Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am crushed

I have been crushed by some comment on other blogs.People have been doing some comments on Christmas MeMe. They talk about real or artifical trees, clear or colored lights.Wrapped or bags.and on and on.Then the ugliest decoration question comes up and I hear people say those big blow up snowman outside.
OUCH!!!! It is like a knife has been stuck into my chest and twisted.
I am one of thise odd ducks who has the inflatable snowmen in my front yard.Actualy I have several and one that pops out of a gift box too.
Now how about those lighted reindeer? What is you feeling on them.Not thatI have any>>>>
And your thought on blinking lights????
I dislike blinking lights.But i dislike it more when I see colored and clear lights together outside. A real fashion no no.
I am kidding I just laugh about the snowman comments. If someone like me did not buy them the stores would never get rid of them.
I will try to do all fun Christmas posts until Christmas
Ohhh how about the plastic nativity scenes????
Have a great week and just be glad you do not live near me or you may end up with a decorated front yard.
Look for the next Christmas story comming to a computer near you.


Janet said...

Well, I don't mind those blow up ornaments. And I can tell you that from my children's eyes, they LOVE them!

cougchick said...

Any outside decos are good in my opinion.

Noemi said...

I am guilty as charged! I just posted a picture of my 10! Snowman outside my house! LOL~ Hey my kids love it and they were the ones that chose it

Ashley said...

Sorry Mr. Brian - Owl was the name of a cat! :(

LINDA said...

Are you decorating to please yourself or the public? I firmly believe that anyone who takes the time to put decorations outside; not to mention the expense, is making a Christmas card for the public. While everyone is allowed their own opinion, sometimes it is best if they keep them to themselves. However, some people know nothing of discretion and some people are just scrooges! We shall pray for them that they get the Christmas spirit and learn to be kind. I'll bet more people like your yard decorations than dislike them.
Now- on the issue of colored lights mixed with clear----it as with any accessory, like with like. Different areas of the yard can have differnet 'styles' Women wouldn't carry a brown bag and wear black shoes! They wouldn't wear a garnet necklace with ruby earrings! Like with like---Enough said.
PS- I avoid wearing jewelry for this reason! LOL
PSS- What I really don't care for is the strings of one color that are randomly displayed on eaves or trees---and the bare dicsiduous trees with strings of lights just tossed in them or wrapped around their trunks. I would never mention this to anyone who would do this. Please don't be one of these people! I would just feel awful if I hurt your feelings!

crazylady said...

did you just admit to having a blow up toy?
Yup, that's what I read. You know I can't leave that one alone.

See you in church.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Blow up toys?! lol. I love it. I've been threatening to light this place up like the Grizwald's. I swear next year IS the year. Blow em' big guy.

nikki said...

That's exactly why I usually avoid doing those memes.
Nobody wants my opinion...they just want pics of my kid.
Sorry dude.

redmaryjanes said...

I love the blow up snowmen and own one myself. Those people must be lacking in true Christmas spririt! I love those blow up thinks in yards and any type of lights. I love to see people getting into the spirit. What makes me sad is a house with no decorations. Light it up and blow it up Mr. Brian!!!

Steffie B. said...

We do clear lights and I have two reindeer with lights and their heads move! No blow ups though....it gets way too windy here!

you go Mr. Brian...take a picture of your yard for us!


Steffie B. said...

Please tell me you only use the blow up toys outside for Christmas right? lol *wink* I see an elder call happening. Perhaps the Rev. Bilby will stop by to counsel you! bwahahahah! lol

Mr.Brian said...

Rest assured all blow ups are for outdoor use only>
Man such nasty minds out there.LOLOL!!!!

~Amy~ said...

hahaha That is Stef for ya! ;) Just kiddin'!!!!

Steffie B. said...

Oh pleeeez Amy.....you know you were thinking the same thing....and Sen started it for petes sake.....sheesh...I'm always getting in trouble....imagine that...and always because of Mr. Brian! *wink*