Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just do not call me late for dinner

One of the residents at the home where I work never calls me by my name but calls me Cornie. Cornie was a resident who had lived at the home several years ago.He seems to have left a lasting impression on this one particular resident.
Any time I talk to her, feed her or am near her she says Oh Cornie your so funny or oh Cornie this and that.
Now this may not seem like a big deal to you folks but other staff find this totally amusing because Cornie was an interesting old man.I say interesting but maybe I should say (dirty) old man.I say dirty I am not talking unclean.I am talking the gals tried to stay clear of him because he liked to pinch the gals in the tush.He also liked to make comments that could make the pope turn red in the face.He must have left some lasting impression on this lady because I am still Cornie. ( I promise I've never pinched her in the tush)!!! LOLOLOL
One of my former coworkers Joel was always called Groucho by one of the ladies. Time and time again he was Groucho. You would hear her yelling help me Groucho,Groucho come here.Good thing Groucho, I mean Joel found this amusing. For some reason the name has stuck with him at least with me it has. I seldom call him Joel but almost always refer to him as Groucho
Groucho has moved away from Orange City now and lives about 4 hours away.It has been a big adjustment for me to not have a very good dear friend in town any more.We chat often on the computer but it just does not seem the same.Grouch was by no means a grouch. He is the kindest most gentle man you could ask for. And as for a friend he would do almost anything to help you. He always had and still has a way of making a bad moment good again. It may be just listening or he may have some wise crack comment that lifts your spirits up again.I am so happy for him as he and his family have moved on to better there lives, but I sure miss the close friendship he and I shared. By the way his wife is a saint for always putting up with his and my crazy actions.
I miss you buddy.But I am so proud of your success as a Paramedic. Way to go Groucho!!!!


Beckyb said...

That's right Groucho - we miss you too!!! :)

Steffie B. said...

I think that's a good nick name for you! Maybe more like "Corny" though! lol

Mr.Brian said...

Never thought of it that way good point.

Emmie said...

It always hard to loose a close friend. Glad you still keep in touch. If you dont pinch ladies in the tush, how exactly did u get your nickname!? lol! :)

Joel said...

Thanks Mr. Brian...it's good to know that people miss us as much as we miss them. And as for you Becky B (and the other B's), you are missed!

-Groucho (and the other Groucho's)