Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting ready

The turkey is gone, the stuffing eaten, pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes long forgotten about.
It always amazes me how the day after Thanksgiving we switch into high gear and are ready for Christmas.I admit this year I jumped the gun and had my tree up before Thanksgiving,not decorated but up.I took advantage of the nice weather a few weeks ago and got my outside decorations put up as well.Nothing worse then putting them up in freezing cold mid west temperatures.
As amazing as it is I am excited about the holidays this year. Other years I just want to bury myself under the covers and ignore all of it.
I have been singing Christmas song to myself play my Cd's and just getting in the holiday spirit. Now I need to start thinking about shopping...UGGHHHH that is the worst part. I do have some ideas so that does help.I always get my nieces an ornament with the year on it.I have my nieces husband ( I am thinking candy) and their young son who will be about 8 months old then.
Mom and dad are always tough but I know what I would like to get them see if I can find what I want.
As for all of you you are going to have to settle for my very best wishes.I would send you all a box of candy,or fine jewelry but I do not have any of your mailing addresses. Darn it any way!!!!!
Hope you all have a great week ahead.Try not to get to stressed over the holidays.Remember what it is truly all about!
However if you want I will send you my mailing address so you can send MEEEEEE presents.:)


crazylady said...

I'm first to stuff your stocking. Yippee.
And those support hose you use are pretty tight at the thigh too.

Merrry Grinchmas to you and yours.

yo Christmas Ho......ho.

Janet said...

Hey Mr. B, don't worry about not having my mailing address to send me my fine jewelry you promised, I'll get that right to ya.....:-)

redmaryjanes said...

Now that's the holiday spirit! I have been trying to get our shopping done ahead of time. Hopefully these car repairs don't take up all of my Christmas money. Enjoy the season!

The Shocks said...

I like your new look. The Blog Fairy is the best. I hope you have fun getting the tree decorated.

nikki said...

Glad you are feeling in the spirit this year! Smart to put up your decorations before the COLD weather hits...
Your blog looks great - that sneaky blog fairy sure is keeping busy!