Thursday, March 1, 2007


It finally happened! I have been pinched, spit on, cursed at, called names (buffalo belly) and today I can add slapped on the face to my list of work experiences.
Yes I was slapped on the face today by an upset not so pleasant demented resident.
She was in the doorway of her room asking for the nurse. I said I will get her for you but lets sit down in your chair.She is very very unsteady on her feet and needs to use a walker at all times.She started to turn and walk to her chair without her walker so I kindly moved it in front of her and said oh lets use this please.She took her walker slammed it down on the floor.I picked it up and said please use it and sit down and I will get the nurse. She looked at me with the most evil look and then slapped my face and started yelling get out of here you*&^%$#).Needless to say I got out of there real fast.
I brought her a dinner tray later on and she still was in a tizzy. I set her dinner tray down and got out of there real fast.As she was again yelling I don't want in now GET OUT!!!
Hmmmmm could it be P.M.S.?????LOLOLOLOLOLOL at 90 years old.
I am sorry I just had to add that last part. I was once told P.M.S. means putting up with men's


Joel said...

Wow, got hit with the "smack attack"? After all these years you haven't been assaulted? Do you remember Bertha D? She passed away a few years back--but she administered my first beat down. It was in the afternoon, and she was very upset (getting sundowny) and thought that we all were involved in a conspiracy. We were trying to "put something over" on her and she was spitting mad about it. I was pretty new at the job, and couldn't believe that this normally very sweet and kind lady was so mad. I remember leaning over (she was in a wheelchair) and saying, "We're not pulling anything over on you..." and no sooner had those words left my mouth, she gave me a "one-two" combo. Now Bertha was a very small, frail lady...but it felt like I had a run-in with the highschool bully. First she punched me in the crotch (which was at her eye-level) and then when I was balled up, she punched me in the face (which was consequently at eye-level at that point). It's quite the experience being beat-up by an old lady... (C:

Steffie B. said...

I sat here with my hand over my mouth the whole entire time I read your post! Half laughing and half thinking "oh poor BB"! Your a good sport! And even though today was probably not a real fun day at work for you.....your posts give me the best laughs! ;)

Made in China said...

Ha ha!! I totally love that PMS version!

Emmie said...

I'm sorry but that is just too funny! She sure taught you huh! :)

Ashley said...

That's funny in a "not so fun for you way".