Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dog sitting

My neighbors are lucky enough to be vacationing in Arizona during our cold snap in Iowa. While they are gone I am dogie sitting for there Boston Terrier, Buster.Buster has been with me a few times before when they have gone away and we get along just fine. Buster is a pampered pooch who I think maybe is as spoiled if not more spoiled then my dog Charlie.And I admit Charlie is very spoiled.
I am beginning to learn what parents go through when the kids are fighting for the parents attention. It seems that both dogs coming from homes where there are no children present seem to think they need attention all the time.Charlie is very demanding when he wants to be petted. He will just keep pawing at me until I pet him and if I stop before he has enough loving he will make it clear he wants more daddy time. OK so I call my self daddy to him admit it I bet many of you folks refer to yourself as mommy and daddy to your pets/ RIGHT????
now I have a bigger problem because now I have 2 dogs wanting loving at the same time.So with my left hand Charlie is laying on the top back of the couch and I am stretching to pet him . With my right hand I have a dog panting heavily into my face and am petting him.After some time they both go and lay down and sleep. Now on a rare occasion Charlie will snore lightly,however Buster is a different story.I can honestly say if a spouse snored like Buster I think it would be grounds for divorce. I am amazed that so much noise can come from such a small animal.
He is so well behaved that he is a joy to have around. He listens well most of the time. At least better then Charlie, and has been a joy to watch play.However I will have to ask his mom and dad if they can sleep through his snoring. I usually let dogs sleep with me as Charlie does but if Buster were in the room there would be no sleeping for me.
Moral of this blog............ do I ever admire you parents who have to deal with sibling rivalry.


Beckyb said...

Yes - that Buster is one spoiled pup!! And we've been to their house and you are not kidding - that is one noisy dog - snorts and snores - about scared the bejeebers out of me once!!!!

Steffie B. said...

Welcome to the world of parenting or pet-parenting! lol

Emmie said...

Maybe you should get him some nose-strips, like we use for my dad! lol

Steffie B. said...

Your blog is a great way to start off my day, or one I need to read at the end of the day for a good laugh! Thanks for sharing all your stories!