Monday, January 22, 2007

Tooting my own horn

Today I am going to toot my own horn.I try not to do this but as you read this I hope you realize I was just being me.
A little over a week ago one of our residents had fallen and broke her hip.She had fallen off of the toilet in the bathroom of her room. Now these bathrooms are by no means large. A toilet and sink is all.After this resident fell the nurse did his job and was checking her over and decided she needed to go to the hospital.The ambulance was called and as we waited I sat with her.I got right down on the floor and sat and held her hand and sang to her,prayed with her and just talked to help keep her mind off the pain.(not so sure it helped but at least it got her to think of other things).
Her room mate was very impressed with what I had done and told one of her friends who was calling on her. This friend took the time to go talk to our boss about what I had done and how impressed she and her friend(the room mate) were.This friend told my boss that the room mate was moved to tears that anyone would take the time to do this and show such love and concern.
My boss left me a note saying how proud she was to have me working there and that she was also very pleased to hear of my actions.
This resident who had fallen was 102 years old and went through surgery to have a ball in her hip replaced and she has since returned to the home. Amazing!
Now granted to say it made me feel good OK great to get a note from the boss about how proud she was of me. However I think I was so happy to know how God used me in a very special way and at a very special time to be there that day.It has just reassured me how he has placed me in this job for a reason.I did what I always say I want to do there. Give these people the love and respect they deserve and treat them the way I want my parents to be treated if they ever are in a nursing home.
Now I admit there are some days my temper gets a little short with these people and one day it got me in some trouble.But that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It was a good reminder of why I am there.
I ask a favor of all of you. Tonight when you go to bed say a prayer for people like me that work in a nursing home and ask that God bless us and grant us patients and mercy each and every day. Some days the job is very stressful and we need Gods grace and mercy.
Thanks and Gods Blessing to you too.
I hope you read this as me being proud for what I do and not asking for a pat on the back because that is not my intentions.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Brian, I discovered your blog tonight. Yes indeed God had a plan for your life when he took you out of one work place and put you into another. Look at all the lives you have touched. I do believe you make a difference in their lives for the better. (I hope you received a value coupon (or care coupon) for your efforts!)

Beckyb said...

You need a pat sometimes and I think that's great!! You do a super job at your work - that's a sure sign that God put you right where He wants you!!

libgran said...

Wow I hope you're still around when I'm in the nursing home and need a kind person to help me move one foot in front of the other. Since I know you're extra kind to animals (one Buster in particular) I have no doubt you are more patient than you think. And, hey, I didn't know you had a blog too. This is great!! I'm going to enjoy reading. (if only I had more time)

Emmie said...

Like Becky said, it sounds like u do a great job at your work Mr. Brian. I'll definitly pray for you all!