Friday, March 30, 2007

Feeding the fish

I was talking with one of the residents today,a lady about 93 years old.She also has a sister in the same place she is. Her sister however is unable to speak and is not to aware of her surroundings because of a stroke she suffered some years ago.
Every time the one sister See's her sister she always wants to say hi, but also understand that her sister is not alert to her surroundings.
Today this resident was telling me how they are only 1 year apart in age and that she is the older one.She was saying they were the same age in school, because of not knowing English well there mom thought it would be better for them to be in the same class.
She went on to tell me at a very early age they traveled from Holland to the United States.I teasingly asked her if they drove.She looked at me with her deep brown eyes and said OVER THE OCEAN!!!! NO!! We came by ship. 14 days on the ship. She went on to say many many people including her mom got very sick on the journey too the U.S. I made the motions of throwing up and said you mean throw up? She looked at me and as serious as could be said Yes!!! They feed the fish!!!It was a good thing I had just been to the bathroom because I was laughing so hard I could have wet myself.My boss came out of her office and others around were asking what was so funny.I was still doubled over laughing so one of my co-workers who heard this conversation taking place explained it to others.
Imagine a 93 year old person referring to vomiting as feed the fish.
This my friends is what can make my job rewarding. It was better then the lady who was slapping my arms and trying to bite me earlier today.(remember the one who slapped my face some weeks ago).I am starting to think that lady does not like me. What do you think????
Please say a pray as there is a chance of a change of jobs within the Orange City Health Systems for me. I will tell you mare when I find out more about it, should be next week.It would mean no more Sundays!!!!!!!!!!Not sure about Saturdays yet.


Emmie said...

ewww..feeding the fish!! You sure do have some interesting stories!

Keep us updated with the job situation!

libgran said...

You have book material here! Still hope I don't have to worry about someone having to take care of me. I always think I'm strong and independent to be on my own till I'm called home. Hope that' right but realize you don't always have choices like that.

Beckyb said...

That is funny - Tossing your cookies to Feed the Fish!!!! Hey - keep us posted on the possible job change - that would be a blessing, wouldn't it?!?!