Friday, September 28, 2007

Look at the happy Dutchmen.

What man would not be smiling from ear to ear when he has not one but two beautiful women planting a kiss on him.When Verna and her family were in town I wanted a picture of the three of us.Just as we were getting ready to have the picture taken they pretended to plant a kiss on me.I saw them whispering before the picture was taken but I would have never guessed two such highly respected women would do this to such a sweet innocent man.We all shared a good laugh.I think you can see I was actualy turning red, seldom do I get embarrased that easy.
It was a great time and I was happy to meet them.
Steffie keeps saying she is going to be my Dutch Dance partner next year,hmmmm wonder what she would have up her sleeve.After all she is a sweet little Dutch girl too.
Hope you all have a great weekend.Kick back relax and have lots of F U N !!!!!
Hugs to all,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lucky me!!!!!!

I had a very lucky day this past weekend.I was able to have my picture taken not with one but two ,yes to wonderful blogging friends.
Every one's favorite Verna a.k.a.The Blogging Queen and my dear friend Becky along with their families got together on Sunday.
Verna and some of her family were passing through our town and decided to pay the Bilby clan a visit.I was asked to join them all for lunch on Sunday.It was amazing to me how easy it was to chat with Verna and her family.I felt like I've known them for years.She is as nice if not nicer in person then she is in blogging land.
I was so happy to finaly get to meet ONE of my blogging mates.I just wish I could email myself to all of your homes and talk with you in person some day.
Think of it you open an email and out pops Mr.Brian or Mr.Bruce depending on who you are.After we talk and you are sick of me bugging you you send me on to the next person,and so on and so on.Hmmmmmmm I wonder how long you gals would keep me around
(or maybe I should ask how long I would want to stay around you wild things)
So now you have a picture of Mr.Brian in non Dutch clothes.
I am thinking Verna has even a better one to post,it may cause some fights amongst all my friends.LOLOLOLOL
Hugs to all.
I will work on getting some of just me for all of you to get copies of and made into poster size.LOLOLOLOL NOT!!!!!!
Whoopee the weekend is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A good laugh (Now).

Get comfortable as I take you back to the mid 70's about 1975ish.
Picture it, a young high school Freshman sitting in a beauty shop getting his hair permed.It is a beautiful spring afternoon shortly after school has let out.A rather shy,quiet young lad goes to the beauty shop to get his hair permed.(He had this done in the past by his sister who had owned this shop in the past).wanting to be a nice guy he wanted to support this gal as she was starting off her business venture.
As he is getting his perm all is going very well, hairdresser and young man are enjoying friendly chit chat as he gets his hair in perm rods.No big deal this has been done before. Soon the perm rods are in and the first solution is put in this fine young mans hair.Very soon after this solution is in the beauty operator coments that she was not feeling well and had felt fait all day.Now beigng the wonderful kind man that he was (and still is), he became concerned and suggested maybe some fresh air would do her some good.So outside they go (remember his hair is in perm rods).As they are standing outside on small town (at that time maybe 4,000-4,500 people) main street,she faints.Yep kerplunk,down out like a light.Down on the ground.So being a typical man it was told to me that this man did what any normal male would do......he panicked.Yep running around going up to people walking past asking for help telling them my beautician just fainted help me,please help.With little luck it was said he went into the bakery a few doors down seeking help.TO his luck there were about 3-4 upper classmates (female) in there.They came to my I mean his rescue.They asked how long the solution was in and helped rinse it out as the operator came around.After thing settled down the high school gals went on there way and left the operator and this some what frightened young man to finish the perm.As the second solution was added again the gal said I think I am going to faint again.Thinking quickly I I mean he had her sit in a chair where she again went out cold.Being a little more calm this time the young man called on an other hair operator to come in and help.After getting things all washed and taken care of the other ladies and I put this beauty operator in the car and took her to the hospital.

The next day I I mean this young man stopped at the shop to check on the gal and to see if he owed for the perm.The gal was OK and had the nerve to charge full price for the perm.And I had I mean he had to go to an other shop to get it cut.
Needless to say that was the last perm for this young man.

Yes it is a true story a true story that happened to me many years ago.
Anytime I smell a perm I go into a cold sweat!!!!LOLOLOL
Hope you enjoyed one of my many embarrassing moments
By request ,I'see if I can get a picture of me with permred hair???No Promises.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time of reflection.

As I am sitting home on a Saturday night enjoying a quiet night I was thinking about friendships.
What is a good friend to you? How would you describe a good friend? Do good friends ever drift away?Let me share my feelings on this.
In school I was often rather a loner.I was not Mr.popular with all the best of friends.Yes I did have some people I hung out with and did things with.As I reflect on it now it was not the right choice of friends to be with.I did some things I am not to proud of and would love to undo but know I can not.I am just thankful that God has forgiven me for the stupid things I did.(No! No stealing or any major crimes,just some lies and pranks and to much drinking and driving).
To me a good friend is a person who will love you unconditionally.Who no matter what mess up you make they will stand beside you.No matter what problems you are going through they are there for you.As I get older I realize how a friend is someone who can encourage you,tell you you're being a jerk or a fool and still be your friend.A friend is someone who lifts you up when you are down.Who prays for you,who laughs and cries with you.Who shares their hurts with you and you with them.
I am so very blessed to have a great group of different friends.I've got the friends who I can have a good laugh with and friends who keep my Christian values in place.
I've been so richly blessed to get to know Becky and Joe @And Chloe makes six.Becky and I share a common bond with temperatures.We dislike hot and love cool temps and a good snowstorm.Joe tries to keep us in line when we get together but I think often just gives up and lets us have our fun.Unless of course you're playing cards, then look out Joe is Mr.Serious,very competitive,where Becky and I just laugh at ourselves.I have been so blessed to have them a part of my life.I love their four well mannered well behaved kids too.So thankful to know I can turn to them for help any time I need to.
Then there is an other great couple Rich and Becky.(yes one more Becky).What can one say about them.They are two of the most down to earth Christian friends one could ever meet.Rich has a way about him that just makes me laugh.He is a stinker from the get go.Ask anyone who plays cards with him.he CHEATS and then puts on the "what did I do act".now do not get me wrong his cheating is all in fun but we know we need to watch him when we play cards.Rich is the most tender hearted friend you could meet,next to (Joe and me).When he speaks from the heart it brings tears to my eyes.Such a Godly man and great friend.His wife Becky and I share a common bond of working in the medical field so we often have things to talk about.She is the level headed one always planning a get together and thinking of ways to help others.
Yes friends do lose touch with each other too.I had wonderful friends who moved away about 6-7 years ago and we never talk any more.Where one door closes an other one opens.
I am truly blessed with great friends.And I didn't start in on the friendships I have made with blogging.
I will not mention any one name in fear of hurting feelings but all of you have touched my heart in one way or an other.I feel so lucky to be allowed into your little world of adoption mom's and your blogs.I've share laughter and tears as I've read your posts. I feel like I am a part of your life and I have a picture in my mind of what it would be like to meet each and every one of you.Some times I may not leave a comment because I honestly just cannot relate to your wait or problem,but that sure does not mean I do not care.
With all this heavy posts including mine tonight,I hope we can all think of a fun uplifting post to share in the future.Put on our thinking caps and lets have some fun.
Blessing to each of your.
Your male blogger buddy,
Thanks to the Bilby's for the (new for me) used monitor I can now see what all of you look like on your blog pictures.Before it was all just a big dark picture.
Thanks Becky and Joe!!!!!

Please Explain

I am hoping all you dear ladies out there can help me.I have a question I have no answer for.I assume you young,bright,smart gals will have the answer for me.
How can it be the middle of September already??????????
I am just amazed at how fast time has been going this year.It seems like I just put away my Christmas tree (No I did not keep it up till May), and here it is fall and the middle of September.
I've been at the new job now for 5 months.Seems less then that.I thought the kids just got out of school for summer vacation and they are already back in class.I guess the older (I) get the faster time goes.
So I ask you my dear lady friends,does time go as fast for you as well????Does it seem to you we just start a month and we are flipping the calender to a new month????
I am hoping you can explain it to me...
Awaiting you wise advice!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All is well.

I do not have anything to blog about this week other then to say life is good.
My job is going fairly well. It is my favorite time of year weather wise.Mild days with temps in the 70's and cool nights.However this weekend they say there is a chance for frost,that may be a little to cool.
My health is good I can go to work,I have a home,plenty of food.Friends who care about me.
Yes Life is good.
Let us just please remember Becky and her family @Chloe makes six.There son Caleb is having a spot from his arm removed on Thursday and it does have them concerned.Please keep them in your prayers.
Have a great remainder of the week.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

An award to each and every mom out there.Thanks for all you do as a mom. I know my mom has and still does so much for me. I feel so blessed to have her as my mom.
I cherish each and every day God still alows me to have her. I know there is a pretty good chance she will not be with me in 5-10 more years.She has a VERY bad heart and I can see her health failing slowly.She pretends she is doing good but I can see right through that.
As I read all of your blogs I just smile and laugh at all you have experianced and are yet to experiance with you kids.I laugh at the stories of the naughty or funny things they have done.And I hurt for those of you awaiting the arrival of your children.
I am sure there is no greater reward then being a parent.(MOST DAYS)!
Keep up the good work with the little ankel biters and keep the humor.And most of all remember to take pictures, blackmailing them when they become teenagers is always a good idea.
Happy parenting.
And to my non parent readers,lets just keep spioling our pets.
Have a blessed Sunday.
Mr. Brian

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Got me thinking

I was talking to a good friend tonight about this and that.After some time they opened up about some family problems they are having. They went on to say the hurt they have felt because of all of this.It got me to thinking.......
We go day to day with our happy faces on and pretending all is OK.Someone asks how are you we answer, doing fine,OK, no complaints.......
I just ached for this friend and how they were hurting.They are the one who is always there and encouraging others.Being upbeat and happy.
I was happy to be able to listen and try to encourage them in their time of need.
But most of all I am happy to know I can lift up them in prayer as well.I know not everyone who reads this blog has a close walk with God and has a daily prayer time either. I am not one to preach or tell others what to do and I by no means am a perfect or near perfect christian.I struggle all the time too.But what great compfort it is to know that I can give all my troubles to the lord.He will always be there for me.
It has been a great compfort to me to also know when I asked for prayers from my blogging buddies I got it.
I know we all have struggles from time to time.We just need to be there for each other and lift each other up in prayers when needed. Be not afraid to ask,not details are needed just an I need prayers is all.
I know I will be praying for my friend who I talked to and some of my blogging friends who need encouraging words too.
Blessing to all.
I hope I did not step on any toes with this post. I just want peace on earth and everyone to be happy and enjoy life.( Do I sound like a beauty queen contestant)?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Amazing math.

Here is a math trick so amazing it will stump you.I think someone had way to much time on their hands.
You will want to grab a calculator for this one.

Take the first three numbers of your phone number (not area code).Now multiply this by 80.
Add 1.
Multiply by 250..
Add the last 4 digits of your phone number.
Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
Now subtract 250.
Divide this by 2.
Do you recognizre the number?????
Pretty amazing I think.