Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Josie time.

Okay ladies and gents, I figure if you may talk about your kids I may talk about mine too (even if mine has four legs).I understand that not everyone is a dog lover Okay I do not understand but I accept that.
Josie has gotten so at ease at home in just one week. She has found her favorite spots to lay.Either on my buffalo belly or on the rug by the front door.She loves to chase Charlie around he growls at her and goes to lay where she so far is unable to get at him.I give her a week and she will be getting to his safe zone.
She continues to be such a cuddle bunny.She loves going to grandpa and grandma. The other day I stopped there with her and had to physically carry her out of the house.She was so relaxed getting loving from grandpa and grandma.I think I could actually see my mom relaxing and looking better when I left.She is good therapy for mom,with a very bad heart and high blood pressure and not to mention arthritis as well, she needs some good T.L.C.
My neighbor who teaches at MOC-FV and has my other neighbor for a student had to come see her because all Rachel could talk about is Josie.I have suddenly become popular with all the neighborhood kids again. I never knew they liked me sooooo much. There is just one thing that confuses me though,they come to my door say hi Brian then all I hear and see is them playing with Josie.One of the little gals said we need to pet Charlie too.I was impressed with that considering she is only in first grade.
All in all Josie is getting the peeing thing down well, however we need to work on the other end a little.No I need to teach her to come when I call and not run away.Typical kid.
So far she has not asked for an allowance!!!!!


Beckyb said...

You make me laugh - yep, I doubt she'll ask for an allowance, but she may ask for another treat!!! That's cheaper anyway!!

Emmie said...

You're so funny! I'm sure you're a great daddy!!