Sunday, March 11, 2007

Skateing Fun???

My church had an all church family skate night tonight.This is the second or third year we have done this and it seems to be enjoyable to the young and not so young.
Watching those little hot shot kids fly around on skates is so much fun to watch.It sure does bring back memories for me and as I talked to other adults them as well.Yes I guess I am in that age group that we all grew up going skateing on the weekends. I can remember as a 5th-8th grader or there about that age,going skateing almost EVERY Saturday.And there was a cute little gal there I would always try to skate with when you had to choose someone for a couples skate.LOLOLOL (Did I just confess that to you people what was I thinking?)
Anyway back to the present...Watching some of these people skate I think just brings back the memories of the good ole days,We were care free..... enjoyed life.... not a lot of stress...The alults were for the most part VERY GRACEFUL!!!
I did not see any of the old folks fall (myself included).I maybe only skated for about an hour and decided to call it good but it was fun.Seeing a variety of ages all enjoying each other and a time of fun fellowship was good by me.
When I got home and tried to get out of the car I thought you crazy fool what were you thinking.I was kind of was getting out like grandpa would.You know VERY SLOWLY>then the pull up on the steering wheel and door frame to pull yourself up
I am now going to go take some IBUPROFEN relax and hope I can get out of bed in the morning.
I better be carefull at work,my coworkers may mistake me for a resident if I am to stiff and sore.And put me in a wheel chair and feed me pureeded food.UGGH!!!Not to eye appealing.


Beckyb said...

That sounded like fun - we should have gone!! Glad you had a good time though - good exercise!!

Emmie said...

What a fun time! I can't skate. Seriously, I can't. Noone ever taught me therefore I have never had a chance to learn. It's horrible. Every time we got on skating field trips with our school or church I am like the only one who can't skate. LOL! Embarassing!

Steffie B. said...

Well at least you knew when to stop! lol I can't roller skate for anything and obviously Emmie inherited that from me! lol You'd think as athletic as we both are it wouldn't be a problem....must be I like my feet flat on the ground! ;)

libgran said...

Did you notice how we weren't there? It's because the grandpa in my life really wouldn't be able to move if he'd tried something like that. Of course, he probably wouldn't even get his foot in a skate since his little surgery the other day. I think I would have enjoyed the evening but I worry about getting knocked down by an over enthusiastic young skater. Ah well, glad it was fun!