Thursday, January 11, 2007

I"ve been tagged

Available or taken- Available
Best friend-Joel
Cake or pie-both maybe cake a little more.
Drink of choice-diet coke.
Essential item used everyday-Shower.
Gummy bears or worms-neither.
Home town-Orange City Iowa.
Indulgence-eating out on occasion.
January or February-January.
Kinds- none that I know of:), dog Charlie
Life incomplete -w/o friends and church family
Marriage- next question please.
Number of siblings-2 older sisters.Yes I am the baby and spoiled.
Oranges or apples.- Apples I guess it should be oranges for Orange City.
Phobias or fears-People not liking me or being mad at me.
Quote- Never eat yellow snow.
Reason to smile-waking up,it is also fun to just smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to.
Season- Spring,things turn green and it is Tulip Festival.
Tag 3 people- I think most have been tagged.
Unknown fact about me-I was awarded the 2002 volunteer of the year by the Orange City Chamber of Commerce for many years of volunteer service.
Veggie-Corn or carrots.
Worst habit -I have none..... OK maybe I worry to much.
X-ray- knees and ribs. Of course teeth too.
Favorite food- To many to mention.
Zodiac.Libra,October 12,1959.Yes I am 47. 50 is sounding younger each year.


Steffie B. said...

Available, huh? Maybe we should start a new blog for you! lol

Emmie said...

Thanks for playing along! Love your answers! Never eat yellow snow, I'll remember that! :)