Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Laughter is good for everyone!

Like many of you I always enjoy a good laugh even at my own expense.
I had a wonderful friend who loved to always play jokes on anyone who walked talked or breathed.Hobie,yes that was his name,actually Hobart but we called him Hobie, was known for jokes and pranks all the time.
I bought a house across the street from where they were living. This was after our friendship grew.
Anyway I often found it strange that when I would go away and close my garage door when I got home it was open or visa versa. This was happening so often I was starting to question my sanity.I never said anything to anyone in fear of them thinking I need shock therapy.You know that Brian is really strange he thinks his garage door goes up and down when he is not home. What a nut case he is!!! (Well I do admit I am a little crazy too).
Finally one day Hobie said to me, after you left I saw your garage door opening up, and you were not around.He went on to say yeah some kids were driving bye and had an opener I think they were doing it.I just blew it off and said I was wondering but just was not sure thinking I maybe had not closed the door. I went on to say to Hobie that I had heard of airplanes also flying over and sending out some frequency that could also be doing this.Hobie could not hold back any longer he started laughing and laughing and fessed up. It seems if he was outside and saw me leave the house in my car he would quickly walk across the street and open my garage door as one of his many pranks.
Hobie and his wife have since moved away and I seldom have contact with them any more but i cherish the memories we shared.
Hobie and Kathy also stood by my side when I battled depression. I was not always to nice to them but when I asked why he stayed my friend when I could be so nasty and say such hurtful things to him, he just hugged me and said because I knew there was a great guy trying to get out. That is a true friend.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Lucky me.

Mondays are often known to be hohum dull nothing exciting. We have to get into the work mode again. Back to work,schoolor what ever it is we have to do.So often when Monday is here it can sometimes bring a bad attitude.I was having a hohumm sort of a day to until I went to the grocery store. Each time you shop they give you a ticket and on Saturday afternoon they draw 4 tickets for a money give away.There is a jackpot that goes up $100.00 each week if not claimed and a $50.00 and two $25.00 tickets drawn each week.Now I must say the chances of winning are slim but I always hope that maybe just maybe I will hold that winning ticket.This week I did, I won $50.00 today.No conplaints from this man.I decided I am going to save it for now and treat myself to a nice dinner out some night.If there are any of you out there who would like to join me let me know.I am sure your husband or parent would not mind at all.LOLOL I think the $50 will have to be a pretty cheap date for two people but what the heck just being with such FUN company would be woth a trip to just Taco Johns.LOLOLOLOL
The weather man is talking of more snow headed our way again this week so I best not put the now blower away yet.
Hope all of you are well.Have a wonderful week and may the Lord bless you in a very special way.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

After the Storm

I must say we lucked out again in our area,not much snow.I would guess 5-6 inches.However the people in the county are not so lucky. They lost there power around 6:00 A.M. this morning (Sunday).And hard to say how long before all get there power back on.Ice on the lines and then the snow and wind.
It amazes me how we take electricity for granted all the time.I can remember one time when the power was out and I could not watch TV I thought no problem I will just turn on my stereo and listen to music and read. I walked over and Hmmmm my stereo is not working.. well duhhh no power Brian. So I got up walked into an other room flipped the light switch hmmmm the light is not working... HELLO BRIAN!!! Remember no power. And so it went. We are such creatures of habbit how we take water and electricity for granted all the time. I think tonight i will give an extra prayer of thanks for my lights and heat I had all day today. But also thank God for the men and women working all day to restore the power as well.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snow Storm

Things have been a little dull as far as work has been.I had no good laughs at work today, other hen the lady who changed clothes 3 times before noon and when I left work was wearing a dress with slacks under it with white socks and white canvas tennis shoes. I guess she heard about the weather and wanted to be dressed for it.
Yes the weather... Becky should be happy.We had a mixture of rain freezing rain today and now it has changed over to snow.
On the news tonight the weatherman said we could get up to 12 inches in Orange City.And the winds are to pich up too.Now I could truely enjoy this a lot more if it was not my weekend to work.However even if I had it off I am sure I would have gotten a call because of some poor damsil in destress who could not make it in.
And I understand I would not want to endanger my life to make it to work either. However we are always told plan ahead even if it means staying at the nursing home over night.
Since I only live about 6 blocks from both places I think if need be I can walk.
Sorry this was such a dull post but when you live a dull life posts are dull.Thank goodness for the residents.
I will try thinking of some more life experiances to share too.
Hope your weekend is good.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am crushed.

As predicted I have a great tale to tell from today. This just confirms that you have to laugh it off and can not take things personal when working with demented residents.
A co-worker and I were helping a resident when her room mate started on her rampage about men doing this kind of work.Now this is nothing new to me as she always goes off on how she would not give a nickel for me and my help.But today she added a line that had me almost rolling on the floor laughing.She was saying how she was leaving and getting out of here. Being the good employee I am I offered to get her some boxes to pack with. I guess that was not the best idea cuz that was when she went real wild.She refused the boxes and preceded to call me a name I've never been called before. In fact I dare bet no one has ever been called this before.
She said oh you buffalo belly just get out of here I do not need your help just get out of here.
Buffalo Belly!!!!!I am sorry I have to go now because I am crying from hurt feelings.Buffalo Belly???? Where do they come up with this?
I swear these stories are true who could make up such stuff.
Hope I was able to make you laugh again!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Can it get funnier

Just when I think I've heard it all it happens again. It is never a dull moment at the nursing home and I do mean never.
I know I've told you in the past of the 90 year old lady who thinks i am or was her boyfriend. She was the one who figured my mom was happy that we were no longer dating because she is Catholic. I think my mom would be happier because I was not dating a 90 year old resident but that is beside the point.
One of the two other guys I work with came up to me and said Mrs. A is real upset and crabby today. I just kind of laughed said yeah so why this time? He said because you got Charity pregnant. Charity is a co-worker who is married and expecting her second child in September.Mrs. A said to him I do not know if he is going to marry her or not but he should.Now the last time I checked it was not legal in Iowa to have more then one husband or wife at the same time. True I am not married,however I do think Charity's husband may object. You never know there may be some days he would give her away but I am sure all married couples would agree to that.
I am becoming a little more concerned again as yet an other coworker is with child. Nikki is also due the end of September.I sure hope that one is not mine too. LOLOLOLOL
How this ladies mind works is beyond me, where would a person come up with such crazy things?
As far as the fighters all was good and well today. Both ladies were as happy as can be.It must be the warm sunny weather.
Well tomorrow I am at the other facility so I'll see what excitement I can muster up there.Sure hope someone is crazy tomorrow, I need some stuff to write about. Other wise you hear other things about my life, just wait till I write about my dog. That can be several posts too.
Be good, be safe and look up to God. Smile and others will smile too, frown and people will say what's up with that crab.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Back to work

Tomorrow it is back to the real world of work. I had taken an extended weekend and was off since last Thursday and return to work tomorrow.There is a part of me that does not want to return to the crazy world of the nursing home and then there is a part of me anxious to see the residents again.
You never know what to expect after being gone for several days.It amazes me how fast a resident can decline in health in just a few short days.
I just hope that i do not again need to have a referee whistle to break up the two old ladies who are always yelling at each other.Last week they were actually pushing each other, I called for backup real soon then.All I needed was for one to push the other one down and break a hip.(It takes so much time doing charting on things like that).
I feel refreshed and ready to face what ever God has planned for me this week.I keep working on a changed attitude and trying to think positive and only have positive thoughts,not negative.After having negative thoughts for 47 years it is not an easy thing to change.Now do not get me wrong I am not ALWAYS negative but I know I can complain with the best of them.It has always amazed me how I can let others set my mood.If they are crabby I am too,if they are cheerful I tend to be too.
So with this new attitude and a new way of prayer time I should be almost perfect.LOL I still have many things to work on.I am thinking next I need to loose some major weight to help lower my blood pressure some more.That brings up exercising, does walking to the fridge to get ice cream count as exercise????
Have a great week and walk with your head held high. Also be sure to smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

For everything I think there is a reason

I truely do believe that for everything there is a reason. It may be a good thing or it may be a trial we have in our life.
They always say God does not give us more then we can deal with but At the time I wondered. Now looking back I agree, it just seems at the time there is now light at the end of the tunnel.
It was back in the late 80's when I just could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had no energy,I did not care about things and I just felt like manure all the time.It continued to get worse and worse. It finaly got to the point that I just wanted to end my life.There seemed like nothing or anyone could make things better.I kept thinking of how much better eveyone would be if I was no longer living.
I finaly decided that enough was enough and took a hand full of some pills I had at home I was not sure what they were (only to find out later they were a muscle relaxer, well at least I slept good that night).The next day I sought some help and saw a doctor after a friend came and took me there themselfs.
For a while things seemed to maintain themself and I was doing OK.
But in November of 1991 I hit rock bottom. Newly married I was misserable. A new wife and two step kids and I knew I had made a huge mistake at getting married. I could no longer function, I was constantly in tears and for no reason. I decided I needed more help then medication could give me.I addmited myself into a hospital for treatment of depression.
When I was there I would try praying for help to overcome this and soon be well again, but I just could not pray.I could not find the words to ask God for help. That was when I turned to my church family for help.When my pastor of the church I was attending at that time visited me I asked that he please ask the congration to plese pray for me because I could not do it myself.The response was overwhelming, I recieved over 100 card notes and letters of encouragement from people not only in my church but in the comunitte. After 1 month in treatment I was allowed to return to the real world, not an easy task. I had lost 25lbs.( wish I could do that part again)
and had to return to a marriage that I was very unhappy in but was in denial about.I kept saying no things are fine .Slowly I got better and was able to take things one day at a time.
Move ahead about an other 10 years and I was at a very low again. This time I was just starting to attending an other church. We had a special evening in a park with a special time of prayer.I so wanted to ask for prayer but how could I after all I had only been there for a few months.So I kept quiet.On the ride home a couple who had picked me up and I got talking. I told them about my struggles and how I was feeling. To my shock and suprise they offered to pray for me in my driveway before i got out of the car.
It has been through all this I have learned to thank God for my rough times.I've learned to never to be afraid to ask for prayer andto share your burdens.
But mostly I have learned that I now have a special place in my heart for those struggling with depression and I have a heart and an ear to listen and encourage. and pray.
Yes I still struggle but not as bad. But I now know i can ask for prayer and to thank God for how he has made me a stronger person because of this.
I know this was very long but I love to share how God has done great things in my life.
Praise him!!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

A new way to pray

Recently some of the Sunday night group I meet with met to discuss how we can improve our meeting time together. It seems we have many people who are very needy and seem to look at the glass half empty rather then half full.Prayer time has become a time of many needs and not to many praises.
One of the ladies in the group told us how she had the high school youth group have a time of praise only at prayer time. (no needs or wants praises and thanksgiving only).
What a wonderful idea this is so I decided to try it myself at prayer time.I have been praying thank you for this and that instead of I need and want.It is amazing after a while how it becomes so much easier.Turning a negative into a posative is a wonderful way to pray.
On my next blog I will share with you how I have been able to turn a negative time in my life into a posative and reach out to others. I can now say a prayer of thanks for this time.
Tune in tomorrow for how and what it was.
LOLOLOLOL the suspence thickens!!!!!
Almost as exciting as one of Becky's polls.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A singel man's view

Tell me why it takes February 14 to tell someone you love them and to send them flowers?
I personally think it would mean more if I got a nice card a box of candy or balloon's on lets say March 11.Is it just a man thing or do I make sense?Why do we need a special day to do something special for those we love? I think it should be a just because thing, not because Hallmark tells us to.If I am wrong please explain to me ladies I try to be an understanding man. Do you agree would it be nicer to get those flowers just out of the blue, or a card saying I love you when it is not expected.
The pools are now open......LOLOLOL
Happy Valentines day anyway!!!
From Mr.Non Cupid!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The call light

One of the gals I work with called me into a residents room today.As I entered she was waiting for me and motioned for me to be quiet.( Something that is not often happenening with me as I am know to be a motor mouth).
As we were waiting in her room the resident would take her call light like the ones to call for assistance wanting a nurse or nurse aid.As she would push the button she would talk into the call light saying .... Hello this is Wilma may I have help please.This is Wilma Black I need some help in my room I cannot get up myself.Please come and help me. This is Wilma I need some help please. (At least she is polite).
I thought I was going to fall over laughing it was so cute and yet so very funny.Had I not seen it with my own eyes I never would think she truely was doing that.
I guess she thinks they are also a telephone connected to the nurses station.Maybe this will not make you laugh as much as it did me but I thought I would share anyway. hope you all have a good week.Be safe and stay healthy..

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quotes from the old folks

I have just a few quotes that I have heard or my coworkers have shared with me from the residents. I hope you enjoy them too.
5. Why I am as healthy as a horse,Dr.Clemens said there is not a thing wrong with me. I've never been sick a day in my life.(this coming from a women who cannot remember 10 minutes ago.)
4.The nurses have been sticking me with needles. Everyone is trying to get rid of me.Why I think I will just leave.You wouldn't care anyway.
3.I go poop in da pot ,I go poop in da pot.Do you piss in bed?
2.what day is it,what day is it? Do you go to the Alton Reformed church do you go to the Alton reformed church?Where is my husband/kids/mother.(that we hear more then anything.) and we were taught to say oh the will be here later,NEVER say they are dead.You hope they forget later on.
One day i told a lady her mom (this lady was in her 90's asking where is my mom where is my mom, I said she is baking cookies for the church bazaar. Now I thought I was soooo smart thinking this good answer she looked at me and said NO she is NOT!!! She is working on the farm!!! Well I tried sometimes it works other times not. Those time I usually slowly walk away.
But the #1 quote goes to a 102 year old who recently had surgery for a broken hip.
1.Resident,"I think I am dieing,Staff why do you think you are dieing, .
Resident well I've never died before but I think I am.
So far she has not. LOLOLOL

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A chance to say goodbye

Last evening two of my co-workers and I went to the visitation of our dear Johanna.
Seeing her look so at peace was a wonderful closer for us. We had a chance to talk to some of the family members and share laughs and stories about her.It was just a good chance for me to reflect on how Johanna touched all of us at the nursing home
Hearing the family share their thanks for all we did also was nice to hear.
We were all in agreement about how much she enjoyed life and was a wonderful christian and we knew she was happy to be with her loved one again.
I know she will be missed but I now can smile and give thanks for having known her.
The pain is gone and I will probebly fine an other one to get attached to.( I say NO I will not let that happen again but I am sure it will).
Again thanks for all the support and encouraging words I know it is the reason I am doing better this week.
Thanks be to God for he is Great!!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Give thanks with a joyful heart.

After reading the blog Becky posted today, I decided I too needed to post things I am most thankful for.
1. My Heavenly Father, who is always there for me.
2. Wonderful friends who encourage me.
3. The freedom to pray for others and to have others pray for me.And to be able to talk about it openly with others.
4. Memories.
5. Laughter, laughter and more laughter.
6. The residents at the Nursing Homes who have touched my life.
7. Having a nice warm home to live in during extreamly cold weather.
8. Parents who raised me in a Christin home, and tought me right from wrong.
9. Watching Becky play card games.And being able to laugh at herself while do so.
10.Being able to get out of bed each day and having a job to go to.(Some days I may not want to but I am thankful I can do so).
I could go on and on,but I think we all get the point. we have so very many things to be thankful for. Let us all count our blessings.
God is GREAT!!!!!!!
Thanks Becky for this insperation.

Monday, February 5, 2007

It must be the moon

You always hear it but is it realy true? It must be a full moon, the kids are acting up, the dog is driving me crazy,I've got more pain,the demented are acting up more.Now I do not know about the kids, but I can tell you the others are true.
The residents in the nursing home go way crazy when there is a full moon.Or maybe I should say the staff in the nursing homes go crazy when there is a full moon.
Until I started working in the nursing home I would have never thought that the moon could effect a person the way it does. It did not take long to find out how true it is.
When it is a full moon they will wander more then normal, trying to leave the building.They will be more likely to look for dead family members,(spouses,parents).One lady thinks we are pumping fumes into her room through the heater to try and kill her, this is when we are not busy sticking needles into her feet to try and kill her as well.I am not sure if this is done before or after we steal all her wonderful good clothes from the closet.I must have lots and lots of clothes in my closets by now for as many times as I am accused of taking the clothes home.( Hmmm I did not think I was a cross dresser but I am starting to wonder).
We have yet an other resident whom will just make crazy sounds and talks nonsence.
I joke about this and laugh but in reality it is truely sad.To see you mom or dad or some loved one just fall to this terrible illness. It can be funny for us but also very frustrating and upsetting. There are the happy confussed and then there are the mean ones.
Soooo I urge all of you to take part in any and all of the silly quizes that are often posted on other blogs. It keeps the mind young.
I now ask that Becky to post a test for all of us to keep our minds working well like she has in the past.
Becky I am counting on you!!!!!
I also feel better today and work went better then I thought it would.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Vapors big time

I am not sure if the cold weather is to blame or what, but i have a major case of the blahhs the last few days.
Almost every praise song in church today was more like a tear fest for me.All during church I could not focus on the message.
This time of year is often rough on me with depression but I always force myself to go on.
I dread the idea of going to work tomorrow and would much prefer to lay in bed and shut out the world.
I try very hard to put on a good front and act happy and cheerful when I truely am just wanting to shut out the world.I think most anything good or bad could give me the vapors. (Like reading about how sick Chloe was yesterday).
Maybe some of it is work related, some I also know is just winter blahhs like other times I know I will get through this too.
It seems almost anything I think of the last few days gets me all misty eyed.
If I were a women I guess I would blame it on (THE CHANGE IN LIFE)!!! But I know it is not that.
Anyway thanks for listening and letting me share my feeling.
Sorry I had promised a happy post, I'll try to do better next time.
For Steffie and Emmie, even though we've never met you have been a great encouragement to me. Becky you know you always make me laughand you and Joe are the greatest.
Until the next post lets all think happy thoughts, at least I need to.
God Bless you all.
And Sue your song you mentioned in my post sure did touch my heart, thanks.

Friday, February 2, 2007

She is Home

I just found out that my dear sweet Johanna has gone home. Praise the Lord!!!
Again thanks for all the kind words.

I just want to say Thank You to all of you for your kind words and support this week. I can feel the prayers.As of today (Friday noon) Johanna was still living.Now I am just praying he takes her home.
I still get some vapors (tears) when I talk about her and think about it but I feel so much more comfort and peace because of your kind words and prayers.
Again thank you.
I will let you know when she does finaly go home.
Lets hope now it is soon.