Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Family Member

May I introduce to you Josie.Josie joined the De Jong home yesterday (Wednesday March 21). She is a four month old Havanese. A co-worker who shows dogs has a friend who had her for sale.She was to be a show dog however her coat is not curly as it should be she does not have enough fur around her mouth area and her nose is not black enough. Like I care about those things.
She is a very calm and sweet loving girl,(like all girls are?.
So far she and my other dog Charlie get along just fine.
I am thinking she will be a good dog to take to the nursing home to see the residents, as some of them love to have a dog come sit on their laps.
Josie is named after A very special resident who touched my heart and loved dogs.... My dear sweet Johanna who passed away last month.
May Josie bring as many smiles as Johanna did.


Beckyb said...

Hmmm - didn't you forget a picture??? It turned out good too!!! She is a cutie - I think she'd be great for the nursing home - good thinking!!

Anonymous said...

Josie is ADORABLE! (Thanks for taking the photos for Mr. Brian, Becky!)....but, we need to see Mr. Brian's OTHER dog, too!


Steffie B. said...

Awwwwww....cute cute cute!