been blessed to do.It has many rewards,but also some hard things as well.
One of the hardest things I face with my job is death.
Now I consider myself to be strong in my faith and know God has a wonderful plan for all of us.However I often do not understand why an elderly person who is very sick,weak and dying needs to suffer so long.It tears my heart to be helping a resident who is so weak and frail and wanting to be called home to heaven and they just keep going on.Deep in my heart I know that in (HIS) time they will be called home.I just ache seeing them suffer and loose so much dignity before they can pass away.Seeing a frail body just hanging on seems so hard.
I have often prayed a pray at night that the Lord calls them home soon.Is this wrong??? I do not know.
Today we had a resident take a quick change in condition for the worse.Family was called, and they always want to know how long?????It could be hours,days.....we do not know.
Yes I am at a job I love,but also a job that brings much sadness and questions.
I will cry with the family as their loved one takes their last breaths, I will be their rock if needed,I will give great hugs.I will just give a warm smile or a friendly word of support.
But I will never understand why one who is so ready to go to their Heavenly home has to suffer so long.
I know none of you will have the right answer to this nor do I expect you to. I think I just needed to write about my feelings and express my feelings I have at times.
Is it wrong to pray that they are called home????I do not have the answers .
Thanks for letting me share from my heart.
As I go to bed tonight I will pray that God is mercifully and soon calls these people who are suffering home.
with a heavy heart.
I bet you folks enjoy my funny stories more then the deep thoughts.

As an added note please pray for my sister Sheila.I got a call from my parents that she had a stroke today.She is 50 years old.At this time we do not know how severe it is but please pray for a full recovery.My mom stated she was hving problems with her speach and numbness on lips and tounge.Not sure about left otr right side.
Also pray they mom and dad are at peace when they are worried about their child.As mom stated this is to happen to the parent not the child.

****** An update on my sister.My mom just called again and said the Dr. said it was a mini stroke and thigs look good.He stated thanks to her coming into ER when she did it prevented a full blown stroke.(good thing her husband was persistant in her getting checked out.0
Thanks for all the kind words and prayers.