Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Never to many watches

It seems many of my stories are about pleasantly confused residents. I use the term pleasantly openly.
Many of these residents are the dearest person you could ask for.So kind and cheerful but just plain confused.
One resident fits this very well. She is always just walking the halls and smiling trying to find her room back. She often finds her way into other residents rooms and helps herself to there watches, glasses or what ever else may be laying on the table .One day we discovered she had at least 4 watches on her possession. Now the task of finding there proper owners began. Usually one of the staff knows who it belongs to or we wait until one of the residents says they are missing a watch. An other known trait of the demented is they like to pack things away in a good safe place. It just so happens they have no idea where that safe place is when they look for it later.We have found eye glasses in with the rubber gloves in the restroom, or wrapped in underwear in the drawer or maybe it will be in a pocket of some clothing in the closet.
i guess you would say I often get payed to play go fetch, or hide and seek.
Did I mention looking for lost dentures???? That can be a real treat too.
So if you are ever bored or you want the kids to do something for our elderly send them to your local nursing home and have em help find Aunt Mabel's glasses.


Emmie said...

Sounds like your job is full of many suprises Mr. Brian! :)

Beckyb said...

Hey - when can you come over here and help me find lost things???? That's talent!!

Steffie B. said...

And just think.....when you can't figure out who's stuff is who's...you could sell it on E-bay! lol

Mr.Brian said...

Good idea Steffie, I could make some good money that way.