Friday, January 12, 2007


Crazy, that is the only way to describe work today.All of us staff agree that the weather is going to change BIG TIME!
Some of the more pleasantly confused were bouncing of the walls today,(well not literally) but very active. One lady kept trying to leave the building to go home. Lucky for us when the cold air hit her she would come back into the building.
One was walking the halls endlessly looking for her boys who were about two years old. (Hmmmm) she had those boys late in life I would say).Never did find them.
One lady was not wanting me around walking her and she said" I am going to stomp on your toes." You guessed it, SHE DID!!!!.Lucky for me it was not hard.
Before that she told one of the gals she was going to punch her brains out.
But before all this I had one real good belly laugh. And trust me I do have the belly for it.
I was doing stretching exercises with one of the residents and she said ouch that hurts. I told her sorry dear, she asked what did you say? I repeated sorry dear. she then said I thought that is what you said.. shall we get married?
I did not see that one coming. When I was done as I do with many residents I will sometimes give them a peck (kiss) on the cheek or forehead. Not thinking I gave her one to only hear her say that again.
I still got it!!!!!! To bad it is only with ladies over 90!!!!!!
And how was your day?????


Beckyb said...

LOL over here Mr. Brian - my day? BORING - no marriage proposals and no stomped on feet!!!

Steffie B. said...

That is hilarious! My marriage proposals either. Becky and I must be over the hill! lol There is no way we can keep up with you Mr. Brian! aka: macho man

Emmie said...

lol! You must still have the magic touch! ;)