Monday, January 1, 2007

Did it rain last night?

It seems one of our more pleasently confussed residents has a roof that leaks in his room. There has been countless times when he awakens in the morning to find his floor wet.Myself as well as other co-workers have gone into his room in the morning only to find a rather large puddle on his floor.
One day he was sitting on his bed,looking at the ceiling and at the floor the ceiling and the floor. After some time he said to us," I just do not understand I do not see where the roof is leaking but it must be. And i did not know it even rained last night."
You see the true problem would be that he was the one to "RAIN".It seems that he had a little problem making it to the bathroom during the night and would go tinkle on the floor.However he said he would NEVER do that!
So we just get the mop and take care of the leak.
I am thinking we need a new roof above his room only.


Emmie said...

You sure must have a lot of patients Mr. Brian! lol! :)

Beckyb said...

Hey - better that than poop!!!! :) Maybe you should surprise him with a new umbrella!!