Thursday, January 4, 2007

Thank You God

This post today is not intended to make you laugh.
I just feel a need to share how blessed I have been in my job. Now do not get me wrong there are days that I could walk out and never look back.Yes you get frustrated, yes you get mad, you get burnt out. But at least I get to walk out and go to my own home.When you think of some of these people who are not that old and this is there home. We have three young ladies at the homes, one is 34 one 45 and one 56. Two whom are mothers and the kids live in foster home the other in Eastern Iowa in some group home for kids with different family situations.
To think that for many of these older people I am the only family (well we are a family to them). they have.Knowing that I can share with them what a glorious day it will be when God comes to take them home. Being able to care for them and love them the way a son or daughter who lives in an other state wants then cared for.
I strive to treat each and every resident the way I would want someone to care for my mom and dad.( not always easy). Some people are hard to love but many are hard NOT to love. We have one resident who is 105 years old and will steal your heart, we have one who is so crabby you just laugh.No matter the personality they are Gods children and they deserve to be treated with respect.
Now I am not looking for praise or a pat on the back but I challenge all of you if you see someone whom you know works in a nursing home to do me a favor. Please take the time to thank them and tell them you appreciate what they are doing. It will mean so much to them.
Maybe you should visit your local nursing home with your kids and just take the time to visit with a resident.You would be amazed how you could brighten the day for them.It coasts nothing and the reward you get is priceless.
There you have been challenged. Now give it a try. If you get hurt doing this I will come and clean your house for a week, make meals and do laundry.
If you take this challenge let me know how it went.

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Steffie B. said...

I give you a lot of credit for what you do. It takes a very special and loving person to take care of other people. Your a good man, Mr. Brian!