Thursday, October 1, 2009

Herbalife diet

I would like you to meet my new best friend.
After having let myself go and gain way way to much weight after stopping smoking 4 years ago,I decided I needed to take some steps and improve my health.Get fit and loose some major weight.
My goal is to loose 60-70pds by next April.
On September 23 I started doing these Herbalife protein drinks. One for breakfast and again at noon then a sensible meal in the evening.After one week on the program I've lost 6 pds and 2 inches overall.
My coach is having me be her ginnie pig err should I say tester and now try a 10 day program that is supposed to loose 10pds in 10 days.She is allowing me to try this and I've been drumming up business for her left and right.Well at least many many interested people.
Sooooooooo We will see if Mr.Brian can get down to a good size and become healthy again.
Oh and as for the shakes,they taste very good.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But God he was only 10 years old.

Tragedy has struck our small community for the second time this month.A few weeks ago a young mother,wife and caring person died from a brain aneurysm.She was only 49.She had remarried after her first husband died at the age of 29 leaving her with 3 small boys.Some years later she remarried and had a child with her new husband.She passed away after a very short illness,leaving 3 boys 18-22 now without a mom or dad, and a 14 year old with out a mom.

Fast forward to this past Sunday.A distant friend of mine lost her 10 year old son in a car accident.the parents are divorced and the son was with his dad for a few days.His older brother was with a different family member at the time.(Gavin) was an unbelted front seat passenger in his dads car when they hit an other car head on after the father crossed the center
There is much more to this very sad story that I do not feel I should share, but there could be multiple charges brought against the dad of Gavin.
This family is in desperate need of prayer.
1.For emotional healing for all the family's,parents,brother,grand parents aunts uncles etc.
2.For the mother to some how be able to forgive the father of the son.(her ex husband).
3.For the 14 year old brother who was always with his little brother.
4.For the many classmates who do not fully understand this.
5.For myself and many others who also do not understand why.As I go to work and see and hear residents talk who want to or in my mind need to (because of no quality of life) die.
6. For a community who grieves the loss as well.
Please pray and ask your friends to pray as well.There are so many hurts and anger and hard feelings that many including me,need to deal with.
Thanks so much,

Gavin Ray Wrather june 10 1999-July 26 2009.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What is behind the door?

My oh my it has been ages since I posted.Like my mom always said if you don't have anything to say don't say anything at all.(OK so maybe she didn't say that,but it sounded good to start with).
I had been on a bit of a dry spell at work until the past few weeks.Maybe I am becoming more accustomed to what they all say and do and no longer find it as funny,or I figure maybe it is only funny to those I work with.
Anyway,let me share a few of the past weeks antics at the nursing home. I was answering a call light to one of the residents rooms.I enter and ask what may I do for you?She responds by telling me I need to get the kids out of her closet because they were taking all her clothes off the hangers.Forgetting I was told she was more confused and had a possible UTI, I looked and said what kids,there are no kids here.She persisted yes there are and I want them out.Finally the light bulb came on to full wattage for this dim lit man.I went to the closet,slid the door to the side,(they have closets that have sliding doors to show each side).I very firmly said,all right I want you kids out of here now!!GET OUT! (Name) doe snot want you in here any more.I pointed to the door and again said now go!!!As my chest expanded from a job well done and having saved yet an other women in distress, I felt I had again I succeeded, I had tricked an old confused person and made them happy.
Having finished my job I looked at her and said is that better,they are gone now?She looked at me and said NO!No I asked what do you mean I chased them away.She looked at me and said,well they were on the other side of the closet.LOLOLOLOL Well strike one for me,no luck on that job of truth bending.
Two days later with medication not having done it's entire job yet she was still seeing people in her room.This time I was ready.As I was getting her dressed for the day she asked if those women with the most beautiful white hair were spending the night again.I asked did they last night?Yes but they slept in the basements she told me,but they refused to sleep there again,so were they going to sleep in her room? I was ready this time,and fast thinking too if I must say so myself.I said No dear, I got them reservations at the Super 8 in town.Ding,ding Yes we have a winner Brian 1 resident 1.That one she bought.Later that day as I was helping her husband she wanted to know why that man was under her husbands bed.I assured her there was no man under his bed.But Nooooooooooooooooooo she was continuing to ask so I said we will ask your husband.I said (name) do you see anyone under your bed/ He looked at me like I was as crazy as her and said NO. So I said see there is no one there.Still not happy she said well you're both crazy and if you will not do anything I am leaving,I am moving out.I said well where are you going? She refused to tell me,but I persisted saying I need to know where to send your mail.
LOLOLOL Humor did not work either.
Happy to report she is now doing better and no longer seeing people in her room.
We were talking about resident who had passed away and some of the fun ones and I was reminded of this fun one.
I was feeding an old (over 100 yrs) lady one day and asked if she wanted a handsome,good looking young man to feed her. She looked at me smirk and said...yeah you know where there are any.Slam...Burst my bubble big time.Made my co-workers laugh for a long time.
I no longer know my name. I am called Byron,Myron,Dawn to name a few.So if ever you see me on the street just call out any name I may just answer.
Well that pretty much catches you up to date on my life.Hope yours has as many laughs as well.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mr. Brian has a New Profession!!

Thankyou Joe and Becky for getting this done for me.I would not have gotten it done without your help.

This was done to promote a social we are having at church.Hope you enjoy it.

Julia and Mr.Brian

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little kids and old people

I will be the first to admit I am over weight,no arguing that.I have seen pictures of me and it is sad.
The other day at work I was giving showers to residents at work.Now when I am at work I am almost always HOT, and I don't me as in sexy I mean temperature.This day was no exception.Figure 5-6 showers in a small room, in just maybe 3 hours time.Hot water and steam= sweating for Mr.Brian.
As I was giving one man his shower I commented on how warm I was as I wiped sweat from my head and neck.He looked at me and said,well maybe if you weren't so fat you wouldn't be so hot.I looked at him and said, that was not a very nice thing to say.He gave me a look like who cares and said....... well if you don't like hearing that you better lose some weight.
His funeral is Tuesday,died from drowning in the shower.KIDDDDDINGGGGG.I just smiled,shock my head,mumbled under my breath and got him dressed.
Imagine the fun we can have when we get old,say what ever you want to.It should be fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mr. Brian is FAMOUS!!!

Ok, so it's not a TV Channel, but it is his blog so he's famous!!!! Woo-hoo, Mr. Brian!! Go HERE to see him - but watch fast - he's a quick mover!!!

The fun begins

Today,Thursday May 14 Begin 3 day of fun, food and lots of visitors.
Our 69th annual Tulip Festival begins. I love,love, love the Tulip Festival.
I work every morning in the information booth,from there I go dutch dance,to carry flags and go through the parade aging pushing the flower cart.(as seen in picture).I think that is my favorite part,after all I scope the crowd for elderly women and offer them a tulip.There is just one catch,they must give me a kiss on the cheek to get it.No kiss,no tulip.
The food, the people did I mention the food. It just does not get any better then this.
For those of you who know Becky, stop by her blog or email her and ask what she does for the festival!!! I hear she hides in her home.
Gotta go, somewhere a person has a question for me.
For more great pictures go to