Monday, January 15, 2007

Beauty Queen?

One of the residents at the home where I work is very particular about her looks. Every time you walk past her room and look in her room she is putting on powder and primping herself.She is always combing her hair and putting on lipstick.
Now to you women you may think so what i do that too. But all day long???Now I will admit she does not look terrible bad for being in her late 80's.And there is nothing wrong with looking nice and keeping yourself fresh.
My real point of this is how she goes on and on about how BEAUTIFUL she is and does not look her age.Why "I even won a beauty pageant when I was young", she always tells us. Sorry honey but I think NOT!!!!She also has told us how kids fought to sit by her in Sunday School when she was a child.
Oh did I mention she is pleasantly confused too!!! Big surprise right.
One of the most entertaining things with her is that she goes into a ranting chorus about a man helping her any time I walk into the room.Slapping her hands she will go on and on about NO MAN IS GOING TO HELP ME!!!She has even refered to me as a big sissy for doing a women's job.
I do not let it bother me tho, I just add to the fun by offering to help her wash up or go to the bathroom. It is sometimes fun to add a little spice to the job. Just enough for a little comic relief. Ok so maybe I am a little naughty but pleas edo not tell on me.


Emmie said...

How funny! Atleast she has confidence right!?

Beckyb said...

Hey - that may be the only time in my life when I'll have time to PUT ON makeup - now there's a thought!!!