Friday, November 2, 2007

A blog Shower.

My dear friend Red Mary Jane (Kimberley),over at seventh diamond asked if I would post this for her.She seems to think I have a big fan club that follows my blogs.She said she knows I am a man and such but wanted me to post this.
Verna is our Blog Fairy,she has designed many many blogs for people including myself.She and her husband Keith will be traveling soon to pick up their son.
Please visit for all the details.
Be sure to bring your own bar of soap,shampoo and a towel and join in the fun.
(I've never understood why people want to get together and shower????LOLOL


redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much Mr. Brian!! You are a wonderful man.

LaLa said...

Isn't she the greatest?? both of them!!

See ya in (I mean at) the shower!!

Dannye said...

gotta get together and shower so we all smell good...I mean feel good...oh heck I don't know what I mean...hehe

Steffie B. said...

Well I never bring a towel so I hope no one is offended! ;)