Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not dealing with it well

I know I wrote about this already yesterday but I think it may be good therapy for me to write about it some more so please let me talk (or write).
I keep telling myself that I know it is her time and after all at 105 years old lets face it she has lived a great life.However my heart is not saying that.My heart is saying no God please I do not want to let her go. She is so very very special to me. My reasonable side of the brain tells me this is all part of the job, it happens deal with it accept it and go on.My overly sensitive side says NO NO NO I want to keep her forever.I cannot begin to explain how I am feeling and the sadness I am feeling.It is time like this I think get out from this job Brian seeing them die can be to hard on your soft side. Then again a part of me wants to be there to make sure if I am with them when they take there last breath it is taken knowing the person there cares for them.Like others I know the pain will get easier. I know there will be others who will steal my heart. But for now my heart aches.
I just want her to go peacefully no suffering, no fighting for breath and mostly no pain.
Thanks for letting me pour out my heart. I know she is going to a wonderful place.She is ready to go home, to be reunited with loved ones.I hurt because I will miss the hugs, the joking around, but mostly her smile that could warm up a room and her sparkel in her eyes that just made you love her all the more.I promise no more downer blogs.....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Please take her home God!!!

It is with great sorrow and sadness that I write this today.I know I've talked before about special residents who are being called home, but this lady is one extra special lady not only to me but to all of us who care for her.I will never put into words how very very special she has been. She just turned 105 years old at Christmas and up until about 2-3 weeks ago you would never have known.She was always so spry and full of life.She loved to get hugs and gave the best hugs back. She always talked about hitchhiking back to Hospers where she had lived for many many years of her life.I remember one day telling her that hitchhiking would not be safe and some bad person could pick her up. She just called me a sissy pants and said I needed to be tougher. Imagine a person 104 years old telling a guy in his 40's to toughen up.When ever someone would bring in a dog she would just glow. She always said,I think I will just keep him in my room.she would then go on to tell you of her love for dogs and how she always had one until she got married. She had married a widower with 5 or 6 children. She would joke the reason her husband would not let her have a dog was he was jellous of them. Then she would smile and laugh.
I feel truely blessed to have known her and cared for her but now my coworkers and I must let her go. I knelt by her bed before I went home today and asked God to please take her soon as we do not want to see her in pain and suffering any more.That had to be one of the hardest things I have ever done, to realize I am letting her go home to be with our Lord and Savior. Oh what a wonderful thing it will be for her.No one ever said this job would be easy, but I never thought saying goodbye could also hurt so much.I only wish you would have known this dear sweet friend too, I know you would have loved her as much as we all do.
I know it may sound silly but I ask that you please remember to say a prayer for all of us this week as I know we will all be feeling an emptyness as we say goodbye to a very special lady.
Go in peace Johanna my dear, go in peace.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dry spells

I never would have thought that I could actualy have a dry spell at the nursing homes.There almost always seems to be some comment or action that has happened that is worth blogging about.However this week that was not the case. Dull dull dull is the only way to describe it.So I am thinking that this time I need to share one more of my childhood tales.
I promise that this will be short and sweet spoken by a true little brother. However it seems my mom always enjoys reminding me of this.I guess that is what a mom is for it to always be there to remind there grown children of a not so proud moment there kid had.
I have no idea how old I was but I am guessing 8-10 years old.My sisters and I were getting into the car and I had opened the door and was waiting for them to get into the car. (Yes I was being a gentalman and holding the door and waiting for them to get into the car.) However my sister s were waiting for little brother to get in first you know watching out for and helping there cute loving sweet well behaved fun loving brother.Ok maybe I should just say there were waiting for there pain in the neck brother.As I was waiting for them I looked at my sister and said Ladies first you dumb cluck.Well I meant well just needed to work on the wording a little.
Any way that is my dull not so fun blog for a day or two. Lets just hope I have a little more happening this next week or my memorie gets jogged again.
Till then always remember.... Ladies first!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just do not call me late for dinner

One of the residents at the home where I work never calls me by my name but calls me Cornie. Cornie was a resident who had lived at the home several years ago.He seems to have left a lasting impression on this one particular resident.
Any time I talk to her, feed her or am near her she says Oh Cornie your so funny or oh Cornie this and that.
Now this may not seem like a big deal to you folks but other staff find this totally amusing because Cornie was an interesting old man.I say interesting but maybe I should say (dirty) old man.I say dirty I am not talking unclean.I am talking the gals tried to stay clear of him because he liked to pinch the gals in the tush.He also liked to make comments that could make the pope turn red in the face.He must have left some lasting impression on this lady because I am still Cornie. ( I promise I've never pinched her in the tush)!!! LOLOLOL
One of my former coworkers Joel was always called Groucho by one of the ladies. Time and time again he was Groucho. You would hear her yelling help me Groucho,Groucho come here.Good thing Groucho, I mean Joel found this amusing. For some reason the name has stuck with him at least with me it has. I seldom call him Joel but almost always refer to him as Groucho
Groucho has moved away from Orange City now and lives about 4 hours away.It has been a big adjustment for me to not have a very good dear friend in town any more.We chat often on the computer but it just does not seem the same.Grouch was by no means a grouch. He is the kindest most gentle man you could ask for. And as for a friend he would do almost anything to help you. He always had and still has a way of making a bad moment good again. It may be just listening or he may have some wise crack comment that lifts your spirits up again.I am so happy for him as he and his family have moved on to better there lives, but I sure miss the close friendship he and I shared. By the way his wife is a saint for always putting up with his and my crazy actions.
I miss you buddy.But I am so proud of your success as a Paramedic. Way to go Groucho!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tooting my own horn

Today I am going to toot my own horn.I try not to do this but as you read this I hope you realize I was just being me.
A little over a week ago one of our residents had fallen and broke her hip.She had fallen off of the toilet in the bathroom of her room. Now these bathrooms are by no means large. A toilet and sink is all.After this resident fell the nurse did his job and was checking her over and decided she needed to go to the hospital.The ambulance was called and as we waited I sat with her.I got right down on the floor and sat and held her hand and sang to her,prayed with her and just talked to help keep her mind off the pain.(not so sure it helped but at least it got her to think of other things).
Her room mate was very impressed with what I had done and told one of her friends who was calling on her. This friend took the time to go talk to our boss about what I had done and how impressed she and her friend(the room mate) were.This friend told my boss that the room mate was moved to tears that anyone would take the time to do this and show such love and concern.
My boss left me a note saying how proud she was to have me working there and that she was also very pleased to hear of my actions.
This resident who had fallen was 102 years old and went through surgery to have a ball in her hip replaced and she has since returned to the home. Amazing!
Now granted to say it made me feel good OK great to get a note from the boss about how proud she was of me. However I think I was so happy to know how God used me in a very special way and at a very special time to be there that day.It has just reassured me how he has placed me in this job for a reason.I did what I always say I want to do there. Give these people the love and respect they deserve and treat them the way I want my parents to be treated if they ever are in a nursing home.
Now I admit there are some days my temper gets a little short with these people and one day it got me in some trouble.But that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It was a good reminder of why I am there.
I ask a favor of all of you. Tonight when you go to bed say a prayer for people like me that work in a nursing home and ask that God bless us and grant us patients and mercy each and every day. Some days the job is very stressful and we need Gods grace and mercy.
Thanks and Gods Blessing to you too.
I hope you read this as me being proud for what I do and not asking for a pat on the back because that is not my intentions.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Childhood memories

After reading the blog from Becky about kids saying funny things it reminded me of a story my mom likes to share about me.I was a young boy grade school age and she was helping me study my catechism lesson.
She asked me the question,what did God do after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden?I sat there thinking and thinking but not coming up with the correct answer. Being a good mom she coached me along by starting to say.... he drove ....Still not sure of the answer she went on to say....he drove them out of the garden.
It was then that a light came on and I said Oh yeah mom I remember that. I saw a picture of it he drove them out in a pickup.
Yes kids do say the darnedest things.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dulls ville

I do not know if it is good or bad that I am suffering from blogger block.Either I've run out of things to write about or some fun things are just slipping my mind.This could be the problem after the glasses thing a few days ago.I prefer to think of it as nothing exciting has been happening. Some times I think we become so used to the strange things going on that it does not bother us.
I guess the only funny thing I can remember so far from this week was a comment a lady made to me Tuesday.
I was walking one of our _______________ (fill in the blank.) If you said pleasantly confused you are correct.I was walking one of our pleasantly confused residents to the restroom. Now I should tell you this lady has a habit of talking strange. Saying some off the wall things that make you kind of go did I hear that correctly.
As I was walking her to the bathroom she said I pissed in the bed I pissed in the bed.Now that is the kind of talk we are used to with her but.....She then looked at me and asked.Do you go piss in the bed.Not having my hearing aids turned up to 10,(OK so maybe I do not have any but there are times I wonder if I am hearing what I think I am hearing). I said to her what was that you said. She repeated herself do you piss in the bed. I could only laugh and say not yet but some day I may.
It got me to thinking how we go in a complete circle in life.We enter the world needing to be fed clothed and wear diapers. we grow up we take care of our family. Then you get old go to a nursing home where again you need to be bathed,fed and have someone change your diaper again.Kind of scares me to think of getting to that stage of life.I just hope there are still people willing to do that work when I need the care.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dog sitting

My neighbors are lucky enough to be vacationing in Arizona during our cold snap in Iowa. While they are gone I am dogie sitting for there Boston Terrier, Buster.Buster has been with me a few times before when they have gone away and we get along just fine. Buster is a pampered pooch who I think maybe is as spoiled if not more spoiled then my dog Charlie.And I admit Charlie is very spoiled.
I am beginning to learn what parents go through when the kids are fighting for the parents attention. It seems that both dogs coming from homes where there are no children present seem to think they need attention all the time.Charlie is very demanding when he wants to be petted. He will just keep pawing at me until I pet him and if I stop before he has enough loving he will make it clear he wants more daddy time. OK so I call my self daddy to him admit it I bet many of you folks refer to yourself as mommy and daddy to your pets/ RIGHT????
now I have a bigger problem because now I have 2 dogs wanting loving at the same time.So with my left hand Charlie is laying on the top back of the couch and I am stretching to pet him . With my right hand I have a dog panting heavily into my face and am petting him.After some time they both go and lay down and sleep. Now on a rare occasion Charlie will snore lightly,however Buster is a different story.I can honestly say if a spouse snored like Buster I think it would be grounds for divorce. I am amazed that so much noise can come from such a small animal.
He is so well behaved that he is a joy to have around. He listens well most of the time. At least better then Charlie, and has been a joy to watch play.However I will have to ask his mom and dad if they can sleep through his snoring. I usually let dogs sleep with me as Charlie does but if Buster were in the room there would be no sleeping for me.
Moral of this blog............ do I ever admire you parents who have to deal with sibling rivalry.

Fun Boss

I happen to be lucky and have a boss who is a lot of fun. She is always good natured and laughing.(well almost always).
Recently at the nursing home they did some redecorating and got some new pictures and painted the walls new window treatment etc.After doing this there was some old art work that no longer was being used. Our boss decided to have a drawing to give the old pictures away.Some of the pictures were real nice and some were well lets just say something you would find at grandma's house or in some of your cases great grandma (since you are all so much younger then I am). How was that for a compliment?
Back to the story. One of the pictures was a Jesus picture you know the one we have all seen then in grandma's kitchen . The one with the side profile of Jesus. Now for some odd reason none of us workers wanted that picture. However some one whom shall remain nameless decided to sign up one of their co-workers for that picture. And he was lucky enough to win that picture. Soon after winning that picture he quit working for us and took a job at Vogel's in Orange City.
Again last week there were more pictures to give away and again yet another Jesus picture. I guess a nursing home can never have to many of them around.So after this drawing again no one wanted it so our boss was trying very hard to again get rid of this one. One of the aids whom again shall remain nameless suggested to Char(the boss lady) that it would be nice if this coworker had this picture as well. Thinking I was I mean this worker was a genius she decided to take me I mean that aid for a ride. We I mean they found this former coworkers car and placed the picture on his front seat with a note. Thought you would enjoy a matched set.
You have to love a boss who enjoys playing a good joke on someone.And that is Char a great boss who like to have fun but also will let you know if you screwed up.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Beauty Queen?

One of the residents at the home where I work is very particular about her looks. Every time you walk past her room and look in her room she is putting on powder and primping herself.She is always combing her hair and putting on lipstick.
Now to you women you may think so what i do that too. But all day long???Now I will admit she does not look terrible bad for being in her late 80's.And there is nothing wrong with looking nice and keeping yourself fresh.
My real point of this is how she goes on and on about how BEAUTIFUL she is and does not look her age.Why "I even won a beauty pageant when I was young", she always tells us. Sorry honey but I think NOT!!!!She also has told us how kids fought to sit by her in Sunday School when she was a child.
Oh did I mention she is pleasantly confused too!!! Big surprise right.
One of the most entertaining things with her is that she goes into a ranting chorus about a man helping her any time I walk into the room.Slapping her hands she will go on and on about NO MAN IS GOING TO HELP ME!!!She has even refered to me as a big sissy for doing a women's job.
I do not let it bother me tho, I just add to the fun by offering to help her wash up or go to the bathroom. It is sometimes fun to add a little spice to the job. Just enough for a little comic relief. Ok so maybe I am a little naughty but pleas edo not tell on me.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hey it is amazing,it does still snow in Iowa!!!!!
It started snowing this morning and we are now under a winter storm warning!!!! we could get as much as 8 inches of snow or more.
We had a god laugh at work today. One of the residents who is 98 years old looked outside and said,"Oh it is snowing good, now we all need is for the winds to pick up." The nurse looked at her laughing and said "shame on you, but I forgot you like snow don't you?" This lady laughed and said yes I do!!!!I said as long as you can look at it from the inside out it is nice.
Maybe since she is a retired school teacher she likes it more. You know snow days!! I should have asked her. I will try to remember to do that.
I think she has to be some long lost relative of Becky if she loves snow that much... By the way Becky, she has lots of $$$$$$ owns land and such.
Best check it out.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

No questions about it friends I have officially lost my mind today!!
I was getting one of our residents dressed this morning when the nurse walked in and handed me her glasses.No big deal right? Guess again, because this is where my troubles begin.
I always make a habit of washing the residents glasses in the soapy water that I am also washing them up with. So when the nurse handed me this pair of glasses I washed them up and also decided to wash mine as well because they seemed dirty too.Sooooo I took the residents Glass's washed them and layed them on the counter by the sink and then washed mine. the Aftter washing the glasses I finished getting her dressed.I then took a pair of Glass's and put them on her. I saw there was an extra pair of glasses on the counter, being confused I took that pair as well as the pair on the resident and went to the nurse. I said,"Rob, I have a problem I've got two pair of glasses and I do not know who the other belong to because her roommate has hers on too."No sooner were the words out of my mouth and I realized who the other glasses belong to. Yes one pair were mine the other belonged to the resident.Feeling like a complete fool' I went back and put my glasses on and the other pair on the resident.
Needless to say,Rob had a good time teasing me the rest of the day and offering to put my name on my glasses as well as start me on medication for early stages of dementia. And now I am admitting this stupid moment to others!!!!! I better take more of Becky B's brain tests!!!!! Becky????????HELP!!!!!! Time for more tests please.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Crazy, that is the only way to describe work today.All of us staff agree that the weather is going to change BIG TIME!
Some of the more pleasantly confused were bouncing of the walls today,(well not literally) but very active. One lady kept trying to leave the building to go home. Lucky for us when the cold air hit her she would come back into the building.
One was walking the halls endlessly looking for her boys who were about two years old. (Hmmmm) she had those boys late in life I would say).Never did find them.
One lady was not wanting me around walking her and she said" I am going to stomp on your toes." You guessed it, SHE DID!!!!.Lucky for me it was not hard.
Before that she told one of the gals she was going to punch her brains out.
But before all this I had one real good belly laugh. And trust me I do have the belly for it.
I was doing stretching exercises with one of the residents and she said ouch that hurts. I told her sorry dear, she asked what did you say? I repeated sorry dear. she then said I thought that is what you said.. shall we get married?
I did not see that one coming. When I was done as I do with many residents I will sometimes give them a peck (kiss) on the cheek or forehead. Not thinking I gave her one to only hear her say that again.
I still got it!!!!!! To bad it is only with ladies over 90!!!!!!
And how was your day?????

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I"ve been tagged

Available or taken- Available
Best friend-Joel
Cake or pie-both maybe cake a little more.
Drink of choice-diet coke.
Essential item used everyday-Shower.
Gummy bears or worms-neither.
Home town-Orange City Iowa.
Indulgence-eating out on occasion.
January or February-January.
Kinds- none that I know of:), dog Charlie
Life incomplete -w/o friends and church family
Marriage- next question please.
Number of siblings-2 older sisters.Yes I am the baby and spoiled.
Oranges or apples.- Apples I guess it should be oranges for Orange City.
Phobias or fears-People not liking me or being mad at me.
Quote- Never eat yellow snow.
Reason to smile-waking up,it is also fun to just smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to.
Season- Spring,things turn green and it is Tulip Festival.
Tag 3 people- I think most have been tagged.
Unknown fact about me-I was awarded the 2002 volunteer of the year by the Orange City Chamber of Commerce for many years of volunteer service.
Veggie-Corn or carrots.
Worst habit -I have none..... OK maybe I worry to much.
X-ray- knees and ribs. Of course teeth too.
Favorite food- To many to mention.
Zodiac.Libra,October 12,1959.Yes I am 47. 50 is sounding younger each year.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A leson learned today.

It is kind of amazing when you think how a 99 year old lady can stop and make you think. But that is what happened to me today.
I was talking to one of our residents who was talking about the death of her husband and also a daughter. She had said how she was angry and did not want to be attending church. It was around Christmas and she remarked how she hated hearing Merry Christmas from people. She said what wa Merry about it after all she waw missing loved ones.
She went on to tell me how she made her self go to church that Sunday and that God truely spoke to her that day. She said the minister was praying and as he was she felt a presence of an Angel sitting next to her. She said she could smell the perfume.she did not say what the pastor was praying but she told me feeling the presence of that Angel she knew everything was going to be all right.
If you think about it how often is it true. We may not want to go worship or be in church for some eason but we make our self go.(Or God gives us an extra push). But as we sit there something some how God speaks to us through the minister.I know I've felt that the minister is looking right at me and speaking directly to me.Talk about squirming in the pew.I wanted to stand up and say OK you made your point!!!! I get it!!!!! It is amazing when we turn it over to God what a burden is lifted off of our chests, and how we know things will be OK.
I am so thankful to be able to take it to the Lord in prayer.He has been there for me always and I have had many struggles but without him at my side and the prayer and support of others I may not be here today.Never never be afraid to ask for prayer.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Thanks to Becky for a reminder for yet one more post.

I swear to you I do not make these up, they are true things that have happened to either my coworkers or myself. Mostly they have been ones I have been a part of.

One of the people I help care for seemed to take a little to much of an interest in me. Let me explain!

After one of the more active residents had passed away several of the more active ladies wanted to go to the funeral home to pay their respects. I was planning on going to so I offered to take these 3 ladies.To say it was an interesting experience is putting it mildly.One lady was great, talked to the family expressed sympathy and such. The second one (pleasantly confused) looked in the casket and said,who is that man in there he sure looks nice.Now you may be wondering so what is wrong with that.Wellllll the problem was it was a lady in the casket.OK so she was confused so we went on our way.

Now comes the problem.When we returned to the home the third lady asked me why don't you ever come and visit me, are you to busy with your girlfriend?I just tried to ignore this comment thinking she was just joking. However many of the times I helped her she would make comments that would make me squirm.Every time I had to help her I tried to be nice but cool and not be to friendly.

The final blow came one day when she said to me ,I bet your mom is glad we broke up, she did not want you to marry a Catholic did she.

That was when I finally had to break her heart and tell her she was never my girlfriend and that if I did anything like that i would be fired.I went on to explain that I did not like her talking that way and it had to stop.

It did for some time however she still gets excited when she sees me and I still feel uneasy when I am with her.

So maybe I have not lost my touch. It is just to bad I either attract young neighbor kids who want to talk to me or old ladies. Oh well such is life.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Looks can fool you.

If there is one thing I have learned from this job,it is NEVER let looks fool you.
There was one resident who when you would look at her appeared to be one of the most gentle kind hearted old grandma type ladies. Wrong!!!
Now do not get me wrong she could be so nice and fun.Her daughter had once told me in her day she was a very classy high society women.Always wore dresses and white gloves when she went out.
However over the years some of her sweet nature seemed to have been taken over by a rather unappealing nature.
When upset she would pinch and try spitting on you. At 100years old we were lucky her saliva glads were not working as well as years before.We would just say OHHHH, are you trying to blow me a kiss.I remember one particular day when she was being a real stinker and giving the gal who was bathing her a very hard time.This coworker called for help and being the knight in shinning armor I am to all my female coworker (whoo that bolt of lightning just missed me). Let me rephrase that,being a helpful coworker, (there that's better) I went to help.
Thinking I will just turn on the ole Brian charm and things will be OK, I went into action. With my kindest voice and flashing a huge smile I said whats the matter honey and gave her a kiss on the cheek.Thinking what lady could not be smitten by my actions I thought I would have her melting in my arms.WAS I EVER WRONG!!!!! She glared at me and said You darn fool if you think that is going to work you are wrong. Imagine my shock when she said that. Now granted to say I an no George Clooney but I was sure this lady would have softened up some.That was about 4 months after I started the job. I still try schmoozing my way with the old ladies some days it works other day it does not,you just never know.
Stay tuned there are many more Brian the women schmoozer stories yet to come.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Am I what???

I was told that I need to add humor again to my blog. I agree I've been a little serious this week.
Now I do not claim to have a hot body nor do I have wash board abs. I guess they would more likely be call mountain abs.The problem is I
enjoy eating way to much. I always say I am going to loose
weight but I never seem to get it done. Recently however I have given it some serious thought.After you read this you will understand why. And when you are done laughing hysterically
and get up off the floor I hope you will be kind and post some untrue but kind words.
Again I have to consider that this comment came from the pleasantly confused. In fact it is my Santa hat lady.( No %&$#@*^ it Jesus is the reason for the season) remember her.
Any way I was working with her one day several months ago and just trying to make small talk as I was doing her therapy exercises.She looked at me and asked,"are you pregnant" To say I was shocked was an understatement.Now mind you she is no "ten" herself,(but I guess none of them in the home are).I said to her "NO!!!! I am a man what do you think"? I then said to her 'are you :?
She had no humor to my reply and said "Of course not I am to old what are you thinking"?I said "well I am a man so I best not be either."
Again this proves my theory of old people and kids are a lot alike, they say what ever is on there mind.
This lady also has been know to call me King of the Jews and women Queen of Sheba. Yes she is a retired pastors wife. I just always remind myself she is unaware of what she is always saying. Or maybe she is really fine and just letting out all this repressed frustration over the years.Hmmmmm we may never know.LOLOL

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Not for weak stomaches.

Yes that is what it looks like.
After my post of the Did it rain last night?, Becky's comments was,at least it was not the other.
Well my friends that has happened too!!
Yes one day after returning from lunch we found shall I say a nice big surprise in the hall way.It seems this lady needed to go #2 and decided what the heck I will just go here.After some laughs and funny comments from staff we had the fun task of cleaning it up. Thank goodness for carpet shampooers.
I guess you would say some day my job can be the sh_ _ s. You fill in the missing letters.
That is why this blog is called All in a days work!!!!!!

Thank You God

This post today is not intended to make you laugh.
I just feel a need to share how blessed I have been in my job. Now do not get me wrong there are days that I could walk out and never look back.Yes you get frustrated, yes you get mad, you get burnt out. But at least I get to walk out and go to my own home.When you think of some of these people who are not that old and this is there home. We have three young ladies at the homes, one is 34 one 45 and one 56. Two whom are mothers and the kids live in foster home the other in Eastern Iowa in some group home for kids with different family situations.
To think that for many of these older people I am the only family (well we are a family to them). they have.Knowing that I can share with them what a glorious day it will be when God comes to take them home. Being able to care for them and love them the way a son or daughter who lives in an other state wants then cared for.
I strive to treat each and every resident the way I would want someone to care for my mom and dad.( not always easy). Some people are hard to love but many are hard NOT to love. We have one resident who is 105 years old and will steal your heart, we have one who is so crabby you just laugh.No matter the personality they are Gods children and they deserve to be treated with respect.
Now I am not looking for praise or a pat on the back but I challenge all of you if you see someone whom you know works in a nursing home to do me a favor. Please take the time to thank them and tell them you appreciate what they are doing. It will mean so much to them.
Maybe you should visit your local nursing home with your kids and just take the time to visit with a resident.You would be amazed how you could brighten the day for them.It coasts nothing and the reward you get is priceless.
There you have been challenged. Now give it a try. If you get hurt doing this I will come and clean your house for a week, make meals and do laundry.
If you take this challenge let me know how it went.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Gone Home

Heaven welcomed a wonderful person today.My very special lady was taken home today.There is a part of me that feels so sad knowing she and I will not share those special times and talks together anymore,however I shout great joys knowing how happy she is. We must rejoice knowing they are no longer in pain.
I am just happy I had a chance to know her. And I know Heaven is shining a little brighter today with her there.
I miss you my dear, please watch over me.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Never to many watches

It seems many of my stories are about pleasantly confused residents. I use the term pleasantly openly.
Many of these residents are the dearest person you could ask for.So kind and cheerful but just plain confused.
One resident fits this very well. She is always just walking the halls and smiling trying to find her room back. She often finds her way into other residents rooms and helps herself to there watches, glasses or what ever else may be laying on the table .One day we discovered she had at least 4 watches on her possession. Now the task of finding there proper owners began. Usually one of the staff knows who it belongs to or we wait until one of the residents says they are missing a watch. An other known trait of the demented is they like to pack things away in a good safe place. It just so happens they have no idea where that safe place is when they look for it later.We have found eye glasses in with the rubber gloves in the restroom, or wrapped in underwear in the drawer or maybe it will be in a pocket of some clothing in the closet.
i guess you would say I often get payed to play go fetch, or hide and seek.
Did I mention looking for lost dentures???? That can be a real treat too.
So if you are ever bored or you want the kids to do something for our elderly send them to your local nursing home and have em help find Aunt Mabel's glasses.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Almost Home

I am writing this with some sadness tonight,as I left work today I said goodbye to a special lady. (Yes I know many of them are special).This special lady is one of the politest women you could ask for.She never complains. Even as she gets closer to going home she has no complaints. Every time I would help her to get washed up and dressed she always and I do mean always says Thank You Very Much Brian!!!She is interested in the staffs family life as well as her own children's lives.She is a mother of 10 yes 10 children. One whom awaits her when she enters heavens gates.If you think about it what a great thing that is to be welcomed with open arms by the ones who have left us.I have found that threw this job I do have a chance to share my faith with others as well.It is good to be able to share with family that we know what a wonderful place we are going to be going to.That the tears we share are not all because of there death but because we know we will be missing times we shared with them.I shared with one of the daughters today that we as staff also feel the hurt as there loved ones are being called home,but rejoice in knowing that there will be no more pain, no more struggling for a breath,no more waiting for the day when we see our mom, dad, spouse,or child.
My dear friend I do not know if I will be seeing you again when I work again.But knowing that I've loved and cared for you and made your final days with us the best I could gives me great joy.
Please keep watch over me from heaven and some day I will see you again.
Heaven will be glowing when you enter his gates!!!!!
I love you my dear.. Go in peace

Did it rain last night?

It seems one of our more pleasently confussed residents has a roof that leaks in his room. There has been countless times when he awakens in the morning to find his floor wet.Myself as well as other co-workers have gone into his room in the morning only to find a rather large puddle on his floor.
One day he was sitting on his bed,looking at the ceiling and at the floor the ceiling and the floor. After some time he said to us," I just do not understand I do not see where the roof is leaking but it must be. And i did not know it even rained last night."
You see the true problem would be that he was the one to "RAIN".It seems that he had a little problem making it to the bathroom during the night and would go tinkle on the floor.However he said he would NEVER do that!
So we just get the mop and take care of the leak.
I am thinking we need a new roof above his room only.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! May 2007 bring you health and happiness.

And may your New Years Resolutions not be broken for at least 3 days.