Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun Boss

I happen to be lucky and have a boss who is a lot of fun. She is always good natured and laughing.(well almost always).
Recently at the nursing home they did some redecorating and got some new pictures and painted the walls new window treatment etc.After doing this there was some old art work that no longer was being used. Our boss decided to have a drawing to give the old pictures away.Some of the pictures were real nice and some were well lets just say something you would find at grandma's house or in some of your cases great grandma (since you are all so much younger then I am). How was that for a compliment?
Back to the story. One of the pictures was a Jesus picture you know the one we have all seen then in grandma's kitchen . The one with the side profile of Jesus. Now for some odd reason none of us workers wanted that picture. However some one whom shall remain nameless decided to sign up one of their co-workers for that picture. And he was lucky enough to win that picture. Soon after winning that picture he quit working for us and took a job at Vogel's in Orange City.
Again last week there were more pictures to give away and again yet another Jesus picture. I guess a nursing home can never have to many of them around.So after this drawing again no one wanted it so our boss was trying very hard to again get rid of this one. One of the aids whom again shall remain nameless suggested to Char(the boss lady) that it would be nice if this coworker had this picture as well. Thinking I was I mean this worker was a genius she decided to take me I mean that aid for a ride. We I mean they found this former coworkers car and placed the picture on his front seat with a note. Thought you would enjoy a matched set.
You have to love a boss who enjoys playing a good joke on someone.And that is Char a great boss who like to have fun but also will let you know if you screwed up.

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