Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not sure what it is.

I am not sure if if is spring fever,the time change, depression,or just a bad case of the poor poor pitifully me.
Are any of you feeling this way too?
I just feel like I could rip into anyone for any reason.(But I know I will never do that).I've been putting on my Dutch Front and I am real tired of doing that.(Dutch front pretending all is OK when it is not).
Lately I've not been enjoying my job and I keep thinking maybe it's time for a change.Then I think but I like these old folks.I am tired of being worried about paying bills.Stretching the $$$$$ till next payday.And now I need to go to the dentist too. Big expence, and no dental insurance.When will it end??
Maybe I need some cute lady to serve me strawberries dipped in whipped cream.(Like that would help). Maybe I need to be told to stop the pity party and buck up.But mostly maybe I need to start taking my antidepressant medication again.I just always think I am feeling OK and do not need it.Hmmmm maybe I am feeling good because I am taking it??? You know sometimes I can be a real goofball. I need to accept the fact that I need the medication all the time in ordered to feel good.But when I start feeling good I think I do not need the meds.....Duhhh you're feeling good because the meds are doing the job.Why do I always do that, not to bright on my part.
I need to do as it says accept the things I can not change change the things I can.
And that means start on my medication again.
Thanks for letting me rant rave and vent and talk to myself.
No scolding please I know I've been a bad bad boy.


Beckyb said...

What did you do - read my mind and then blog today - yep, been down over here lately too!! I was thinking it was stress!!! Hang in there - I'll pray for you - you pray for me!!! NO DUTCH FRONTS!!!

Steffie B. said... need the medication. Probably for life. There is nothing wrong with that! March always seems to be the long depressing month for me as well. It's spring fever, sunny days, green grass, blue sky.....we all long for it!
Get back on the meds....your in my thoughts, my friend! ;)

Emmie said...

I'm sure you'll make the right decession! I have been feeling a bit down lately to. I think it's partly because of the weather! I wish it would warm up!