Monday, August 27, 2007

A prayer is needed.

Please take a few moments to pray for a lady I know.Her name is Teresa
On Friday evening she tried ending her life.She is now in a coma at an Omaha hospital.
She is a women in her mid 40's with a husband and 2 children.Her kids are about a 1st grader and a sixth grader.
She has had a very long history of depression and has struggled for a long time.She recently learned her husband was having an affair.( I was told he had ended it and they were trying to salvage their marriage.)
Please pray for Gods healing hands upon her and that there may be no damage to her body.
Also pray for these two small children as they have to deal with yet another bad deal dealt to them.It seems so unfair that the children are often the ones who have to suffer the most when we as adults mess up.
As hard as it is for me to do I also feel I need to pray for the husband as I am sure he is dealing with much guilt and just rotten feelings right now.The nasty side of me wants to say look what you've done now.Was it all worth it? However the kind christian side of me says, how you must be hurting and placing blame on yourself,what a burden you must be walking with.I like my kinder christian side better.
Let's pray for Gods hands to not only touch this women but also this family and this marriage.
Thank You.

6 comments: said...

OMG. This is so heartbreaking. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

crazylady said...

you are a good soul and even better friend

K1 said...

God bless your heart, Brian. Yes, I will pray for both of them.

Steffie B. said...

Keeping them all in my prayers.

K1 said...

Brian. I needed a blog with an I for a Meme tag. Iowan was as close as I could come. So, tag!

redmaryjanes said...

How devastating. I will pray for all of them. Sometimes life can really be overwhelming.