Saturday, January 13, 2007

No questions about it friends I have officially lost my mind today!!
I was getting one of our residents dressed this morning when the nurse walked in and handed me her glasses.No big deal right? Guess again, because this is where my troubles begin.
I always make a habit of washing the residents glasses in the soapy water that I am also washing them up with. So when the nurse handed me this pair of glasses I washed them up and also decided to wash mine as well because they seemed dirty too.Sooooo I took the residents Glass's washed them and layed them on the counter by the sink and then washed mine. the Aftter washing the glasses I finished getting her dressed.I then took a pair of Glass's and put them on her. I saw there was an extra pair of glasses on the counter, being confused I took that pair as well as the pair on the resident and went to the nurse. I said,"Rob, I have a problem I've got two pair of glasses and I do not know who the other belong to because her roommate has hers on too."No sooner were the words out of my mouth and I realized who the other glasses belong to. Yes one pair were mine the other belonged to the resident.Feeling like a complete fool' I went back and put my glasses on and the other pair on the resident.
Needless to say,Rob had a good time teasing me the rest of the day and offering to put my name on my glasses as well as start me on medication for early stages of dementia. And now I am admitting this stupid moment to others!!!!! I better take more of Becky B's brain tests!!!!! Becky????????HELP!!!!!! Time for more tests please.


Emmie said...

Maybe you need to check in to short term. jk! We all have our moments! :P

Steffie B. said...

Maybe you needed more coffee this morning?!?!?!? lol

Mr.Brian said...

I need something that is for sure.

Beckyb said...

Don't let those residents rub off on you now - sounding kind of scary over there!!