Thursday, October 1, 2009

Herbalife diet

I would like you to meet my new best friend.
After having let myself go and gain way way to much weight after stopping smoking 4 years ago,I decided I needed to take some steps and improve my health.Get fit and loose some major weight.
My goal is to loose 60-70pds by next April.
On September 23 I started doing these Herbalife protein drinks. One for breakfast and again at noon then a sensible meal in the evening.After one week on the program I've lost 6 pds and 2 inches overall.
My coach is having me be her ginnie pig err should I say tester and now try a 10 day program that is supposed to loose 10pds in 10 days.She is allowing me to try this and I've been drumming up business for her left and right.Well at least many many interested people.
Sooooooooo We will see if Mr.Brian can get down to a good size and become healthy again.
Oh and as for the shakes,they taste very good.