Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can'r believe you asked that.

Now admit it, we've all had it,the stupid questions.
I always remember being told there is no such thing as a stupid question.I always tried to hold true to that until a few years ago.When I worked my factory job before going into Sr.Care I worked with a women who gave a new meaning to the word "stupid question".It would never stop.
Here are a few examples....
We are sitting at break at 9:30 in the morning,it is almost dark as night,it is thundering and pouring down rain.She asks.... is it going to rain today?????
2.One of the women shared a recipe for chicken bundles.Chicken w/cr cheese a few other things wrap in crescent rolls and bake.The lady kept asking what kind of chicken????Umm lets see maybe a German chicken raised by a Polish family???? I always thought chicken was chicken.

Other stupid questions I've been asked you dropped a plate with food on it and someone walks by and asks.... did you drop something.???? No I just decided I was going to eat off the floor today!LOLOLOL!!!
A gal I worked with had twins a boy and a girl someone asked if they were identical?????Now that is stupid!!!!!
Now it is your turn share with me your favorite stupid questions.
This could be fun.If you want you do not need to leave your name ,post anon.
Just have fun.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving friends

Let's not forget our many blessing this Thanksgiving.
One being great friends.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Look

Many thanks to Verna and Becky and their Christmas Cheer.
Let me rephrase that their Christmas Happiness and decorating my blog for me.
I've got my lights up outside. I am going for the Griswold look this year.
I'll try taking pictures and posting them.
Hope you all have a great Turkey day Tomorrow .
I will be going to my sister with my parents.Friday I plan on decorating inside.
Whew I dread it already,but it always looks nice.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Did you see it?

Rather exciting for our town of about 5,500 people. The gal who won the competiton is from our small Iowa town.This was on the Rachel Ray show.
I thought that was pretty special.
Her mom goes to my church and we had fun trying to get her to spill the beans last night,with (NO) luck at all.
She won some great prizes....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday thoughts

Nuf said.
Have a wonderful week!!!
Go out and be a blessing to others.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Over heard at work

I am posting just a few of the things my co-workers and I have overheard in the past from the residents.Some gave us have a hearty laugh.
1. Conversation between two people one a retired pastor.
Pastor to a lady resident.I have not seen your husband around for a while where has he been? Lady responding...He has been dead for ten years you dumb ass!!!!

2.Please let me sleep,I do not want to dance the JIG!!!So nice of you to offer but my legs no longer work.

3. One resident called and told her daughter that a staff member was fired for beating up her roommate.The daughter called her sister to ask if it was true.(mmmm excuse me but mom is demented).

4.Lady who is very hard of hearing talking to her daughter as a nurse leaves the room.(She is much nicer then she looks.)

5.Residents talking shortly before the election.So who do you think the next president will be,McCain or Osama Bin Laden????

6.After a man who will very very seldom go to any activity was to one.That man (not me an other worker)should be hung upside down for 30 minutes a day for making me sit through that with all those old white haired ladies in wheel chairs.

These are just a few that come to mind at the moment,but I know there are and will be many more.There is seldom a day where we do not have a few good laughs.

Have a great weekend all!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do your thing

I got my flu shot today.Have you gotten yours?????Play it smart.
Dont have this happen to you this winter.
After all I need to take care of the old folks.And you are needed too.
Go out and get your shot!!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thought for today

Sorry sick nursing home humor!!!
I just had to.
Has it ever happened to you?? Come on be honest!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Plenty of food

Today and again tomorrow (Sunday) myself and about 7-8 others are preparing a meal to feed about 375 people at our church.It is our annual Harvest Supper and this year our small group decided to prepare the meal.(well 2 decided and the rest of us agreed to help.
We started by peeling around 400 potatoes.others chopped carrots,celery,onions and other things.After this it was time to prepare the 12, 20lb turkeys.Rinse,,butter stuff,get into cooking bags.After a break for lunch we got the Cole slaw ready.Around 50 lbs of Cole slaw followed by the dressing with the (top secret) ingredient.SHHHHH I will never tell,but it gave it a great flavor.We ended the day around 4 p.m.
Jump to tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m.we return to debone the turkeys that cooked in roasters over night.Start boiling the potatoes and boil and boil some more potatoes.Make stuffing, gravy,mash the 400 potatoes....
It has been soooooo much fun to prepare this food.The fun we all had together and will tomorrow is all worth the busy weekend.
The meal is set for 6:00 p.m. Sunday.
After the meal we have a wonderful time of praise and worship with testimonies of thanksgiving for ways we have been blessed this year.
It is often a tearful and emotional time,but a wonderful time to see how God has worked in many lives this past year.
Please join in the fun and share with me how God has blessed you this past year.It will be fun to read all the ways God has been at work.
I will start it off for you.

I was so blessed this past year with friends from church who strongly prayed and supported me as I went through tough times at my old job.I returned to my true passion at the nursing home and could not be happier.I have found out how sometimes more money is not as important as happiness is.I also have learned that sometimes you need to step back and see things are not so bad.People who can annoy you maybe are not so bad if you really look for the good in them.
Now please join in and add what you are thankful for.Invite a friend to do the same.Do your own I am thankful for......
Lets spread the happiness.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Big winner

This is the amount of money I won today at the local grocery store.
They give you a ticket each time you visit and have a drawing on Saturday.Each week the money does not go out they add an extra 100 to the jackpot.
Today I had the winning number,and won the $700.00.
I was shaking so bad I had to ask someone else to confirm the number was right.
Whoopa I am sooooo excited!!!!!!