Friday, January 5, 2007

Am I what???

I was told that I need to add humor again to my blog. I agree I've been a little serious this week.
Now I do not claim to have a hot body nor do I have wash board abs. I guess they would more likely be call mountain abs.The problem is I
enjoy eating way to much. I always say I am going to loose
weight but I never seem to get it done. Recently however I have given it some serious thought.After you read this you will understand why. And when you are done laughing hysterically
and get up off the floor I hope you will be kind and post some untrue but kind words.
Again I have to consider that this comment came from the pleasantly confused. In fact it is my Santa hat lady.( No %&$#@*^ it Jesus is the reason for the season) remember her.
Any way I was working with her one day several months ago and just trying to make small talk as I was doing her therapy exercises.She looked at me and asked,"are you pregnant" To say I was shocked was an understatement.Now mind you she is no "ten" herself,(but I guess none of them in the home are).I said to her "NO!!!! I am a man what do you think"? I then said to her 'are you :?
She had no humor to my reply and said "Of course not I am to old what are you thinking"?I said "well I am a man so I best not be either."
Again this proves my theory of old people and kids are a lot alike, they say what ever is on there mind.
This lady also has been know to call me King of the Jews and women Queen of Sheba. Yes she is a retired pastors wife. I just always remind myself she is unaware of what she is always saying. Or maybe she is really fine and just letting out all this repressed frustration over the years.Hmmmmm we may never know.LOLOL


Beckyb said...

This has got to be one of my favorites!! That'll probably be me in the nursing home - God forbid!!!

Emmie said...

Love this post! No offense but theat is pretty funny! ;)

Mr.Brian said...

No offense taken it is ment to be entertaining.