Monday, January 1, 2007

Almost Home

I am writing this with some sadness tonight,as I left work today I said goodbye to a special lady. (Yes I know many of them are special).This special lady is one of the politest women you could ask for.She never complains. Even as she gets closer to going home she has no complaints. Every time I would help her to get washed up and dressed she always and I do mean always says Thank You Very Much Brian!!!She is interested in the staffs family life as well as her own children's lives.She is a mother of 10 yes 10 children. One whom awaits her when she enters heavens gates.If you think about it what a great thing that is to be welcomed with open arms by the ones who have left us.I have found that threw this job I do have a chance to share my faith with others as well.It is good to be able to share with family that we know what a wonderful place we are going to be going to.That the tears we share are not all because of there death but because we know we will be missing times we shared with them.I shared with one of the daughters today that we as staff also feel the hurt as there loved ones are being called home,but rejoice in knowing that there will be no more pain, no more struggling for a breath,no more waiting for the day when we see our mom, dad, spouse,or child.
My dear friend I do not know if I will be seeing you again when I work again.But knowing that I've loved and cared for you and made your final days with us the best I could gives me great joy.
Please keep watch over me from heaven and some day I will see you again.
Heaven will be glowing when you enter his gates!!!!!
I love you my dear.. Go in peace


Emmie said...

God bless you Mr. Brian. You have a great heart! I'm sure you greatly impacted that lady's life! :)

Beckyb said...

Ok Mr. Brian - getting the vapors over here - I hope you're still there when I need to be taken care of in my old age - I want someone caring like you!!!! AND I promise I'll still try to have fun and not be too grumpy - naughty maybe, but not grumpy!!