Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dry spells

I never would have thought that I could actualy have a dry spell at the nursing homes.There almost always seems to be some comment or action that has happened that is worth blogging about.However this week that was not the case. Dull dull dull is the only way to describe it.So I am thinking that this time I need to share one more of my childhood tales.
I promise that this will be short and sweet spoken by a true little brother. However it seems my mom always enjoys reminding me of this.I guess that is what a mom is for it to always be there to remind there grown children of a not so proud moment there kid had.
I have no idea how old I was but I am guessing 8-10 years old.My sisters and I were getting into the car and I had opened the door and was waiting for them to get into the car. (Yes I was being a gentalman and holding the door and waiting for them to get into the car.) However my sister s were waiting for little brother to get in first you know watching out for and helping there cute loving sweet well behaved fun loving brother.Ok maybe I should just say there were waiting for there pain in the neck brother.As I was waiting for them I looked at my sister and said Ladies first you dumb cluck.Well I meant well just needed to work on the wording a little.
Any way that is my dull not so fun blog for a day or two. Lets just hope I have a little more happening this next week or my memorie gets jogged again.
Till then always remember.... Ladies first!!!!!


Beckyb said...

That's right - Ladies First you dumb cluck!!!!!

Emmie said...

We all have our "dull" weeks. I'm sure you'll have something funny to post about soon! "Dumb Cluck," interesting, never heard of that one!